Ending Another Busy Week – 8/26/2022

We’ve had such a run of great weather this summer. It’s yet to hit 80 on the island, and all of you who know me well are smiling right now because you know cool temps make this ole girl a very happy camper. We did get rain all day on Thursday, but it was much needed, and we were all glad to see it!

Tuesday was a Spa Day for Bodie, which meant being on the 9 am ferry for a 10 am appointment at Northern Tails Grooming Services in Levering. Spa Day also means grocery shopping in Cheboygen (can’t use a trip just to deliver Bodie to the groomers – gotta take full advantage of being “off-island” for a few hours).

Bodie is a Shepler’s Ferry favorite, and vice-versa. He especially loves all the attention he gets from Matt! When you’re leaving the island that early, the ferries are always pretty empty (check-out at the hotels tend to be around 11 am). If you’re coming to the island on one of those early boats, they are packed!
Snapped this pic through the window as we were leaving the groomer. Bodie LOVES a bath, and he was waiting patiently for Lexi to gather her supplies!

We picked up our old post office box door this week. As you probably know, there is no mail delivery to homes or businesses on Mackinac Island. Everyone has a post office box, and a daily trip to the post office usually turns into a social event – because you will undoubtedly see at least one, and possibly dozens, of friends and acquaintances doing exactly what you’re doing – picking up the mail. Which means you stop and chat for a while. It’s such a “small-town” image – people gathering around the bike racks in front of the post office, sharing news of their day – or the latest island grapevine item. You never go to “get the mail” and expect to be back home in under an hour. Take my word – it doesn’t happen. Ever.

But back to the post office box door – see how easily I digress? The Mackinac Island post office – like many others around the country – recently replaced their decades-old brass boxes with aluminum ones. Post office box holders were given the opportunity to purchase the old brass doors off their individual boxes, and we did that.

Inside everything looks shiny and new . . .
. . . and we’ll return to Florida later this year with another remembrance of our time here.

Other photos through the week . . .

After dinner last night we took a taxi home (we’re bad about that when we eat too much). It’s not often we’re downtown at dusk, and I love how the streets always clear after the daytrippers return to the mainland.
Our trip led us up the south end of Market Street, so pretty with the street lights glowing.
Zeus and Isaiah, grooming each other in the turn-out corral near the Grand stable.
I detoured down into Grand Hotel’s secret garden this week, and when I was returning to the street I caught this glimpse of passing horses.

Hope everyone is doing well and your week has been a good one. Have a great weekend, and God bless.


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6 thoughts on “Ending Another Busy Week – 8/26/2022

  1. Thanks for the great pics and story! Hope to see you soon! I will be there the 28th thru 30th. Bringing friends who retired to Georgia along with a couple people who have never been to the island before. They are in for a treat!

  2. The video of the horses grooming one another 💙💙💙 And I had heard about the post office box upgrade (gotta love a subscription to the Town Crier!). The old door is GORGEOUS! …..what a cool momento!

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