Making More Mackinac Memories – 8/2/2022

Hello Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog friends!

Good Lord willing, Ted and I (and Bodie) are on Mackinac Island through October, and the strangest thing has been happening. Over the last four weeks I’ve had a few encounters with people who shared how much they enjoyed reading Bree’s Blog and how they have missed it. I’d never met any of these folks before, but they were nice enough to shout at me from a carriage, or speak to me in church one morning, or even to approach me in the Pink Pony one evening – just to share an in-person hello and chat.

To be honest, I’d already been thinking about writing again this year for two reasons: 1) it may be our last long-term visit to the island and 2) because I frankly miss writing and connecting with all of you so much.

You may have been hearing rumors that Mackinac is changing.  And you know what – it is!  But the changes Ted and I have noticed since we arrived July 1 have done nothing to diminish the Mackinac Island we all know and love.  A few businesses have changed owners, but it seems those owners are trying their best to enhance the visitor’s experience.  The charm of Mackinac Island remains alive and well, and my goal for the next three months will be to share our favorite spots, tell some island stories, and maybe open up the magic of this island to folks who are on the cusp of deciding to visit. 

For those of you who need no encouragement and are already island devotees it will be a time to reconnect.  It’s been a crazy two years, hasn’t it? We’ve all gone through a lot, and if you’re like me, Mackinac was one of the places you’d go to in your mind when things were at their gloomiest.  I could close my eyes and be back on a ferry crossing the Straits, or following a shady path through the woods, or strolling into town for a great meal and a fun night.  As with many of you, Mackinac is my happy place, my peaceful sanctuary, my heart’s home.

So the Horton clan will be out making Mackinac memories for the next few months, and we so hope you’ll join us.  I’m struggling a bit with getting back into the technology of blogging (it has DEFINITELY changed), so please bear with me while I relearn.

God bless.

79 thoughts on “Making More Mackinac Memories – 8/2/2022

  1. Oh my gosh! I am beyond thrilled! I am doing the Snoopy dog, nose in the air, dance! Let the blogging begin!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh.
    I was just thinking of you and the island this week! I grew up in Michigan (Gaylord and Durand) and visited the island every summer with my grandparents. Your adventures and photos help keep those memories alive. I look forward to your next post. 🙂

  3. I’m so tickled you’re starting to write again. It’s nice to live vicariously through you especially for people like me that can’t travel much anymore.

  4. I saw the email saying you posted and thought it couldn’t be right! BUT IT IS!!!!! Oh holy smokes sweet Bree, you have made my whole day! I cannot wait, CANNOT WAIT, to read your blogs once again. For however long, or short, your writings will be… thankful you are sharing ♥️🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻

    • Connecting to readers like you who have become special friends over the years is one of the main reasons I’m writing again. Love you and your beautiful family, DeAna!

  5. I love that you are back in Michigan. Welcome. I have missed your blog about Mackinac Island so much. When you write about it, the details you provide make me feel as if I am there with you at that fantastic, familiar place. I have also wondered from time to time about you and your family. Whenever I see storms hitting the Florida coastline, I include you in my prayers for my two brothers that live in Florida as well. I wish you would consider publishing your blogs. Glad to have you back!

    • Oh Eva. This message made my eyes well up. Thank you for your prayers during our Florida storms, and thank you for your sweet words.

  6. OMGosh Brenda, you don’t know how much I need this right now. I don’t know how you knew but I’m almost tearing up! We didn’t get to the island last year and I’m pretty sure we won’t be there this year so this is going to be my home for the next 3 months. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ❤

    • We have so missed seeing you and Bud, Hilde! The last two years have just been crazy. Please let us know if you come this way! Love y’all!

  7. I love to hear you are back! My hubby and I were in Sunset Inlet, FL and I was telling him about your blog and how much I enjoyed it – so Welcome Back!!

  8. Great news, Brenda! Looking forward to hearing about your family and the Island! Write away, right away!! Blessings!

  9. Great to see your blog back. I was so surprised to find in my email an update from you. It’s nice having to read it again. I can understand the 3 of you possibly not wanting to come back if it has changed like you said, the magic that you felt coming off the ferry is different. I know I heard about the sale of the Grand Hotel and was always wondering what changes the new owners made but didn’t know about any other businesses changing hands. I’m sorry if you won’t be coming back to the Island but wherever you, Ted and Bodie go on vacation know that you’ve got fans and friends who want to hear about your adventures.

    • Hello, Judi! Oh dear, I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear about what I was saying about the changes on Mackinac. The changes I mentioned haven’t affected the charm, heart and soul of the island, and our feelings about coming here haven’t changed at all. We love the island so much! We’re just getting to the age where travel is harder and we might have to make some adjustments on our time here. So good to hear from you!

  10. Hello, I too miss Bree’s Blog! Today is our 47th anniversary and we have been visiting the island since we were married in 1975. Life sure has had its ups and downs, but we still consider Mackinac as our happy place. I dreamed last night that we took the ferry across the straights to have our anniversary dinner even though it was not possible. Hoping, the good Lord willing, we will be able to take the trek up north once again this fall and connect with you and Ted before you leave the island. Take care and please keep in touch.

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  11. I’ve missed the blog! I recommended that the Totally Mackinac podcast find you for an interview. I’m sad that this might be your last long term visit to the Island, but I know it is inevitable that time passes and life changes. Hopefully, there are new fulfilling things in the future.

    • So good to hear from you, and thanks for the support! No decisions made yet on next year – just beginning to contemplate some adjustments on how much time we can spend.

  12. So glad you are back on the island and writing again! I too, have missed your blog. I’ll be on the island the end of August for a few days, so I hope to see you! Whenever I see Jill, I ask how you are doing!

  13. I am thrilled to read this. I have missed your blog the island through your eyes and writing. Excited about what is to come!

  14. Brenda, I have been astounded by your perspicacity over the years. I distinctly remember, some 25 years ago, after flying into Mackinac Island for about the the fifth time, and encountering you as a “greeter” in the Astor house. I thought that I had discovered a marvel of humanity. It turned out that I had, but I was about ten years too late to be the titular head of such a discovery.
    I used to take my advanced scuba students to Mackinaw to dive on the Cedarville.
    I can only now claim that I know a gem when I encounter one.
    Over the years, you have made elevated my spirits; and brought me to the depths of despair, as we have shared our love of Mackinac Island and its inhabitants, both human and canine.
    On the afternoon of July 22, 1984, I flew my new bride to your island and opened her eyes to a world that she thought didn’t still exist.

    • Hi Michael! I so enjoyed your comment, but I think you might be thinking of someone else. Ted and I didn’t start coming to the island until 2000 (22 years ago), and I didn’t start working at the Stuart House until 2008. Regardless, I’m so happy that you love the island as much as we do!

  15. Welcome back! Always enjoyed the pictures you brought through words of a very special place! Your writing is truly a gift!

  16. Oh, Bree! I am so happy to hear this wonderful news. Those of us lucky enough to have years of experience on Mackinac are a blessed bunch. I can hardly wait to hear what resonates with you to put in your blog this summer. I’ll mourn the loss of it tomorrow (OK, Scarlett got some things right!) Can’t wait to read more. Love, Barbara and Roger

  17. Enjoy your blogs,just finished a good book you might enjoy.Haunts of Mackinac. Great read many interesting tails of Mackinac. I wasn’t able to get to Island this year, health. Made yearly visits to the Island starting when daughters were young. Love and miss the Island, maybe next year.

    • Thanks for commenting, Richard! I read Haunts of Mackinac several years ago and have been on the “haunted” tour. Both are great fun and very “spooky”. Hope you are feeling better and you get back to the island soon.

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