Throw Back Thursday – Walking on Sunshine 4/27/17

Personal Note:  Loved going back and reading this blog and seeing all the photos.  So many friends are in this one, including sweet Chris Ann, who we lost a few years later.  I wrote it a couple of days after we arrived on the island for the season in May, 2011.


First Published May 20,2011

“The sun always shines on Mackinac Island” is a local saying those of us who love this place use a lot.  Even when it’s cold or raining, and even when the wind is howling around the corners of the buildings downtown, some of us Pollyannas are still looking up –  fully expecting the sun to peek through at any minute.  To us, it doesn’t really matter what Mother Nature sends – just being on Mackinac makes the sun come out – even if it only shows itself in the smiles on our faces.

By the time I publish this, we will have been on the island approximately 70 hours.  We arrived in sunshine, with temps in the 50’s, but the rest of the week has been pretty wet and pretty chilly.  Here’s a look at what the week’s been like since our arrival . . .

Monday (noon-ish):  After 4 1/2 hours on the road (which included lunch at Ted’s favorite chain restaurant, Big Boy’s (this is a childhood memory thing for him, left over from visits when he lived in Ft. Thomas, KY), we turned into the Shepler’s Ferry docks.  We had some business to take care of before we could board the next boat (parking and season passes), so we unloaded Maddie and Bear and headed for the main office.

Chris Ann and Burton Nelson were on the dock to greet us in Mackinaw City. They stayed with us overnight in Georgia a few weeks ago on their way north from their winter home in Florida.

Taking care of business. Beside me is Captain Bill Shepler, the head of this awesome clan, then Captain Chris, and that’s Misty (head of the Marketing Department) across from me.


About to board.


Bear, Maddie and I getting off the ferry at the island . . .


. . . followed by Ted with lots of luggage.

Following Mackinac Island tradition, friends were on the dock to greet us.  Oh my gosh!  It had been almost seven months since we’d seen these folks.  We were excited!

Jill is taking the photo, but that’s Loretta (who owns Martha’s Sweet Shop) petting Bear and Mary from the Grand behind her. What’s in the white box Loretta is carrying? Only the best cinnamon buns, blueberry muffins and raspberry muffins you have ever put in your mouth! We haven’t had to buy breakfast food yet!  Did you notice the heavy coats everyone has on?


All the ladies who came to greet us had to scurry back to work, so we wasted no time loading up on the taxi which was waiting for us (Ted had called for it from the ferry).


And up the Grand hill we go. I know I take practically this same photo each year, but I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to see the Grand come into view for the first time each spring. With some of the big trees gone (cut down in the winter because of disease and replaced by strong, healthy young trees), the beautiful hotel could be seen a lot further down Cadotte this year.


As usual, Maddie had to be subdued into remembering that she weighs 12 lbs. and the horses weigh 2 tons . . .


. . . while Bear propped his head up on the back of the seat and dozed off.


The tulips are just before bursting into bloom at the Grand!

Ted did most of the luggage-carrying up the steps of the condo, and as we started to unpack I realized, as I always do, that I had brought way to much “stuff”.  Do you remember that last fall I took photos of all the clothes I was leaving so I wouldn’t duplicate anything again?  Guess what – if you CAN’T FIND THE PHOTOS, they don’t do you any good!
By four we couldn’t stand it any longer and had to get outside.  Bear and Maddie needed walking, and Ted and I both were in need of some leg-stretching ourselves.  With Bear off the leash once we got into the woods, we were interested in seeing what he remembered about the island.  We started down an oft-traveled road, with Bear running several feet ahead of us.  Suddenly he stopped, peered left into the woods, looked back at us, and immediately darted down the wooded path we’d traveled so many times last summer.  He knew immediately where he was and led us onto all our favorite paths as we walked.
After returning home to feed Maddie and Bear, we started down the hill for the first time – headed for the Chippewa and dinner.

The corral in front of our condo is not nearly full of horses yet, but this big guy was enjoying his supper. The horses all put on weight over the winter (all they do is eat, and with no exercise to keep those calories in check, they bulk up).  Hmmmmm . . . same thing happens to me!


First time this spring down Turkey Hill, next to the Grand’s Jewel Golf Course. With no leaves on the trees yet, it’s easy to see Lake Huron through the branches.


First stop – outside the Island Bookstore where we met up with Frankie, some of Bonnie’s family, Jill and Bonnie.


Then it was on to the Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel where we were greeted by two of our favorite bartenders, Jacob . . .


. . . and Susanna.


Daffodils are coming up all over the island, and I noticed these after we left the Chip to start home. They’re at the Marquette Park corner of Fort Hill and Main Street.

On Tuesday Ted left to go across to get the rest of our luggage while I unpacked the rest of what we’d brought over the day before.  By the time he got back, the three boxes we’d mailed had also arrived, so the rest of the day was spent unpacking clothes we really shouldn’t have brought and carting suitcases upstairs to storage.
Now for what has REALLY kept me hopping the last two days!  A few days before we arrived, Shepler’s asked Chris Ann and I if we would help them as “welcomers” for the Win-Some Women conference held at the Grand Tuesday-Thursday.  Each day Shepler’s was expecting 800 ladies to arrive on the dock at Mackinaw City to cross to the island, and extra “hands on deck” would be appreciated.  We jumped at the chance!  Although I didn’t get to help on Tuesday (just couldn’t get over there the day after we arrived), Chris Ann worked all three days, and I worked Wednesday and Thursday.

I wanted to catch the 8 a.m. boat across to Mackinaw City, and Jill met me halfway up Cadotte and walked to the dock with me, where she snapped this photo.


The weather was really cold and wet on Wednesday, but the ladies arrived in good spirits and were loaded quickly onto the ferries. I took this shot after returning to the dock from where I was “stationed” – at an intersection to direct arriving cars into the proper parking lot. I had on my cuddle duds, a turtleneck, a windbreaker, long pants, and was carrying an umbrella. I needed all that – and more!


Back on the island at the bookstore on Wednesday afternoon. You know how straight my hair is in the photos above? It was that straight when I left the condo that morning also. All those waves come springing out in the rain! Loving my Shepler’s windbreaker and the Shepler’s backpack that were volunteering perks.

Thursday was a much better day weather-wise! Chris Ann and I were stationed together at the main gate to the dock, and we had a blast welcoming the last group of 800 women. That’s Noel, another Shepler volunteer, who was directing traffic.


Eight hundred women = tons of luggage! The efficiency with which the cast got the luggage tagged and loaded was amazing.


As 800 women were headed TO the island, several hundred school children were coming OFF!


How’s this for great customer service – that’s Captain Bill Shepler, the owner of Shepler’s Ferry Line, out welcoming guests. Today I also saw him take luggage out of cars, load it onto luggage carts, handle problems over the hand-held radios, check out every single detail of what was happening on the dock, and still take the time to deliver two steaming hot cups of coffee to Chris Ann and I at our post.


Noon – and our volunteer time is over. We ate pizza for lunch with the rest of the cast members – then Chris Ann headed home about a mile away on the mainland, and I jumped back on the ferry to the island.

On Friday I plan to sleep late, finish the last of the unpacking, wash some clothes, and get rid of the winter dust on the furniture.  Sounds like kind of a boring, blah day, doesn’t it.  But, you know what?  All I have to do is look out the sliding glass doors or one of the windows of the condo . . . . and I’m walking on sunshine!

Throw Back Tuesday – The Island Without Jill 4/25/17

Personal Note:  I’m posting this as my “throw back” today because I know Jill will be returning to the island in the next week or so, and Mackinac just wouldn’t be Mackinac without Jill being there.  I’ve loved her since our very first summer on Mackinac, and I count her as among my very best friends.  She is everything I wrote in this blog back in 2009 – and much, much more.  Her heart is huge, her spirit is sweet, and her friendship is forever.  Love you, Jillski, and don’t fuss at me about posting this!______________________________________________________________________


I keep telling myself that one day this week I will sit down to write the “final post” for the season.  I’m not ready to do that yet, even though today was the closest I’ve come to saying, “Ok – I’m ready to go.”  And that is because today my good friend Jill left the island. 


JIB in The Island Bookstore.

As I have said before, Jill is the communicator for Mackinac Island.  If Jill doesn’t know about something that’s going on, then it must not be going on.   She always seems to be everywhere at once, and when we were first getting to know each other, I gave her the nickname JIB (for Jill in the Box) – because she just popped up everywhere.  At first I thought she knew everything because she worked at the The Island Bookstore.  I figured there must be some secret information system that fed every little tidbit of news from every corner of the island into that tiny little store inside the Lilac Tree Hotel mall.  But then I realized, no – it’s just that Jill knows everyone on Mackinac, and everyone knows her. 

How in the world I would have ever kept this blog going without her constant stream of places to go and people to meet is beyond me.  It probably would have been dead in the water by June.  Jill was a Godsend. 

But the best part of meeting Jill was not how much she knew.  The best part was becoming her friend.  Being Jill’s friend is like taking little rays of sunshine and spreading them across your day – regardless of the weather, regardless of your mood, regardless of how you feel – Jill’s voice and her smiling face can lift you right up.  Her spirit is sweet and generous and kind, and she shares herself with everyone. 
This summer I have seen her come to the aid of an endless number of people in countless ways – housesitter, meeting someone at the ferry, seeing someone off at the ferry, helping people unpack – then helping them pack, dogsitter, delivering messages, delivering packages, catsitter, buying groceries for others, and picking up mail for a friend.  And she is usually taking care of all that before she goes to a a full-time job at the bookstore.  She does it all, and she never complains.  She never says she’s too busy or too tired to help someone, even though I know that sometimes she is both. 

On her breaks from the bookstore, she will walk down the sidewalk and have 20 people speak to her by name before she hits the first corner.  She is hailed from the street, from taxis, from bikes, and from stores.  She has this amazing ability to make you feel special.  That’s what she did for me, and that’s what she does for everyone lucky enough to know her. 

Jill left today on the 12:30 ferry.  Her plan is to spend a few months with her family in downstate Michigan, then spend some time with friends in Arizona, before returning to the island in the spring. Ted and I were there at the dock to see her off.  She wrote me a lovely note and gave it to me as she was boarding, making me promise not to open it until she was well out of sight.  I kept my promise. 

Watching the ferry pull away, I thought, “Now there is only one more important goodbye I have to say before we leave – and that will be to the island itself.”  

Then it will be time to go home.

Have a great winter, JIB!  Love you, my friend.






A Slow News Week 4/23/17

Hi Friends!

This is one of those Sundays where there just isn’t a lot to talk about.  The week has been filled with our usual routine – four days of volunteering between the two of us (with two extra assignments for Ted due to Earth Day activities).  The last part of the week was the best because Matthew was with us from Friday afternoon until we took him back home late this morning.  He and Ted played golf twice, and he got a little fishing in last night!

It blows me away that – at fourteen (he’ll be 15 in July) – he is already taller than I am. I love this young man so much, and we had a great time together on Saturday, hanging out at the new Bass Pro Shop in Daytona. Ted was working an Earth Day event, so I got some quality time in with my grandson. Loved it!


Bodie took over Maddie’s bed for a few minutes the other day. He decided it was a little bit too small for his 72 lbs!

Trying to climb our outside spiral staircase. This is as far as he got, and getting back down was pretty scary for him.  There was no room to turn around, and I have to tell you that backing a dog down a spiral is not easy. I don’t think he will try that again!

Before Easter dinner we were adding a leaf to the dining room table, and Bodie popped up in the middle! 

Sunday morning on the deck.  Maddie’s little face is almost totally white now.


Things you don’t normally see crossing at the intersection of A1A and HWY 100. This lady and her pony walked up from the beach and crossed the street as traffic waited at the red light. 


A couple of bikers round a curve at sunset. The island looks almost ready for the season, but those jackets they’re wearing tell me the temperature still feels pretty chilly.  I just checked Weather Channel, and it’s 41 there right now.  (Photo: Clark Bloswick)

I wish there was more to write about, but it’s just one of those “no news” weeks. So I’ll close, wish you a wonderful week to come, and say . . . . . . God bless.

P.S.  Only a little over two weeks before we leave for Alaska. We are getting VERY excited!

Throw Back Thursday – Maddie’s Musings 4/20/17

Personal Note:  Maddie’s very first blog!  First published June 23, 2009 – our first year as island summer residents.  ____________________________________________________________________

Hello – Maddie here.


My favorite place – my Dad’s lap.

I hope all of you folks out there who read Mom’s blog are happy to hear from me – finally.  I think Mom told you that I had been working on this thing for some time (in between everything else I have to do around here to keep the premises safe).  Somebody has to make sure we aren’t going to be attacked by squirrels or chipmunks or snakes – and it sure isn’t going to be that big furball I am forced to share Mom and Dad with.  All he’s good for is to prance around and look good.  You should see him right now – lying at Mom’s feet with every long, golden hair in place.  Well, let me tell you something – he stinks!  I can’t wait till Mom takes him off island on Thursday for another bath and to get groomed.  I know he told you about that bath he had down at the horse shower.  Mom’s good at a lot of things, but bathing 90 lbs. of dog in a shower built for a Clydesdale in front of an audience is not one of them.  He smelled a little better (at least our company didn’t gag when he came around), but he needs to go to a PROFESSIONAL.


This is me and my all-time favorite toy. Why is it my favorite? Because I cannot destroy it! Of all the toys I have had in my five years of life, this is the only one that has survived. I keep trying though – I will NOT give up!

OK – back to me.  Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat.  I am a dachshund.  I know that is hard to spell – even Mom has to look it up in that big book of words every time she uses it in this blog.  I am NOT a weinie dog, a weiner dog, a hotdog, or a doxie.  Do you think puffball would like to be called a GOLDIE?  He is a golden retriever.  I am a dachshund.  I have papers to prove it – maybe not as many papers as goofy, but papers nonetheless.

I have two houses to take care of – one in Georgia and one up here where it’s still freezing even in June – ok it’s not freezing, but I do not have 17 tons of hair like the monster does – I have very short, shiny brown hair that nobody has to professionally take care of – I am a very low maintenance dog.  A couple of baths a year (in the bathtub at home, not at a fancy, spancy salon) is all it takes to keep me looking good.


Me in my cold weather sweater and faux fur cover-up. I JUST put these away this week.

In Georgia, we live on a lake, and the yard is fenced in, front & back.  Therefore, when the door opens, I am free to run around outside to my heart’s content.  I can chase squirrels and ducks and birds (wish I could fly!) and dig up moles and catch mice (Mom says I must be half-cat), and hunt for snakes.  I know Mom told you about me going after that copperhead in the yard in Georgia.  I had it handled, but Dad says he saved my life.  I still say I had it handled. 

Then there was that time when I was tracking that big black snake that lived in the bushes outside our front door (in Georgia).  I was barking like crazy (something I am not allowed to do up here because of the neighbors).  Mom came out and was trying to get me away from the bush (she doesn’t much like snakes), and that snake dropped right on her foot.  You should have heard her scream!  I jumped right in there and grabbed that snake (Mom said it was at least three times longer than me), and whipped it around my head like a lasso.  Then I threw it down as hard as I could (you are thinking I am making this up, but you can ask Mom).  We all thought it was dead, but it was only dazed.  It crawled off, and our good neighbor at the lake (who doesn’t care if I bark) came over and took care of him with this big stick that goes BOOM (Dad was not at home at the time).

Ok – enough about the lake.  Mom told me to write what I like about living on Mackinac Island.  So, here’s my list:  1) There are no poisonous snakes on this island.  So, when I spot a snake and go after it, Mom and Dad don’t worry so much.  2) There are chipmunks!  They look like little squirrels with shorter tails.  3)  There is a chipmunk AND a snake that live under the boardwalk at the condo, and I love to hunt for them – I have even named them.  The chipmunk’s name is appetizer, and the snake’s name is entree.  4)  There are the biggest squirrels I have ever seen here.  The one who lives in the tree outside our living room window is black – our squirrels in Georgia are gray.  The squirrel’s name is dessert.  5)  We have more “quality” time with Mom and Dad here because we go on walks.  In Georgia, they just open the door and let us out.  Here, because we don’t have a fenced in yard, we have to be walked so Mom and Dad have to go with us.

Here's me "running free".

Here’s me “running free”.

Now, here’s my list of things I don’t like about the island:  1)  I have to wear a straitjacket.  You see, when I walk on a leash, I like to pull because there are always things to check out.  With just a collar, I ’bout choke myself to death.  So Mom ordered this harness-thing that puts the pressure on my chest instead of my neck.  Looks like a straitjacket to me, but now at least I don’t turn blue on walks.  2)  I can’t run free (see above).  There are leash laws here, but I have a flash for you.  They let dufus walk around without his leash.  We live near the woods, and once they have us on a wooded path, they let him go.  Now they say they can’t do that with me because I would run away chasing everything that moves.  And I won’t come back when I’m called, like that crazy dog does.  I mean, look at what my options would be – chasing a rabbit vs back into the straitjacket.  What would you do?   The only time I am semi-free is when we go to Turtle Park.  It is this huge, open area, and they will let go of the leash handle and let me run around.  They think that leash and handle will slow me down enough that they could catch me if they had to – pleezzee!  I LET them catch me just to keep them from freaking out.   4) Walking downtown with Mr. Personality and Mom and Dad.  We can’t get three inches without being stopped by a crowd of folks saying, “Ohhhh, what a beautiful golden retriever!  Isn’t he gorgeous?  Isn’t he so well-trained?  Isn’t he just like ours at home?  Isn’t he just like the one we had when we were growing up?  Come on, big boy, give us a kiss!”  You know what I want to say?  “Yeah, go ahead and get those kisses all over your face, and then I will tell you what he just picked up off the street and munched on.”

Actually, I think the island is pretty neat.  I love going in the woods, even on a leash because there is so much to explore and so many new smells to check out – other dogs, horses (who last year I thought were big dogs until I challenged one and got to see close up the biggest paws I have ever seen – and their paws have iron shoes on them), all kinds of wild animals, different plants, different trees – everything is so exciting (even in my straitjacket).  I also love the ferries and the buggies.  When we are going off island, I get to sit in Mom or Dad’s lap so I can see everything (and don’t get in people’s way).  How cool is riding in a buggy behind a team of horses and pretending that I’m the driver!! 

Me and Mom on the ferry. This was one of those cold days when Cathie and Charlie were here.

Me and Mom on the ferry.


Me and Dad on the taxi. I’m telling the driver which way to turn.

And, I have to admit it, sometimes downtown, stinky breath gets ignored and people lean all the way down and say to me, “Aren’t you the sweetest thing!  Dachshunds are my favorite dogs.  We have two back home, and we miss them so much!  You are so cute!  You are such a happy girl!”  So I give them kisses – and stick my tongue out at the big blonde dog.

Ok – I guess that’s about all I have to say today.  If you like my first blog, be sure and tell Mom, and she will let me know.  I have lots more I could tell you!   I hope I get more fan mail than bushy tail.  That would make me VERY happy!

P.S.  I forgot to tell you that Dad calls Bozo his “big-headed boy”.  He calls me his “precious, sweet little baby”.  What does that tell you, Goldie?


Throw Back Tuesday – The October Season 4/18/17

Personal Note:  This 2013 blog made me smile because October is one of my favorite months on Mackinac, and the fall of 2013 was one of the most beautiful I remember.  We feel so blessedto be able to continue returning to Mackinac for three months, and one of those months is part of October.  When I see all the photos of Bear and Maddie playing in the leaves, I smile in anticipation of this fall when Bodie will get to have that same experience!___________________________________________________________________

First Published 10/20/13

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables.

Me too, L.M.  Me too!

When I was young and thought my days stretched before me for decades and decades, I seldom equated Nature’s seasons with the seasons of my own life.  As I’ve grown older though, I find myself doing just that, and doing it quite often.  My spring and summer seasons have passed – childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, becoming a mother, and raising children until they are out on their own – all of that is behind me now.  The Fall of my life – my October season – is upon me, and living out my Octobers on Mackinac Island these last few years is proving to be one of the most beautiful times of my life.


On Mackinac Island, October is truly so magnificently beautiful it defies description.  Even with the chores of moving and packing up, Ted and I are finding time almost every day to get out and walk in the woods.  To not take these moments to inhale the crisp clean air and walk through these ageless forests would almost be sacrilege.

Gone two weeks ago were the days of finding a rust-colored leaf here and a gold leaf there. Now they are all so brightly hued

The days of finding a rust-colored leaf here and a gold leaf there were gone two weeks ago. Now they are all so brightly hued it’s as though bits of sunlight have become gold coins that cling to every tree limb and twig. And then – at the perfect moment – they fall to carpet our path.


Billions of those bits of sunlight – far above us – await a breeze strong enough to send them gently floating to the ground . . .


. . . where the sun is absorbed from the leaves into the earth – to prepare it for next spring’s awakening.

The pavilion at Turtle Park will soon stand

The pavilion at Turtle Park stands lonely now, but during the winter island residents will gather here for Winter Festival, and children will use the hills to compete on their sleds.

Bear and Maddie love October too, but for them it's all about the smells! Gone are the light aromas of sunshine - replaced by the rich, loamy smell of dying leaves and damp ground.

Bear and Maddie love Fall too, but for them it’s all about the smells! Gone are the light aromas of sunshine – replaced by the rich, loamy smell of dying leaves and damp ground.

We came out on the other side of Turtle Park at the cemeteries, where only the snows of winter make this place more beautiful than it is in the Fall.

We came out on the other side of Turtle Park at the cemeteries . . .

where only the snows of winter make this place more beautiful than it is in the Fall.

. . . where only the snows of winter make this place more beautiful than it is in the Fall.



Sometime I wish I knew every name of every soldier and civilian who rests here in the Post Cemetery.

Sometime I wish I knew every name of every soldier and civilian who rests here in the Post Cemetery . . .

If I did, it would bring me such joy to write each family and enclose a photograph of the beautiful place where their ancestor rests.

. . . so I could do the research and send each family a photograph of the beautiful resting place of their ancestor.

October is Bear's favorite season too . . .

Bear loves that the weather is cool,  the leaves are fun to roll in, and there’s always some edible morsel to be sniffed out.  Much more fun than just finding it on the ground out in the open!

And for Miss Maddie - as always - it's all about the hunt!

And for Miss Maddie – as always – it’s all about the hunt!

An old hose reel sits among the trees.

An old hose reel – nestled between two trees.

This totem pole sits on one side of the Spirit Garden burial mound . . .

This totem pole sits on one side of the Spirit Garden burial mound in St. Anne;s cemetery . . .

. . . and on the other side is a

. . . and on the other side is a wooden carved turtle.  The totem pole was donated by the Indian Drum tobacco shop and has been lovingly refurbished over the summer by Donald “Duck” Andress.  He removed rotted wood and repainted sections of the pole depicting animals like a woodpecker, beaver and bald eagle.  The wooden turtle monument was created by Cecil Pavlat and carved by Chief Duck.  The Spirit Garden burial mound includes the remains of Native peoples from both Mackinac Island and Bois Blanc Island.  The remains from Mackinac Island were unearthed during an excavation on Main Street in 2011.

Like I said - October is Bear's favorite month to be in the woods.

Like I said – October is Bear’s favorite month to be in the woods.

Through a gate at St. Anne's Cemetery.

Through a gate at St. Anne’s Cemetery.

A carpet of crunchy leaves led us back to Turtle Park . . . .

A carpet of crunchy leaves led us back to Turtle Park . . . .

. . . which is surrounded by trees brushed by every October color on God's palette.

. . . which is surrounded by trees brushed by every October color on God’s palette.

The park turned into a playground when we ran into Annie and Diesel and their owners.

The park turned into a playground when we ran into Annie and Diesel and their owners.

We finally called a halt to the playtime and walked home, leaving behind another October memory from Mackinac.

We finally called a halt to the playtime and went our separate ways –  leaving behind another October memory from Mackinac.

The summer clothes have been shipped home, and Ted and I don’t go out these days without our layers.  We have snow in the forecast Tuesday-Friday of this week, but it seems like we heard that quite a few times last year before we actually awoke to a snow-covered Mackinac . . .on the day we left for Georgia.

We're prepared though. Let it snow!

We’re prepared though. Let it snow!

God bless.

Happy Easter! 4/16/17

Ted and I joined several hundred other early risers this morning at the park in Flagler Beach – to watch the sunrise and rejoice that Christ is risen.  I don’t know what it is about sunrise services at the beach, but watching the sun rise over the ocean always connects within me with the SON rising from the grave.  It’s a very spiritual moment – and never fails to brings me peace, great joy, and never-ending thankfulness.  Amazing grace!





God bless.

Throw Back Thursday – Bear Comes Clean 4/13/17

Personal Note:  The post below is from early summer, 2009.  The new Grand Hotel and Carriage Tour Stable and Carriage Museum wasn’t even on the drawing board, and the Grand horses were housed in an incredibly old barn behind the hotel.  What it lacked in beauty though, it made up for in character and history! 



Hi!  It’s me – Bear.   I just HAD to tell you what happened to me today.  The embarrassment, the humiliation, the degradation is almost more than I can talk about – but maybe it will help me heal to get it all out there and off my chest.


LOOK AT ME!  Am I not the most handsome, bodacious, championship-blooded golden retriever you have ever seen?  You think it’s easy to be this good-looking?  My mom makes me appointments once a month when we are in Georgia with Miss Kathy, who understands what it takes to keep me looking like this.  She has a very nice salon with a big porcelain bathtub that two people very gently lift me into.  Then they bathe me with this great smelling kiwi shampoo, followed by a berry conditioner.  I am then carefully “blown out” and groomed with scissors.  I have a pedicure on all four feet.  It is delightful in the extreme!

When we came to Mackinac Island last summer, mom got on the phone trying to find a groomer on the island.  There wasn’t one, which is really a shame because there sure are a lot of man’s best friends here.  She finally found a groomer all the way over in Cheboygan.  It’s called Bark, Bath and Beyond (cute, huh?).  The lady there did a really nice job with me last summer, but because it takes 30 minutes to drive there (that’s after the ferry ride), and mom has to wait around for 3 or 4 hours while I get pampered, she only takes me every six weeks.  Well, let me tell you – a dog like me can get seriously dirty here on this island in six weeks.

Which brings me to the point of this story.  We have company coming this weekend. It’s two more weeks before I’m supposed to get groomed, and mom has been fussing for days about how dirty and smelly I am (I personally have smelled myself, and I don’t get the problem).  Unfortunately, on things like hygiene, mom has her own ideas.

So all of a sudden mom is gathering up the shampoo and conditioner she has brought with her, and dad is getting some towels, and they put the leashes on Maddie and I, and we start down the hill.  Now I am a smart dog, and I know if I was going to the groomer, we would have left really early this morning.  So I am a little confused and a little concerned, because it is now 3:30 in the afternoon. 

We come to The Grand Hotel stable and GO INSIDE!  There are these huge, great looking horses in really big kennels and all these fancy carriage thingys.  There are some really neat displays of some strange looking collars and a suit inside a glass cage.



This man who mom and dad call Ben comes out and tells my mom she can bring me on over.  Over where, dude?  I don’t do carriages.


Oh my GOSH!!!  Mom is going to wash me in a HORSE SHOWER!!  Talk about mortified!  She hooks me up to this really long leash thing and starts wetting me down.  Now the only good thing about this so far is that the water is WARM.  Nothing is too good for those fancy Grand horses!  But where’s the tub?  At this point, I would have even settled for a plastic bucket!



So there I stood, soaking wet, getting lathered up with my kiwi shampoo and what happens?  A CROWD gathers!  There are tourists going through the stables looking at the horses and the carriages and stuff, and then they see me getting a bath.  Guess who becomes the star attraction.  They took pictures and everything!  It was horrible.  What made it even worse was that MADDIE was there watching too – and I could see that sly little grin on her face even though mom was running water all in my eyes (something Miss Kathy NEVER does).  I wasn’t even sorry to see that mom was getting almost as wet as me.


Well, it was finally over.  I had a good shake and mom led me over in a corner to dry me off with those towels dad had brought.  The crowd went back to looking at the horses like they were supposed to be doing (if I had known I was going to serve as entertainment, I would have insisted on a cover charge). 


We got home and mom took me to the third floor to use the blow dryer on me.  She brought along a real dog hair dryer from home because a people hair dryer is much too hot for my delicate skin.  It sounds like a jet engine when it’s running, so she wanted to get as far away from the neighbors as she could. 

When it was all over, I have to admit I looked pretty good – not as good as when Miss Kathy works on me – but ok.  Mom said I certainly smelled a lot better – well, yeah if you like kiwi perfume over dirty dog smell.  You know which one I prefer!  I decided I would sulk for a while.  I figured if I did it long enough, I might get something to cheer me up.


Do I know my mom or what?