Sip . . . . and Sail . . . . and Other Good Things 9/9/22

On Wednesday night Ted, Blake and I went out on a Sip n’ Sail Sunset Cruise on the Isle Royale Queen III. The entertainment was Wixie Harrington, a duo (Melissa and Mark) that will just leave you speechless with their music. I frankly could listen to Melissa sing for hours on end and Mark’s instrumentals and vocals just add to the magic.

We arrived early and were able to get a coveted spot on the top deck (up close to the music, and eventurally the bridge and that crazy beautiful sunset!

Sip n’ Sail Cruises are great for making new friends – like these two happy ladies from Texas and Nebraska. They were already in love with Mackinac (they came with a group), and were planning to return next year with their husbands in tow.
The trip included an up close hello to the freighter Saginaw.
Approaching the bridge . . .
. . . and passing underneath – crossing from Lake Huron into Lake Michigan.
As we started the return trip, the sun began to make its slow slide toward the horizon . . .
. . . and by the time we were approaching Round Island Lighthouse, the sky was starting to glow.
And then this magic happened.
And this . . .
. . . and this.
A little Wixie Harrington for your listening pleasure . . . .

Other Good Things

Through island friends, Blake met two Island House workers from Turkey this week. They had breakfast together one morning and really enjoyed the chance to share their love of that country.
Blake left the island today. He’s spending the night across from the Pellston airport to catch an early flight to Georgia to see more family. After that he flies on to Colorado. Usually when he leaves us during his annual visit to the states, I’m sad because it will be another year before I’ll see him again. But he’s decided to be here for at least two years this time – so guess what! For the first time in five years, he’ll be home for the holidays. Happy Mama!

God bless.

14 thoughts on “Sip . . . . and Sail . . . . and Other Good Things 9/9/22

  1. Miss that water, that bridge, and those sunsets! So glad to be reading your blog again. Thank you for giving us all glimpses of Mackinac.

  2. For the 1st time in 5 years, he will be home for the holidays. That short sentence, gave me goosebumps! So, so happy for you beautiful Bree ♥️

      • Oh my goodness! That’s so sweet! Maybe when I meet you for ice cream, we can try? Otherwise, I’ll let you know, and we can try to set up an appointment time.

        Thank you for letting me know!!!

  3. Thanks for the Sip and Sail ride. Bruce and I did it a few years ago and it was great. So very happy for y’all to have Blake home for the holidays. Safe travels for him as he continues his journey.

  4. This is the most detail I’ve ever seen/heard about the Sip ‘n Sail cruises! I definitely want to take one some time. Your sunset that night was epic. And I’m so happy you’ll have Blake time during the holidays………priceless.

  5. What wonderful news for your family! Enjoy and thanks for the great photos. I may have to give that cruise a try on my next visit.

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