Filling In The Blanks – 8/4/2022

It’s been three years since I wrote a “catching up” blog post, so I thought I’d take a moment to fill in the blanks on what the Hortons have been up to – as briefly as possible. A great many of you are Facebook friends so most of this will be old news. Feel free to skip over this next part.

Covid. In 2020 I had just returned from two fun February weeks in the snow on Mackinac when Covid hit. Suddenly our world changed, and we became afraid to be social. As two senior adults who had both been retired for many years, Ted and I were used to being together 24/7, but we watched as younger couples struggled with the reality of working together from home and trying to homeschool children. We put on our masks, but didn’t go anywhere those first few months except to the grocery and drug stores. We binge watched what seemed like a million TV series – and read at least that many books.

In the middle of that spring our Bodie was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer inside his nasal passage. Our “away from home” time expanded to regular visits to Jacksonville for Oncology appointments. Thanks to wonderful pet insurance (Trupanion, if you’re interested), we chose one SRT radiation treatment (to his nose and the one lymph gland where it had spread) and a year of chemo – both IV and oral. By the end of the summer he was in remission, and we were able to come to the island for 4 weeks between chemo treatments. That October on Mackinac was beautiful, and the island provided a welcome respite for all three of us.

As summer approached in 2021 we had booked 6 weeks in Mackinaw City at a lovely little cottage on Lake Huron, then were planning to go to the island for September and October. Bodie was still in remission, and we were excited to get away from the Florida heat. All was well until a few days before our planned move to the island – when I tripped over uneven sidewalk and broke my kneecap. Although it was a straight-line break and required no surgery, I would be in a knee brace for six weeks, which didn’t allow me to bend my knee. So we returned to Florida two months earlier than planned.

One more thing about Covid. We both had two shots and two boosters and we still both got Covid last December – light cases.

We arrived this summer on July 1 and plan to be here through October – if we both can stay on our feet and not fall down any hills. Bodie is doing great. All scans and tests before we left Florida were negative. He’s now a 2-year cancer survivor and is living his best life.

Which brings us to today! I’m sitting at the condo’s kitchen table, pecking away at my laptop. And I just want to tell you – it’s good to be writing again!

We woke to fog this morning and a temp of 54. So I threw on a jacket and headed out to try and get a good “foggy morning” pic . . . .

….. but I had waited too long, and this was the best I could do.

I continued up past the Grand Stable to Surrey Hill. The busy string of carriages had yet to start arriving, and I could smell the donuts before I even reached the open doors. Just so you know . . . .

. . . these three ladies have been making the BEST donuts on Mackinac Island for a lot of years! And yes, I bought a half-dozen, one of each kind!

Ted was pretty surprised when I returned from my “foggy morning photo search” with fresh, warm donuts. I promise we only ate one each!

P.S. I’m still trying to figure out my mobility on the island. I haven’t ridden a bike in over two years because of some balance issues, so I’m beginning to feel restricted on going places a little too far to walk. Getting downtown is no problem, and neither is getting to either the East or West Bluffs, or the Annex. But when I think about missing out on biking around the island or even out to British Landing for barbeque chicken at the Cannonball, I’m still trying to figure it out. Going to try a neighbor’s recumbent bike tomorrow. That might be a good solution. Stay tuned.

41 thoughts on “Filling In The Blanks – 8/4/2022

  1. This is wonderful to read! Glad you are healthy and hope you can figure out a bike that works well for you.

  2. I’m so happy you’re starting to Blog agai! Are e-bikes permitted on the island? If so that could be an option for you, Good Bless—Brenda T. Your U.P. friend

    • E-bikes (pedal assist only – no throttles) are permitted with disabilities, but I think my balance issues might actually be worse on an e-bike.

  3. Glad to hear that Bodie is in remission and that when you and Ted got Covid it was a light case. Boy, those doughnuts sure looked good.

  4. Dearest Brenda, This is Ohio Pam Day!!! 🥰
    So excited to read your Blog again!!!!
    Your capture of Mackinac Island in your words and pictures are always so refreshing! Thank you for sharing your love of the Island with all of us! ❤️

  5. So glad you are back and are writing a blog again. I love how you write about the place I love so much! Take care and see you soon.

  6. You said,”It feels good to be writing again.” Well it wonderful to be reading Island news once more from a “personal” perspective. COVID has locked us in Canada and away from the Island it seems like almost two and a half years. Drove into Sault Michigan our sister city last week for the first time. My wife passed away in May so it will be next year before I can visit the Island again. Keep us all informed of “life on Mackinac”. So good to read your column again. Rod in the Sault.

  7. Bree it is so good to hear from you again! We missed you and your wonderful blog! I am so glad your family is doing well. Hope to see you around the Island this summer/fall.

  8. It feels so good to be reading your blog again. Dreams do come true! Can’t wait to hear your reaction to the recumbent bike, as I have a balance issue, too. (I even tipped over on a trike!)

  9. I so loved talking to you this morning while we were visiting the island. Please thank your friend again for sharing her recumbent bike… I’m looking so forward to getting one when I retire and can spend more time up north! Just read your Christmas blog and can’t wait to visit the island both in the fall and at Christmas! 💖

    • So fun meeting you and your husband! What better place to spend an anniversary than on Mackinac! And yes, def come back in the fall and winter!

  10. I love reading your musings about Life and Mackinac! What a “funk” that COVID put most of us in – socially, mentally, and in pretty much all realms of life. Glad that your cases were mild, and so happy to hear of dear Bodie’s remission! Our furry friends hold such a special place in our homes, and it’s hard when they’re facing health challenges. Hope you find a bike that works well for you, because there’s nothing like the freedom of being able to bike your heart out on the Island – not to mention that when you’re staying there for a length of time like you are, it’s a necessity to have that mobility. We will travel up from Ohio in September to stay 5 days, after not being able to travel since 2019. I biked past you once, when you were out in the front of the condo, but didn’t want to impose by stopping and introducing myself (“Is this Gal a stalker?” LOL). Thanks for blogging! 🙂

  11. Although we only met face to face once, you cross my mind with regularity. With all my past experiences on the Island over the years, you still opened up new vistas. My sons and families made it back there the end of June. They had some brisk days and had to put up with the sound of ongoing construction at the Brigadoon following last years’ fire. My oldest granddaughter celebrated her 20th birthday up there. Time flys.

    • Doesn’t it, Mary! I remember that day we all met like it was yesterday. What a beautiful family! Thanks so much for writing!

  12. Enjoyed the Blog, I also have balance problem, was thinking about 3-wheel bike. Any information on trying incumbent bike would be appreciated. thank you

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