B is for . . . Bed & Breakfast, Blooms, Bikes, and Blogging Buddies! 9/3/2010

I had one of those rare days on Thursday – I didn’t have a blog planned!  Usually, in my mind, I have blogs half-way written three or four days in advance.  But Thursday – nothing was coming. 

I know Friday is usually random picture day, but because I had been out of town on Tuesday, and because it had been so hot all week, I just didn’t get out like I usually do and “randomly” snap  pictures (hard to focus through all that “dew” in my eyes). 

Around 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon I rode downtown to pay our taxes.  Boy – that’s a downer!  But, I took care of that little task, then rode over to see if anything interesting was happening with Ted at the Visitor’s Center.  Nope – nothing there.  As I was passing the post office, I saw Hershey (Frankie’s Chocolate Lab) tied to the bench in front of the building.  There was a family standing in the street talking about Hershey, wondering who she belonged to and if someone had abandoned her – I think they were ready to take her home on the spot!  I stopped my bike next to Hershey and told the family they’d have to fight the whole island to take Hershey away from Frankie – that dog is Queen-Bee of downtown!  We chatted a moment, and Frankie came out of the post office and joined the conversation.  After the family left, she and I talked a few minutes, and I shared my sad song about my lack of a blog idea.  Then I looked across the street.

The pretty little Lilac House Bed & Breakfast was just sitting there like an invitation.  “Come take my picture!” it seemed to say, “You’ve never once turned your camera toward me!”

The lightbulb above my head switched to the “on” position.  What about a blog about the B & B’s of Market Street!

So – that’s what you get today, along with random shots I took on the way home Thursday afternoon and a few other surprises.  Everything worked out just fine – but I knew it would.  All you have to do to get inspired on Mackinac Island is walk out the door and experience it!

The Lilac House Bed & Breakfast - across the street from the post office. The house was built in 1890 as a private home and converted in 1991 into a bed & breakfast. I've never been inside, but I've always loved the pastel color (lilac, of course) it is painted.

The side yard, complete with Adirondack chairs, faces the Veterans Memorial Park.

There's a lilac bathtub in the yard filled with - what else? Lilac and purple petunias!

A porch filled with white wicker furniture and planters, hanging baskets, and a swing complete the image of a picture perfect little inn on Mackinac.

I left my bike at the post office and walked down to the south corner of Market and Fort Streets to photograph the Market Street Inn.  This is another B & B I’ve never gone into, but the outside speaks volumes for the owners.

Market Street Inn was built at the turn of the century as a private home and became a bed & breakfast in 1991.


There is a small front porch overlooking gorgeous flowerbeds and all the activity of Market Street. The inn has nine rooms and a private courtyard.

From the porch and windows of Market Street Inn, you have a front row seat for everything that is happening at Fort Mackinac.

This vintage three-wheeler has been transformed into a "blooming bike!"

A few steps west is the Cottage Inn, where Mike, Jill, Dawn and I stayed in February for Winter Festival. 

Having Weber's Florist right next door probably helps, but the Cottage Inn's landscaping is a glorious riot of colors. I love the birdhouse perched atop the sign post!

Not only do innkeepers Marge and Rich provide a scrumptious breakfast every morning, but in the afternoon there are cookies and other sweets (and hot chocolate in the winter)! There's a swing on that large porch, and most mornings will find guests sipping their coffee outside at the cozy tables and chairs.

The Cottage Inn is the only bed & breakfast on Market Street that stays open during part of the winter. Although the Inn will be closed the month of November, it will reopen to guests from December 1 through February 20.

Over the summer, this bicycle in front of the Cottage Inn's porch has almost become hidden under the overflow of flowers planted in every available spot - basket, front & rear fenders, and spokes.

Back at the post office, I retrieved my bike and rode to the other end of Market Street, where I parked against the curb and turned my camera toward Metivier Inn.

Metivier Inn was built in 1877 and has been a B & B over 25 years.

The dazzling landscaping of Metivier flows out almost to the street. You just can't help but stop and gasp at the lushness of its gardens.

This summer the color scheme is obviously all shades of pink - and white.


Chairs on the porch and in the yard beckon guests to sit outside and relax.

A few more steps toward the corner of Cadotte Avenue and Market Street finds you at Cloghaun Bed & Breakfast.

Cloghaun Bed & Breakfast was originally a private home and took four years to build. It was completed in 1884.

Terrace after terrace of stunning flowers lead up the steps to the inn.

The Cloghaun's yard makes you want to sit down in the grass and allow your senses to take in enough beauty to last until your next trip north.

A Cloghaun luggage cart awaits a call from the ferry dock, announcing the arrival of another guest.

I made the turn up Cadotte and stopped along the way to shoot photos of whatever caught my eye.  I see the streets of Mackinac Island every day, and every day I see something new and beautiful and exciting.  The Island is never boring, it is never dull, and it never disappoints. 

A bee on a blossom.


A little boy walked out of the Grand shade garden with his parents and encountered a huge flock of geese. He was delighted when they ran from him.

The geese took no notice of the threatening sky looming over the Mackinac Bridge.

A Grand Hotel omnibus rolls down Cadotte to deliver guests to the ferry docks . . .

. . . and a dray carries garbage up Cadotte to be composted.

The first hint of fall color has found this tree below the Grand - its rich green is slowly being replaced by a tinge of yellow . . .

. . . but Summer is still making herself known.

Red flowers, red roof, red umbrellas, red phone booth - it all equals the Grand's Jockey Club.

A glimpse of Round Island Light from the top of Grand Hill.

A blue garden cart sits beside a flowerbed at the Grand.

When Ted and I were at the Grand last weekend for the Medical Center Auction, I popped into the Ladies Room on the way to the dinner.  I heard Ted outside talking to someone and heard him say, “She’ll be here in a minute.”  When I came out, Ted was talking with a lady who introduced herself as Joan.  She had been sitting with friends as we walked down the hallway and recognized me immediately as “Bree”.  When I was writing the blog from Georgia this winter, there was a post in which I asked readers to send in photos of their pets.  Joan had sent a picture of Abby, her beautiful Abyssinian cat, and Abby and Maddie became “pawpals” over the winter.  Joan stopped by the Stuart House on Wednesday, and we kidnapped a visitor long enough to snap a photo of us. 

Joan and I. Later that morning all of Joan's friends came by to meet me - three couples! They were a riot - what fun it must be to travel with that group! Joan is from Shelby Township, a little town near Detroit.

Any of you who read the comments of this blog know that a lady named Hilde comments every day – and usually she is the first commenter each day.  I look forward to Hilde’s words, and if she didn’t say something one day, I would probably call 911 and ask them to check on her – she’s that dependable!  Hilde and her husband Bud were on the Island all this week, and I’ve seen them several times.  They also came by the Stuart House (a sure thing if you want to catch me – I’m there every Wednesday from 10-2).  These two are Mackinac Island enthusiasts of the first degree.  They love everything about this rock and are marking trails off on their map as they hike them –  just like Ted and I used to do. 

Bud, me, and Hilde on the porch of the Stuart House Museum. They are from Illinois.

Hilde posted these two photos on her Facebook page, and I asked if I could use them.  They are two of the most beautiful island sunset photos I’ve ever seen.  Thanks, Hilde!

It’s Labor Day weekend, and I can’t believe summer is almost over.  The Labor Day Bridge Walk is Monday – Ted plans to walk it again – I don’t think I will, but you never know!  Please be careful and have fun over the holiday, and please keep our East Coast friends in your prayers, as they deal with the affects of Hurricane Earl.  I’ll see you back here on Tuesday morning (I’m taking a long weekend/mini-vacation from blogging), good Lord willing.  God bless.


18 thoughts on “B is for . . . Bed & Breakfast, Blooms, Bikes, and Blogging Buddies! 9/3/2010

  1. What gorgeous B & B pictures! Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to live on the island at the time they were all simply homes – although I would not have wanted to clean them they are so big 🙂
    Beautiful sunset pictures from Hilde – it was so nice that she was able to visit with you while on the island! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  2. We just stayed at a wonderful little B&B called the Bogan Lane Inn. During breakfast she said they stay open all year too. It is on a little side street by St. Anne’s church.
    By the way, I love your pictures of your trip around the island by bike. We did that too-on Tuesday. I wish I could have seen you riding around!

    • You are correct, Annen – Bogan Lane Inn IS open during the winter – I had forgotten that. I’ve made that change on the blog post.

  3. Aww thanks for the mention in your blog Brenda. We’re going to miss everything about this island including all the wonderful friends we’ve met! It’s going to be a sad trip back to the mainland.

  4. Looking at all of the B&B’s was one of my favorite things to do when we visited back in May. It’s obvious by the many pics I took of them! Love all your pics, the sunset ones are gorgeous! Enjoy your mini-vacation. 🙂

  5. An interesting contrast to the flowers in front the fence at the Metivier Inn is the picture of the Metivier Inn in the book, Seasons of Mackinac. The picture in the book must have been taken shortly after the fence was built. The fence is unpainted and there are no flowers in front of it. Seeing the picture of the inn before flowers only adds to my appreciation of what it looks like now with flowers.

  6. It was so nice to see the B & B’s. A very interesting piece. What beautiful gardens.

    Tell Hilde when the blog popped up, her photo of the sunset took my breath away! Sunsets/rises are my favorites!

    Your trip in yesterday’s blog was great too. I never knew those houses were referred to as “mushroom houses”. Another great blog!!

  7. It always amazes me that you show me pictures of things that I have looked at but haven’t really seen. As usual your blog is fabulous and I love putting faces to the people who comment. Hilde’s pictures were beautiful (as is Hilde).

  8. It’s wonderful to see Hilde’s picture after reading all of her comments for so long! Hilde, your sunset photos are beautiful.

    Bree, when we stayed on the island for our 10th anniversary it was at the Market Street Inn. It was very nice. We were there in May so things were not quite so in bloom as they are now. Thanks for letting us see what it looks like!

  9. Sometimes the worst stormy weather leaves the most beautiful sunsets! Thanks to Hilde (and you) for sharing the gorgeous photos.

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, whatever you do!

      • Not a problem. I love animal pictures, i.e. the wooden boat show and the “entry” you and I thought deserved “Best in Show”: The man rowing his dog in the dinghy! The Bridge shot and the EXQUISITE B&B’s …. like Calgon … “take me away”! Lovely in every way.

        Blessings …

  10. My dream is to stay at a B&B on the Island! They look soooo beautiful. I also love seeing the pictures of your readers with you. I should of had my husband take a picture of Jill and I when I seen her this summer!! I was so excited to see her that I wasn’t even thinking! When I seen the picture of the place you stayed this winter it made me think of the gentleman that lost his wife. How is he doing? I hope well. Thanks as always for your super blog! Have a safe and happy Labor Day! Also if you think of it before you leave for the winter will you post a picture of the store in Harrisonville? And if you don’t get to it I totally understand. Thanks so much!

  11. Hi Bree,

    As I read your blog, it’s Friday evening and we are home from our week on the island. As always, the week flies by so fast. I’m so glad I got to meet you, Ted and Maddie and Bear. Have a wonderful holiday…take care..

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