Labor Day Weekend – Goodbye, Summer! 9/7/2010

Wow!  Three nights without writing! 

Should I even mention how many times I thought of something I wanted to tell ya’ll – or about when Ted said, “Let’s go out to eat Sunday night”, and I said – “You know I blog Sunday nights!”  To which he replied, “Remember – you’re ‘off’ this Sunday”. 

It’s really strange how addictive blogging can become – and sometime, how constraining.  I needed the break though – I admit it, and now I’m back refreshed!

The weather up here for the last few days has really been fallish.  Three days of 20+mph winds, off-and-on rain, temps in the high 50’s and low 60’s.  At first we thought the Labor Day weekend would be a total washout, but – just like that – Sunday morning dawned sunny and beautiful – which made me very happy because I had spent Saturday evening baking eight dozen cookies for church fellowship.  At Little Stone Church we have a get-together after services so we can mingle a bit, chit-chat about the week past and the week to come, and greet visitors.  Ted and I joined the church about a month ago as associate members, and I was asked to co-host the fellowship this past Sunday.  Since it was the Labor Day weekend, we were expecting large crowds at church, and they did come – including the Governor of Michigan and her family.  So cool!  I made four dozen Southern Tea Cakes and four dozen Peanut Butter Pecan Cookies.  Brought home five cookies, so I guess they were a hit!  Ted was really pouting about not having any leftovers, until I showed him the dozen of each kind I had “saved” for him.  That made his day – it takes so little to make us happy when we get to a certain age!

Friday night on Main Street - a damp start to a Labor Day weekend that turned out just great!

On Saturday, the University of Georgia played their first football game of the season.  Oh my gosh, Ted was excited.  Now let me just set the stage for you.  We live in Michigan.  You know – University of Michigan and Michigan State country.  When we go on and on about our “Dawgs”, people up here think we’re talking about Maddie and Bear.  One of the reasons Ted said we would have to go home to Georgia in September (when we first moved up here) was because he wouldn’t be able to see the Dawgs on TV (we can’t get satellite at the condos).  Well, after 11 years of being the Pink Pony’s best customer, Ted not only has his own engraved bar stool (not seriously, but they are thinking about it), but every Saturday they reserve one of their eight widescreen televisions just for Ted.  We have our own little private “box” – kinda over in the corner at the end of the bar – out of the way enough that we don’t get attacked by fans of either Michigan team, but out in the open enough that there is still an occasional, “Hey, bartender, why is this TV showing the University of Georgia, for pity sakes (that, of course, is the G-rated version of that question)?!

The Bulldog corner of the Pink Pony.

We got to the Pony just as the game was starting, ordered lunch, ate at the bar as we watched the game, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  At half-time, I went home to bake cookies for Sunday, but Ted was there to watch the Bulldogs beat the University of Louisiana at LaFayette 55-7.  Go Dawgs!!

The beautiful weather on Sunday brought over everyone who had wanted to come to the island for the weekend, but didn’t come on Saturday because of the threatening weather.  Around 4 p.m. we decided to walk the dogs to town to see what was happening.  We had watched carriage after carriage come up the hill all afternoon, so we knew downtown would be busy.

View from the condo porch on Sunday afternoon.

Carriage Tours had a great Sunday. One of these filled wagons came up the hill to the Carriage Museum approximately every ten minutes - all day long.

"Mom! If you didn't stop every two minutes to take a picture, we'd be in town already! C'mon!!"

We walked down Turkey Hill, got to the corner of Main and Fort Streets, took one look at the crowds, and said, “Let’s go to the Marina!”  We could not believe how many people were on the streets – which we were very happy to see for Mackinac Island businesses.  With Maddie and Bear with us though, we chose a little less congested route.

We stopped in to see if Captain Bruce was aboard the Mackinac Breeze catamaran, but he was off-island for the day.

This "little dinghy" was docked right next to the "Breeze". I wonder if people with boats this big stay in hotels when they get to land. I wouldn't!

We ambled on down to the Mission District, then up to the East Bluff, by way of Mission Hill. 

St. Anne's steeple from the East Bluff. I have at least 100 pics from this same spot, but I never stop here that I don't take another one. One of my all-time favorite views of the island.

The harbor was like a beehive Sunday afternoon - ferries coming and going as fast and as often as they could load and unload.

I've never seen ferries "stacked up" like this before - there are three Shepler ferries in this photo - two are leaving the dock full of people, while another empty ferry waits to dock and load.


Gulls flying over Fort Mackinac and the Grand Hotel.


A late summer day on the Straits - sparkling blue water and kites flying overhead.

Ted left with a friend at 7 a.m. Monday morning to do the Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Walk.  I did it last year, but when I rolled over and saw gray skies, I rolled right back over and said, “Have fun, honey!”  As soon as the back door closed, Bear took over Ted’s side of the bed, Maddie curled up at my feet, and we all slept another hour. 

I’m off to Cheboygan on Tuesday for a grooming appointment for Bear.  He is in full shed right now (something he does twice a year), and I’m vacuuming twice a day.  Whew!  Hopefully, he’ll look like a new dog by tomorrow afternoon ’cause right now he looks like he’s having a very, very bad hair day – all over!

Happy Birthday to two beautiful island friends!

Happy Birthday, Frankie!

Happy Birthday, Joan!

Personal Note:  Please keep Blake in your prayers as he continues his job search.

23 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend – Goodbye, Summer! 9/7/2010

  1. Thanks for the pictures, Bree. They, and your story, were refreshing as I melt out here in the valley desert (Phoenix, AZ) in triple-digit temperatures. After spending the week in Washington DC, I’ll fly back to Phoenix on Friday to catch the redeye to Detroit Friday night. Mackinac Island, here I come!!! (can’t wait).

  2. We had some beautiful weather when we were at the island last week. I don’t think we could have asked for anything better. I’m happy to hear that the bridge walk and the weather cooperated and all turned out fine.

    Happy Birthday Frankie!

    Sending good vibes to Blake. 🙂

  3. Labor Day always makes me sad and I don’t know why. Fall has always been my favorite season. I know the weather will cooperate with you for your remaining time on the island. Your crisp clear Sunday weather is much desired here in New Orleans. Beautiful pictures as usual. I never get tired of any of the views from East Bluff. A view of some of the cookies (maybe with the Gov. attached) would have been fun but your discretion is admired. You get wonderful photos because you are always so conscious of not making people uncomfortable. Got all fingers and toes crossed for Blake. Love to all, birthday girls, pretty ladies, shedding and furry pups and even Dawgs fans. Tell the merchants I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to help them out.

  4. I took the same shot of St. Ann’s steeple from East Bluff on the same day…must have just missed you! We came over on dreary Saturday, but enjoyed the fall weather. Those crowds on Sunday were huge! My husband had fun riding his bike down Main Street saying “Sidewalks are for WALKING people!”. We decided to hike to Anne’s Tablet, from your blog. It was a beautiful spot, right until I stepped back to take a picture and twisted my ankle on a rock, thereby ruining my chances for the Mackinac Bridge Walk! I was so disappointed! How long did it take Ted to walk it? I’m going to try again next year. BTW, we stayed at Mission Point and I was so disappointed in the facilities. We actually had a hole in the ceiling above the shower and a pile of drywall in the tub! The people were very gracious, though! It was a wonderful return trip to an Island I love, and can’t wait to go back next year. (I also understand your U/M, UGA division, my Aunt lives in Georgia and her daughter was a Dawg!)

    • Oh no, Marianne! That’s terrible! So sorry about your ankle AND your room. I forget Ted’s time on the walk – over one hour, less than two. I’ll have to ask him again.

  5. What beautiful pictures, thanks so much. The sparkle on the water does look like fall. Noticed on the web cams that people had their jackets and hoods on. And just down 75 over the line it has been in the high 80’s.

    Happy birthday Frankie. And a special prayer for Blake that he will have good luck, soon.

  6. LOVE the Friday night picture and Geo was very excited to see the DAWG corner at Pink Pony — he’s only slightly jealous there isn’t a Notre Dame corner and stool just for him (although he can’t really claim to be Pink Pony’s best customer, he is a faithful one once a year!)

    Thanks as always for bringing the Island to us!

    Blake will be in my prayers — I know God will provide!

  7. Hi Bree – My husband and I visited the Island on Monday. I ran into Ted out with the dogs and visited with Jill at the bookstore while looking for the Lilac Festival posters.

    Sorry I missed you. Hope I can find you next time we come (probably sometime in the next month).

    I am so glad the weather cooperated. It said it was supposed to rain and we almost didn’t come but decided to take a chance. Boy, am I glad we did.

    I always love visiting the island. I so appreciate your blog and the connection you provide to those of us who are not fortunate enough to be there everyday.

  8. Your photo of Main St. at night is another post card pix! So much more glamorous when wet. Great that you and Ted have a “Dawg Corner” now!

    Will pray for Blake as I am doing for my son-in-law who lost his job due to the owner of the Michigan shop closing it, and keeping the two he has in Ohio operating. Soooo many people still losing jobs while others not able to find work. Your Blog is always a breath of fresh air!!

  9. Such lovely photos. I just hope the weather is as nice this weekend for the 8 mile race. I love a bit of chill in the air but I really dislike running in the rain. Only 3 more days till my husband and I get on the ferry! We’ll undoubtedly be at the Pink Pony Saturday afternoon-have to have some whitefish dip and a beer for a friend who can’t make it up this year. Maybe we’ll check on those Dawgs while we’re there!

  10. Happy Birthday to Joan and Frankie!
    What a nice Labor day weekend you had. I’m glad they have a corner for you to watch the Dawgs…I agree with Kathy as we are ND Fans too. Such beautiful pictures again. I will be keeping Blake in my thoughts and prayers for his job situation. Happy Tuesday!!

  11. Beautiful pictures Bree! I really liked the one taken at night. Very cool! I just love how you write about your days on the Island! I will pray for Blake to find a job. I know they are scarce right now. Have a beautiful day!

  12. Fall is the best time on the Island… thanks for bringing a bit of Mackinac to those of us who can’t be there everyday!

  13. Thanks for the birthday wish. I went across and had a mamogram at the new hospital in St Ignace. So it was a good day even with all the wind and rain.

  14. Finally checking in again — it’s been a great August and Labor Day weekend start to the fall down here — just seeing your comment about Blake — his job is already there for him — God will bring him to it; besides not getting the other one, anything in particular happen of note? I’ll check back on your blog, sure you mentioned it somewhere.

    I’m just about ready to start my blog, Bree and your reply to me was so encouraging, but then I looked (probably a mistake) on choosing a name & got into all kinds of stuff I didn’t understand from the google.

    I wanted to choose Walking in Peace as my blog name — but then I searched in case I wanted to add a website at some point and there already is one. So does that mean I can’t use Walking In Peace as the name of my blog? Thought you would be the quickest “go to” person I know to help me on that.

    And when I start thru WordPress, I just do the setup and start writing and it’s free, right?

    Bear looked fabulous, storm and all, and I wondered if Maddie was worried about him (and you)!

    I’m glad you have your “dawg” seats; we were in Lexington, Ky for 12 years, so we know about the SEC; also from 5 years in NC, there was no love lost between NC and Duke! And down there they didn’t know a thing about the difference between MSU (us) and UM. There you go.

  15. now a short one; it is just so harmonious to read your blog and see you with the people on the island and the God-given nature to enjoy. If more of us shared your daily talent for learning from other people, peace would spread across our land like honey on toast.

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