It’s Time 1/7/18

When we arrived home from Mackinac Island this October I decided to take a break from writing until the first of the year. I confess to having an ulterior motive.

For at least two years now, I’ve been thinking the lifespan of Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog has really more than run its course.  When I began the blog in 2009 it was just at the beginning of the social media era.  Bree’s Blog was one of only a very few places on the web where folks could go for information about Mackinac, and I slid myself right into that special little niche – reserved for the dear folks who believe Mackinac Island is magical and the most beautiful place on earth.  The blog blossomed, and at its peak nearly 2,000 readers a day stopped by to see what was happening with the Hortons and their pooches on the island.

You followed us home to our precious lake house in Georgia for winters and packed up with us for the move back to the island for the season.  You gave us support and love through so many hard times – selling the condo on the island and our home in Georgia, moving into a rental while we built a new home in Florida, my hysterectomy, Bear’s knee surgery and two years later his death, hurricanes – the list goes on.  But for every hard time, there were hundreds of good times – endless summer days exploring the island, listening to the trees sing their song in the up north woods, riding hundreds of ferries back and forth across the Straits, horse and buggy adventures, nights at the Pink Pony, the discovery of Ted’s birth mother’s family . . . the list again goes on and on.  Even when we weren’t on Mackinac you traveled with us – a trip to Colorado to a ski resort, a trip to Alaska, a trip to Key West, a trip to an amazing little island in Canada, and numerous trips to Flagler Beach as we built our home.

The decision to post the “Throw Back Thursday” posts has given me so much joy – looking back at those first few years and remembering things I haven’t thought about since they happened.  But they also gave me the strength to say . . . .

It’s time.

I’ve told almost a thousand stories about Mackinac Island, and there are many other excellent blogs being written about the island.  All you have to do is Google “Mackinac” and hundreds of resources appear.  Through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and all those other media channels out there that I don’t even know the names of, Mackinac is now an open book.

This past summer on Mackinac was a little bit of a wake-up call for Ted and I.  We seemed to spend a lot of time recovering from spills – and we blamed most of them on Bodie.  But, being totally honest about it – and although Bodie did play his part – a lot of those falls and spills were because our reaction times have gotten slower, our ability to heal quickly has slowed down.  Since returning home we’ve begun to think about the time we would no longer be able to return to Mackinac on an extended time line.  We’ve begun quietly searching for other places where my need for cooler summers would be closer than 1300 miles away.

Until that time comes, and we pray we’ve still got years ahead of us before we have to get serious about it, I selfishly want to enjoy every minute on Mackinac without those self-imposed blog deadlines.  I just want to go and enjoy every second of its beauty and peace and magic.

So, it’s time.

What’s next?  The ending of Bree’s Blog certainly doesn’t mean I won’t be taking photos and posting to Facebook – about Mackinac, and about anything else either serious, mundane or silly that happens in our lives.  So, if you haven’t already, please follow me on Facebook.  Just search for “Brenda Horton” and you’ll find me.

And – there is certainly a possibility I will one day (maybe soon, maybe later) find my way back to blogging about something completely different.  But, that’s just a thought now – not a decision.  I do know writing is in my blood, and if I do go in another direction, I will let you know by posting the info here on this blog – so please don’t “unfollow” me here.  I’ll also let you know on Facebook.

Bree’s Blog will live on forever on the web.  I hope in the years to come newcomers who are just discovering Mackinac will click a key and discover a little blog about the Hortons spending part of their time on magical Mackinac. And I pray they know each and every word and each and every photograph is filled with love and thankfulness and the awe of the discovery of my heart’s home.

I can’t even begin to thank you all for the happiness writing this blog and sharing Mackinac with all of you has brought me.  It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing about the island for almost as long as I’ve been retired.  I began it on a whim, and that whim has buoyed me up over all these years and brought the most amazing people into our lives.  As half-year residents of Mackinac, we were given a behind the scenes glimpse over the years to what makes Mackinac tick, and I tried my best to share it all with you – so you could love it as much as I do.

Thank you to everyone to provided photographs over the winters when we weren’t on the island.  Your generosity and willingness to share your talents kept Bree’s Blog up and running over the cold season.  Thank you to readers, friends, and business owners who allowed me access to stories that wouldn’t otherwise have been told.  Your love of Mackinac makes my heart smile.

And a very special thank you to my dear friend Jill.  Without you there wouldn’t have been a Bree’s Blog.  Thank you for all the insider information over the years, the story ideas, and the thousands of photographs.  Thank you for being my sidekick, my always-willing-to-get-up-early partner in crime, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my “no-you-can’t-write-that” editor.  But most of all – thank you for being my forever friend.  You are beautiful and amazing, and I love you to the moon and back.  Ok – make that to the sun and back.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written and rewritten this post.  If I’d let myself I would have turned into a blubbering baby and sobbed my way through it.  But I want you all to know I don’t have one regret about the years spent here with all of you.  You all became friends – many of you close friends – and I love you all immensely.  You let me into your homes and lives by reading this blog, and that is the greatest gift writing this blog has given me.

So, for now, it’s time.



Thanks, Mary, for helping me make what I thought was an impossible dream come true . . .

God bless.

133 thoughts on “It’s Time 1/7/18

  1. Thank you so much for all those writings you have shared. I have enjoyed every one of them. Please accept my friend request on Facebook so I can continue to enjoy your company and whatever message you may post. Good luck on your next adventure

  2. I have certainly enjoyed your stories and pictures! I just found you a few months ago so especially sad to see you go but I understand. I will follow you on Facebook! My husband and I have been going to Mackinac Island for 17 years and usually go at least once a year and over the past 6 years have been able to go twice a year. The times my husband couldn’t go well then I went with a friend or relative. We love Mackinac Island! Thanks again for the wonderful stories and insight about living on the island. Good luck to you and your husband.

  3. Noooo I just found you Bree! I was immediately hooked on your blog. My family has visited Mackinac many times. Most recently in October of 2016. Such a magical place. I will be sending my friend request today. Stay healthy and happy.

    • Awwww – please go back and read some of the archived stuff, Cheryl. You will find lots of good info there. And I look forward to getting your friend request!

  4. Thank You Bree for sharing your life and love of Mackinac Island with us. You always brought a smile to my face and happiness in my heart. Blessings to you and Ted and your family 💜

  5. So what I think is that you shouldn’t say its time but just not quite so much and post maybe only 4 times a year. You have always had photos that the others do not. I’ve been with you for about a year now and truly think you will miss posting for us as we will miss you ( I’m being kinda selfish here)

  6. So what I think is that you shouldn’t say its time but just not quite so much and post maybe only 4 times a year. You have always had photos that the others do not. I’ve been with you for about a year now and truly think you will miss posting for us as we will miss you ( I’m being kinda selfish here)

  7. So sad, but know what you mean by “as we get older, we get slower”. We have enjoyed every minute of your trips and adventures. I just pray that you both will continue in good health, safe travels and many new adventures. God Bless you both, Love you!

  8. I have always loved reading your blog form the day we met. Thank you for all the wonderful stories and pictures. Enjoy your time when you come home and I am sure I will see you around the hotel at some point. You are a true treasure!

    • No, YOU are a treasure, Mert! Love, love, love seeing that beautiful smile of yours. See you this summer, good Lord willing.

  9. Thank you for everything you have given us. ♡ Wishing you, Ted, Maddie & Bodie all the best.
    Words could never express my gratitude for the need you filled over the years. Yes there are many other sites, none compare to Bree’s Blog!
    Good luck with whatever comes next.

  10. SO enjoyed reading your blog about Mackinaw, and blessed we had the opportunity to visit your island in person. What fun! Love you both.

  11. Beautifully written, beautifully said!! I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful your blog has meant to both Bruce and myself. It was so wonderful meeting you and Ted on our last visit to Mackinac. You truly are both wonderful people and so happy we were able to meet in person and spend time together. I hope it won’t be the last time we see each other in person. Wishing you only the very best in the future. In the meantime I’m very happy we’re friends on Facebook. Till later…..

  12. I am sitting at Seabiscuit on the island with tears running down my face. You have hlelped so many of us become friends with one another. One thing I wil always treasure was meeting other readers and having supper at the Chip. Enjoy the freedom of no deadlines.

    Thank you dear friend.

    • Thank YOU, Yvonne – one of my top five over-the-top Mackinac fans!! Love you and your wonderful enthusiasm and love if Mackinac. Praying that you will one day find a special place on Mackinac of your very own. Love and hugs – and stop crying at the Seabiscuit. Your sandwich will get all soggy. 😊

  13. Thank you so much for all the stories and pictures you have posted. I enjoyed everyone of them. I will follow you on face book.

  14. I certainly will miss you and your blog! But I understand. There is a lot of pressure to writing, especially when we have a deadline – whether for work or self imposed. I loved reading your blog and will miss you. I learned a lot about the island through your eyes. Take care of yourself! I will see you on facebook!!

  15. Dear Brenda, I have followed you for years but usually staying in the background. We met one day while you were working at the Stuart House along with my daughter Jenelle.
    I loved your blog connecting with someone who loves Mackinac like I do.
    Yes all good things come to an end but you have gone above and beyond.
    Take care and God Bless. I will submit a friend request on Facebook also.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words and for following me for so long. I remember the day we met at the Stuart House like it was yesterday. Always loved your comments! Love and hugs to you and Jenelle!

  16. Brenda, you have been a huge blessing to me. Sharing your love of the Island but even more than that how you love your family (furry and otherwise), friends, and readers. How you love life! Thank you for transparency through some very difficult times. That spoke to me too. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Waiting for that book you will write some day! God’s best to you always! ❤

    • Oh Marlena – I don’t think a book is in me anymore – but it’s a sweet thought. And you never know – God might open that door and surprise me. Thanks for your always sweet and thoughtful comments. Love and hugs.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your life and times. I hope to have as many wonderful memories in “the Horton Condo” as you and yours did. I too know there will be time I will no longer be feasible to be a part time Island resident. Time then, I will savor every moment as you taught me to do through your blog. Hugs and love from the Island.

  18. Have big tears falling! Love you& wish you all the BEST. Tam

    On Sunday, January 7, 2018, Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog wrote:

    > bree1972 posted: “When we arrived home from Mackinac Island this October I > decided to take a break from writing until the first of the year. I confess > to having an ulterior motive. For at least two years now, I’ve been > thinking the lifespan of Bree’s Mackinac Island Blo” >

  19. Brenda, thanks for all the memories and thanks for posting many of the pictures from my archives. It’s been a treat always and best to you and Ted. I’ve had to slow down too in the past 3 years. Understand. Miss you guys. 🙂
    Steven Blair / Photography By Blair / Artistic Mackinac Gallery

    • Steven, I was reading back through the comments on this post and was horrified to see I didn’t reply to yours. Please forgive.
      I was so disappointed not to see your friendly face on Mackinac this summer at your gallery and just out and about. Thank you SO MUCH for your friendship and for always saying “yes” to my endless requests to share your amazing photographs.
      Please take care and enjoy all the years ahead. Hugs.

  20. Oh Brenda, lately I have been thinking the same thing…how much longer will we be able to go to the island? My sweet friend, I knew this time was coming but it does not make things any better. I have tears in my eyes, and my heart is a little sad, but I look forward to seeing you and Ted this summer AND we are friends on facebook. You can’t get rid of me that easy 😉

  21. Thank you for the years of stories and pictures that we have enjoyed!! We met a few years ago at the Stuart House, and still see Jill at the bookstore each time we visit! Thank you for sharing your life in word and pictures and the beautiful island we love. I pray God will continue to give you many years together and travels to beautiful Mackinac Island!!

  22. Dearest Bree…..I read that blog with a broken, yet happy, heart. You have a gift for writing. You drew me in to each and every blog you published. You are lovely and your writing will be missed. It is a blessing to know you. Be well. Enjoy each and every part of your writing retirement!!! Much, much love and blessings.

    • I just love you and your family, DeAna. Thank you for all the sweet comments over the years and your sweet love for my Blake also. Keeping you and those two special men in your life in my forever prayers.

      • You are so loved back! Thank you so much. You are the best of the best ❤️❤️❤️

  23. I know u love the Island! So I say yes, it’s time for y’all to go to the Island to enjoy every inch of it….we all know how to get in touch with u and Ted through FB….and u never know I might surprise you and Ted and may a visit to that magical place. Love you all to moon and back….one last thing GO DAWGS…….

  24. Oh Brenda, say it isn’t so….but such a lovely “time out” message – you covered it all. I came late to the blog only a few years ago – but I go back on the Island since 1961 – a long time ago….and I know very soon Toby & I may be staying year round in our dwelling. Thank you for all the beautiful descriptions and very special photos….remember I asked what kind of camera you were using so often…..You have a great eye and a special way with words…..Thank you – and see you next summer.

    • Thank you so much, Elaine. I’ve loved seeing you around the island since we first met. One of my new goals is to get a new camera. I’ve been using my iPhone camera since I broke my camera in my last winter trip to Mackinac, and even though it takes good pics, I just miss the feel of a camera in my hands. Maybe I will have a new “toy” in time for our summer trip.

      • Please keep me posted on your camera decision….I love my iPhone…..but know I am missing some special views….I can’t seem to capture the depth of the snow we have here in Vermont……over 20 inches now and it is all frozen – going no where – even with the warmer temps predicted on Thursday….a beautiful sight – we love it. Hope you are keeping warm down there..

  25. I will surly miss your blog. Like you, I find Mackinac Island drawing me back and it truly is one of my most favorite places! I have laughed, cried and enjoyed every post. I hope you enjoy your next adventure! I never got the pleasure of meeting you in person but you always felt like you were a friend. Good luck Brenda and Ted!

  26. Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories, beautiful pictures, and puppy fixes (we don’t have pets and I’ve enjoyed your Bear–and later, Bodie–stories and photos!). Our family of four visit the island for 7-10 days each summer, and our children are growing to love exploring the island as much as we do. Years from now, when we retire, we hope to spend an extended period there as you and Ted have done.
    I hope you know how many lives you’ve positively touched through your blog, and that you feel the hugs and good wishes being sent your way. I plan on following you via FB, and look forward to seeing where you, Ted, and the pups end up next! 😊

    Stacy Ann

  27. Hello Bree – I’m one of your readers who was led to your blog via Flagler Beach! I have never been to either Mackinac or Florida (LOL) but feel as if I have and know you.
    Sweet days ahead for you!

  28. Oh, no!! I have loved all your blogs!! But I understand and I hope I can connect with you on FB. I have tried but haven’t had any luck. Will be thinking about you. I hope to get to the Island in June and again in October-God-willing. Karen Callstrom Strusz

  29. I just want to say Thank You so much, Breda from the bottom of my ❤. I have loved every blog of yours and I could not wait to read each one.

    I have to say I am going to miss them but I just want to say good luck on your future endeavors. Have fun Brenda, Ted, Maddie and Bodie. I will not unfollow the blog but I will keep up with the Horton’s on Facebook. By the way, I like the doggy bed you got Maddie.

  30. No, no NO! We won’t let you quit! But that’s not fair.
    When I saw the title, I sighed knowing what it meant. I’m glad we are Facebook friends as it feels we are friends with your family even if we have never met. Enjoy your retirement. I will stay subscribed as I won’t be surprised if the occasional blog pops up. This is clearly a labor of love for you.

  31. With tears in my eyes I wish you good health, peace, and happiness in your REAL retirement. I will miss not only hearing about the best island in the world, but also your life and family. I have followed you pretty much from the beginning of your blog. I sent you pictures of the Christmas bazaar weekend in 2010. I never officially “followed” your blog or became Facebook friends, but you can bet I read every post! I will keep up with you on Facebook and look forward to what is to come. Your lovely writing style keeps people coming back. Enjoy!!

    • Thank you so much, Joanne. What would I have done without you readers who were on the island when I wasn’t! Sweet words, my friend.

  32. Thank you for so generously sharing your gift for writing, stories of family and island adventures, and the array of pictures. Your enthusiasm, ability to find meaningful connections, and the feeling of a community of online friendship has been a delight. Thank you for brightening so many days, touching hearts, and making magic happen with your words. Enjoy this next chapter of life!
    With heartfelt best wishes,
    Marsha Lambert

  33. As soon as I started reading this post, I just knew…I’ll admit, I feel a bit of sadness that I won’t be reading about our beloved Mackinac Island on a regular basis, but I know you’ll be able to truly relax and enjoy the special-ness that only exists on the Island. As a Michigander who spent the summers with my grandparents in Mackinaw City, our trips to the Island were some of my favorite memories…and your postings and pictures brought all of those wonderful times back. Thank you. Enjoy your retirement…I look forward to following you on Facebook.

    Blessings…Tina B

    • Tina, I’ve been retired from work since 2008, and I began blogging in 2009. So I guess you could call this the retirement of Bree’s Blog. The comments I’ve been receiving this afternoon have been a beautiful retirement gift. Thank you for such kind words.

  34. Dear Brenda,
    It may be time, but that doesn’t make it easy (for you or for us!) I hope you know how much we love you and your blog and your husband and your family and your dogs! We thank you SO MUCH for all you’ve given us. I’ve been going to that island for decades (5? 6?) and I learned to love it even more from you. Thank you for that.
    Please enjoy your time without deadlines (retirement is great!), but please, if the spirit moves you, share whatever comes to mind. You have such a gift in your writing.
    BTW, if we ever win a lottery (and that’s a BIG if), our first item of business will be a place on Mackinac. So, if that event ever happens, we’ll be sure to let you know! Nothing beats a free room!
    Barbara from NW Ohio, the land of the torn up highway!
    (I’m intrigued about where else you might go!)

    • LOL! Barbara, that will be our first item to purchase also if the lottery numbers ever roll our way – after we take care of family of course.
      We’ve been looking a little in north Georgia. I love the mountains (Ted not so much). But if we could find a mountain place on a lake, he might go for that! No serious looking yet though.

      • Enjoy the process of finding somewhere else. There are so many beautiful places on this earth! You’ll be lead to the right one for you.
        BTW, it would be easier to win a lottery if we bought tickets. Our idea of a lottery is our 401(k)! lol And it didn’t accrue enough to afford a place on Mackinac!

  35. Thank YOU for spending so many hours entertaining us with your beautiful, happy, sad, funny, etc adventures over the years. Mackinac is on our bucket list to see in person once I retire 😊. Thanks to you for bringing it to life for us, and sharing your family and fur babies with us. Enjoy!😀

    • Thank you, Pam! Hope we are still going when you and Danny come up. We’d love to show you “our island” – we’re pretty good tour guides!

  36. Thank You Brenda for using your gift of writing in such a positive way! While I have been to the island so many times, your blog has often opened my eyes to things I never knew about Mackinac Island. I will miss reading your insites about all of the island happenings but I understand your reasons for stepping back. I wish you and Ted many more years of health and happiness on the island. Hopefully one of these years we will meet. Blessings!! Scott

  37. As a long-time “silent” reader I am sad to hear this news! I admire you for making what has to be a tough decision in order to live the best life for you and Ted thought! Your blog has been such a delight to read and I feel the connection to Mackinac through your writing and photos. Thank you for so many great years and I will check Facebook to remain connected!

    • Thanks so much for reading over the years, Abbye, and thank you for the sweet words. The worst part of giving up Bree’s Blog is losing our network of friends, but I’m hoping Facebook can hold us together! Love and hugs.

  38. Oh, Brenda, THANK YOU over and over and over again , for your faithfulness all these years , to keep us “addicted people “ fed with beautiful photography, and beautiful insight with your beautiful words of such a beautiful place! There will never be anything written that will ever be any more inspiring or satisfying to our Mackinac Cravings as what you have given to all of us! Friendships will be our tie, that will continue to bind us together! Looking forward to those special times when we all see each other on our Magical Island ! Much love and happiness to you, my friend! Pam Day ( the one from Ohio) that can be found in the Woods with Mike!

  39. Dear friend,
    We all come to know and love what we’ve done and where we’ve been. And you my dear girl have found the just that, you have found the true Mackinac Island and it you. You truly know the depth, and true color and they become your hearts delight! Thank you for sharing just that heartfelt ways through each blog post! ❤ Ted, Maddie, Bodie, yourself and dear your sweet, dearest, funny, Bear. As well as the extended family and their lives. ❤
    Our entire family truly has grown to love the extended Horton clan. With your talents of writing and beautiful photography. Bree’ s Blog drew so many to the secretly enjoy and love her people, and places.Thank you, thank you, for sharing. Enjoy your peaceful retirement, Love and hugs see you on Facebook! ❤

  40. The number of replies here tells the story. You have touched so many lives and brought so much joy through your writing. I will miss this bright spot but am so happy for you to start enjoying a life without deadlines! I will continue to follow you on Facebook and look forward to every post. Enjoy life Darlin – you deserve it!

  41. So glad to have ‘met’ you through the blog, Bree! Thank you, especially, for helping me reconnect with Jill after so many years had passed since our days as young women living in our little adjoining apartments. Your pieces bring to mind so many precious memories and I have enjoyed them so much. God bless you and Ted in all of your travels. I’ll be watching for your on fb!

  42. 😘

    On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 12:19 PM, Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog wrote:

    > bree1972 posted: “When we arrived home from Mackinac Island this October I > decided to take a break from writing until the first of the year. I confess > to having an ulterior motive. For at least two years now, I’ve been > thinking the lifespan of Bree’s Mackinac Island Blo” >

  43. Mackinac is about living the dream & enjoying life as it is. You taught all of us that well. Thank You. We are all so special to have shared your blog all these years! Can’t thank you enough more laughter than tears, memories, pictures that will be with us in our hearts forever. Yes~ sadness about friends we lost. We made it thru together. I will never forget the story about Bear possibly having worms. Oh geez ~ a blade of grass I believe. Lots of love to you and yours. Emily & Dolce

  44. Thank you Brenda for taking all of us along for the ride! I have always enjoyed your blog and will miss it! I look forward to hearing about your future adventures on facebook. Happy New Year!!

  45. As many have said in earlier posts, I just found you! It is hard to make decisions, especially when they involve doing things we love. I admire your willingness to try new adventures, and leave a comfort zone when you feel its time. 2018 is going to be a year I too, must try to do the same. I lost my dad a year ago. Mackinac Island was a big part of his and my families life. This past summer was a difficult one, to return to the island without him. We will continue going up with my mom and family being strong and continue to love the island. Thank you for inspiring, for your in-depth view of island life for all of us who hope to live even part time on the island, one day. Good luck in new endeavors, which I hope includes writing. You have a gift using facts and humor in all you write. I wish you and your husband and fur babies health. I too will be searching you out on facebook! God bless

    • Oh Clairann. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your dad. You all must have had such wonderful times on the island, and I’m glad you’re continuing to go back. I’m sure that’s what he would have wanted. God bless as you continue to make memories there.

  46. You’ve been so wonderful to share so much of your life with us, Brenda. May you and Ted have many more Mackinac adventures! I will see you on Facebook, and hopefully on the island as well.

  47. Thank you so very, very much for sharing your Mackinac with all of us. Even though I’ve visited more than a few times, the viewpoint of a resident (both human and canine) was one that I found fascinating. I loved hearing about Lowell, about Duck, and all the other ‘characters’ in your Mackinac life. God bless you, Ted, Bodie, and Maddie. I wish you nothing but the best in all you do.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words,Annie. Mackinac is indeed an island full of characters, and all of them hold a special place in my heart. So glad you can visit the island often! Love and hugs.

  48. I loved your stories and pictures, will miss them greatly. It is hard to face the aging process and realize there are physical things that now stop us. I wish you and Ted and fur babies all the best.

    • It IS hard, Margaret! But I thank the good Lord every day that we are as healthy as we are. Thank you so much for writing.

  49. I was very sad to see that you will be ending your blog (in a selfish way lol). I am not on any social media (Facebook, etc), but always loved reading your blog about Mackinac. I would check at least 4-5 times per week to see if if you posted anything new. It was always a highlight of my week, esp on these long winter days. I can’t imagine how much time you must have put into this, and I loved every minute of it! You are such a great writer!
    Good luck to you and Ted and pups! Still hoping to run into you sometime on the island lol.
    God Bless!
    Tell Ted GO GEORGIA!!!

    • Awww thank you so much, Dave.
      Please consider Facebook. It’s easy! And anytime you’re on the island and see us out and about, please say hi!! We love that!

  50. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because it’s absolutely true. In my opion (the only one that counts) Bree’s Blog is the best on the interney. I’m so sorry to see it end. Facebook is good, but it’s not good enough for me. I need the blog. Is that selfish? I suppose it is, but that’s the way I feel. Reading it has been a part of my life for a number of years and I just assumed it would go on.

    Okay, I guess that was kind of a rant, and it’s over. I don’t really know how to thank you for all the blessings I’ve received through your words and pictures (and from Ted too) that you’ve sent our way through that wonderful blog and otherwise. Of course, that includes all the special people we have met, both virtually and in person. I won’t use names because I know I would leave out so many.

    I think you know I wish you, Ted, Maddie and Bodie the very best as you turn the page to the next chapter of your lives.

  51. It’s quite understandable. The postings were not slapdash but were carefully crafted and often thoroughly reported, as in your wonderful pieces on the horses and what went on with them in the winter. You served as our curious eye exploring and explaining the wonders of Mackinac. We will miss the blog, but enjoy the free time!

  52. So sad to see you end your blog but TOTALLY understand and happy for you to open a new chapter in your life. You are going to force me to get on facebook now so I can follow you! I can’t thank YOU and Ted enough for sharing your lives with all of us. You’ve made me try and be a better person and I’m probably not alone in that feeling. Your blog served many purposes! All wonderful and inspiring!

    • Awww Karen, that’s so sweet. All of you have had such a positive impact on my life. I just love you all so much.
      And yes, you have to get on Facebook! I don’t want to lose our connection!

  53. Thank you for sharing your many adventures of Mackinac Island… My husband and I have been going up there for the past 2 summers and this will be our 3rd summer spending time up there. One day we hope to move out that way either buying on the island or on the main land. For now we are content on spending our week on the island and enjoying the serenity of the island.

  54. I’ve been following you since I had the pleasure of meeting you and Ted when I spent time on the Island back in 2012! I worked in the fall for MSHP with my daughter Jessica. I learned so much from Ted when we worked in the Visitors Center together. Thank you so much for sharing life on Mackinac! I’ll never forget my time there!

  55. Bree. I’m just reading this catching up on the blogs since life some times gets in the way . I have been reading and enjoying your blog for years. I want to say thank you for sharing your friends , family and adventures . Loved reading every one of them. I have laughed and cried right along with you. God bless enjoy life and keep taking pictures. Ps I will connect on face book. Cheryl Haddon.

  56. Bree – I just read your post. I have never met you, but I did a shout out to you last summer on the island while on a buggy tour. Thank you for the joy of reading your blog and all the beautiful pictures. In the summer I am not far from the Island, I hope to see your smiling face on Main Street on a bright sunny day! Godspeed to you and your family!

  57. Thanks for all the great posts over the years. I discovered your blog a few years back after our first visit to the island. I still haven’t made it all the way through your archives, but I definitely plan on it. I sent a FB request, so hopefully I can at least enjoy your pictures of the island until I get a chance to make it back again..

  58. I will miss your stories – all of them – but love the ones about Mackinac! My daughter and I met Jason on Jekyll Island about 7-8 years ago and he talked about Mackinac. I discovered your blog after that when I was searching for info on Mackinac, and only then discovered – through your blog – that he was your son! Really a small world:). I am hoping to make it up to Mackinac in the next couple of years to have some stories of my own! Enjoy your next adventures – I will move over to your Facebook page to keep up.

  59. Bree, I just discovered this (have been off and on about blogging in the past several years, but lately have been getting into it a bit again and venturing out to read others). Wondering if you’re still feeling that relieved ah-ha feeling of not having to blog. Or if you’re missing it at all. I found it a combination of both. Wishing you the very best! And fondly remembering our one meeting on Mackinac Island.

    • Hi Kathy!
      The first six months you couldn’t have paid me to snap a photograph or write a word (except for Facebook). I was just done with it.
      But now that Mackibac time is approaching again I’m beginning to get that itch. Luckily, Mackinac Island News and Views on Facebook accepted me and three other ladies to become “reporters” for that site. It’s all volunteer, and we can choose what to write about (or they can give us an assignment, which we can accept or not). The other three ladies are already there, and they are loving it.
      So we’ll see. It will be different from blogging, and therefore it might not be my cup of tea – but I’m going to give it my best shot. They have over 40,000 readers so it will def be an increase in readership for me!
      Looking forward to being up there two weeks from this Saturday until mid-October!

      You’re such an awesome writer, Kathy. I hope you start back on a regular basis!

      • Bree, how interesting to hear from you. I do hope you enjoy the Facebook page and that it provides you with a different kind of enjoyment. If not, you’ll know, and move on to something else. Hope you enjoy your stay on the island! (And, for me, I am blogging fairly regularly again. Thanks for the compliment!)

    • Mary, I apologize for taking this long to respond. I’m just seeing this comment. You are welcome to use any photo from this site. No charge.

  60. I guess my Yay on Facebook was premature. I thought you were back.
    I will always cherish your blog ♡. Thank you & everyone for all your time, stories and love of the island. Yes, there are many places online to find Mackinac Island these days. None take you into the magical place we know as Bree’s blog did. Your stories made me feel a part of the island when I could not be there. I will always be grateful for that. I can not find the words to let you know how much. It is the place my soul feels at peace.
    Again thank you to you, Ted, Jill and everyone who was a part of this wonderful blog ♡

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