A Hint of Fall 9/07/2022

Having Blake here has been so much fun this week, and we’ve still got a few more days to go before he starts the next leg of his journey. He’s gotten in plenty of jet lag sleeping, but he’s still gone out a lot to roam the island. When he walked in the den yesterday morning at 6:30 (I was having coffee, and it was barely beginning to get light outside) and announced he was going out to exercise and then go for a run, I knew he was pretty much back on USA time.

The week so far in pics . . . .

Walking back to the condo after church on Sunday I noticed a couple of Maple leaves beginning their leisurely turn into red. Slowly, but surely, fall is arriving.
At least once a week I veer off into Grand Hotel’s Secret Garden. It’s still beautiful, and the hint of fall has reached this lovely spot also. Shadows are longer, and the light is different.

These next three pics are from Blake . . .

Taken from our balcony early one morning. Across the golf course you can see a bit of Grand Hotel rising above the trees and, further still, the blue waters of Lake Huron.
Taken from a dock near Watercolor Cafe. The summer crowds have thinned a lot., and the island is relaxing into its slower season.
Looking from the porch of The Island House across the lawn to the marina
Friends Brian Bailey and Lisa Brisson joined Ted for the annual Labor Day Bridge Walk. This was Ted’s 12th trip across the Mackinac Bridge.
Mackinac Island Public School opens the day after Labor Day, and the Opening Day Picnic is an annual tradition – at least until Covid prevented the gathering for the last two years. But this year is was on again, and Blake and I (and many island residents and supporters) met in the school yard for a lunch of hotdogs with all the trimmings (thanks to Jill for this pic). We so love this tradition of opening a new school year by showing all the students, faculty and staff that they are loved and appreciated. Ted was volunteering today at the Visitors Center, so he couldn’t attend . . . .
. . . but Blake did his share taking care of the hotdogs!
Just a cute pic I snapped at the corner of Cadotte and Market. I’d say this pooch is living his best life for sure!

We have a lot planned for the rest of the week before Blake leaves on Saturday. This time is going by way too fast!

God bless.

14 thoughts on “A Hint of Fall 9/07/2022

  1. And here I thought Blake was absolute perfection. . . .but he puts ketchup on hot dogs?!! Oh, dear. 😀 I’m so glad you’re having this time with him. Has he ever walked the bridge with Ted? Twelve times?? And I thought I was decent at 3. Got some work cut out for me! Another lovely blog, Bree. So glad you’re writing again!

  2. Ted came to mind while taking a quick trip to Sawyer. MI a few days ago. The signs on the interstate advising the Mackinac Bridge closed Labor day. Glad to see he made his Annual walk! First day of school picnic, what a wonderful tradition.
    Enjoy your time with Blake.

  3. What a wonderful visit so far with Blake! I’m sure the escape to the leisurely pace of Mackinac is much-needed for him, as well as a fulfilling time for you! We’ve done the Bridge Walk twice, and it was exhilarating! We come to Mackinac the week of the 11th……perhaps we shall cross paths! 🙂

  4. So glad you’re back! Love the photo of Brian and Ted. I think I’ve mentioned this before but Brian’s mom was my Brownie troop leader and he was in my sister’s class in elementary school. He and I chatted on-line a few years ago thanks to your blog. I walked by his old house on Sunday as I was in the area and wondered if he was still on the island. Now I know! Thanks Bree!

  5. So great!! I’m sorry I didn’t run into you when I was there last week but I did pass Ted on his way home with a pizza box!

  6. Looking forward to the fall like weather when we come up this month. I have to make sure we walk up to the Grand’s secret garden, we missed seeing it in July. So glad your writing your blog again!

  7. Boy time sure does fly…seems like just yesterday Blake arrived and now your talking about him leaving already….Enjoy your last few days together…P.S. I hope you know how much your mama is gonna miss you Blake. ❤

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