Home Sweet Home 11/1/2013

Hello from our sweet little home on Lake Blackshear in south Georgia!  Never has a place looked so good as this one did when we arrived this afternoon around 5:30.

We woke in Richmond, KY to sunshine and had great weather until we were past Atlanta.  Then the skies opened and we were in heavy rains again.  But we didn't care - we were almost home.

We woke in Richmond, KY to sunshine and had great weather until we were past Atlanta. Then the skies opened, and we were in heavy rains again. But we didn’t care – we were almost home.

About five miles from the house we stopped at Stripling's (You Never Sausage a Place) for some supper provisions.  For the first time since getting in the car this morning, Maddie looked interested in where she was  . . . . .

About five miles from the house we stopped at Stripling’s (You Never Sausage a Place is their motto) for some supper provisions. For the first time since jumping in the car this morning, Maddie looked interested in where she was . . . . .

. . . and by the time we turned down our road, her eyes were focused straight ahead.  Bear had it figured out when we crossed the river bridge and was bouncing off the doors and ceiling in the back of the truck.

. . . and by the time we turned down our road, her eyes were focused straight ahead. Bear had it figured out when we crossed the river bridge and was bouncing off the doors and ceiling in the back of the truck.

Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home . . .

. . . with a Welcome Home sign taped to my car and a casserole, hotwings and brownies waiting on the porch - compliments of sweet friends Ed and Sally.

. . . with a Welcome Home sign on my car and a casserole, hotwings and brownies waiting on the porch – compliments of sweet friends Ed and Sally.

It’s almost ten now.  We’ve been unpacking since we arrived, except to stop and eat that great meal the Feagins left.  We still have a few bags to go, but they will wait until tomorrow.  Oh, and then there are those 17 boxes we shipped home – unpacking will continue for a while!

It’s so good to be here, but we’re so tired it will be a while before it really sinks in we’re home and that we are no longer also residents of Mackinac Island.  I can’t tell you how many times Ted or I one has said – in the last few hours – “We keep the utensils in the right-hand drawer in the condo”; or “I like the dishwasher we have in Michigan better than this one”; or, “No recycling at the lake like we do at the condo.”  And then the other one will say, “It’s not our condo anymore.”

On Sunday night, when I can make a little more sense, I’ll write another post,  Then – like last year at this time – I’m going to take a little break from blogging for the rest of the month of November.  Ted and I both are pretty worn out – physically and emotionally – and we want to rest up and get ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving with the whole family.

There’s no way I can thank all of you enough for your prayers over the last two days for our safe travels back home.  You are such good friends, and I’m so blessed by each of you.

I’ll be back Sunday evening.  Love, hugs, and God bless.


40 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home 11/1/2013

  1. Dear Brenda and Ted, so glad you made it home safe. I hope you get guidance about your plans with Mackinac. You have lived the dream of living on Mackinac while most of us have to be content to spend a few days maybe a week once a year. Godspeed!
    Pat Steele
    Vernon, MI

  2. How wonderful to hear your home safely. Into the arms of your loved ones.
    How grand to have treats and wishes to great you!

    Allow the quiet peaceful, prayerful time we all call Thanksgiving to give you the soulful peace you seek.

    Theresa and Family

  3. So glad you got home safely in such rain. You are in transition, and it takes awhile. I was talking to a friend last weekend about one of “my” youth before I remembered I haven’t worked with the youth for 9 months, so they really aren’t mine anymore. Eventually, we will both figure out what God has planned for us.

  4. Glad you had a safe trip! My grandaughter has worked on the island for 3 years, and reading your blog just kept it more interesting for us.

  5. Glad y’all made it home safe and sound! Take good care and you know you can shoot an email anytime.

    Get some rest.

  6. So glad you’re home safe! Rest easy and enjoy your November quiet time. It’s good to take a break now and then, and you both deserve it. We’ll all be here whenever you are ready to share some more. Special thanks to your friends on both ends of your trip who did things that the rest of us in cyberland couldn’t. They’re awesome!

  7. Happy to hear ya’ll are home safe and your trip was uneventful. What a nice surprise to come home too…ready made dinner and dessert. It’s so nice to have friends like that AND I bet it was delicious. Take your time unpacking and enjoy some peace and quiet. We will be here when your ready. 🙂

  8. Hi Bree,

    I’m glad you all made it home safely. I don’t know if it’s been said before as I am a newcomer to your blog, but my comment today is for TED.

    “Ted, you are a wonderful Husband for giving your Wife her dream home for 5 years. I’m sure it won’t end there”.

    p.s. I also have a wonderful Husband (minus the condo part, LOL). He has indulged my love for Mackinac Island for 19 years and counting.

    Enjoy your winter!!

  9. THANK YOU Ed & Sally for the “WELCOME HOME” sign (& dinner)….I was wondering if anyone did that this year. I know Brenda & Ted love the surprise when they turn into the drive.
    REST UP (before UNpacking more) & TAKE A (Blog) BREAK…we will all understand. You have had a full crazy October & now next, planning a BIG Family Thanksgiving!

  10. Glad you all are home safe and well. Maybe you should just leave those 17 boxes unpacked…for a house back on Mackinac or for
    a new Florida home….

  11. Glad you are home safe. What a whirlwind. I’d put all those shipped boxes on the back burner too. Put your feet up and rest awhile.😎

  12. Glad your home safe……. looking forward to your return to my favorite Island Mackinac. I live in Kalamazoo, Mi. go to the Island every summer with my family, our favorite vacation of the year. Wife and I spend two 1/2 months in Panama City in the winter, but your right, no place like home.

  13. Brenda and Ted; we are so pleased you made it back to Georgia safely. We will look forward to seeing you all back on Mackinac. Thank you for spending time with us earlier in the summer. We really enjoyed the trip to the Les Cheneaux islands with you all, Steve and Orietta. Ellie and Max Jones

    • Hi Max and Ellie! So good to hear from you two. We sure enjoyed our time with you this summer also, and so hope there are a lot more times like that in the future. Have a great holiday season, and hello to your mom and dad!

  14. Hi Bree,

    As you know I’m new to your blog. I’m currently reading 2013 before continuing with the other end, 2009 and up. I just read that you take a break during the month on November, so I hope you don’t mind if I sneak in another comment now.

    I love your blog. In fact because I’m catching up, I spend way too much time reading it, but it makes me feel so good. I’m actually surprised that so many people share my crazy love for Mackinac Island, including you. You are such a beautiful writer and photographer. Love Bear’s blogs too. Soooo funny !!

    I’m still trying to figure out who the lady was that told me about your blog. She was from Wisconsin and we met on the Star Ferry dock in October. Thank you, whoever you are.

    As I read more and more, I am meeting all your friends, present and past. It’s so sad to read of all the dear friends you have lost. No names now because it’s so sad. I also now know who Lowell and Faye are too. You are such a kind and caring person to all these people you’ve met along your journey. I envy you (in a good way) for that.

    As I am reading your past blogs I always want to comment but I don’t because they are “past”. But I will say a few things: I ride around the island clockwise too…..Love breakfast at the Chuckwagon…Made my Husband retrieve about 100 Grand Hotel tulip bulbs out of their compost pile in the rain (some still bloom every year)….Love walking in the woods ….Have Vera Bradley luggage…..Love your pictures….Sad you sold your condo. There are many more but I forgot them now.

    I hope You and Ted find what you’re looking for on Mackinac Island for the future. I would love to see you continue your blog next year, but would understand if you don’t. Unfortunately (or fortunately) our lives and desires change as we get older.

    Thank you for letting me live my dream through you.


    • Hi Pam,

      You joined the blog at a very exciting time! I’m forecasting (obviously we all don’t know for sure yet what the plan is) that Mrs. B, Ted, Bear and Maddie will be hanging out with us during the off season here on the blog still. As you stroll through the off season archives you’ll notice Brenda writes to us on Sundays with an update during the work week from time to time during the Mackinac winter. I say I’m forecasting this because, so many people send her updates and pictures throughout the week to chronicle whats going on out there on the island.

      Brenda truly treasures her readers so just stay tuned with us. Hopefully we’ll know more after her November break. Enjoy the archives! My wife and I enjoy them looking back at the “hey we were there then” moments.

      • Jason, you want to be my manager? You make a great promotor, kind sir.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Hi Lauri! That’s one of the things I’ll be figuring out when I take my little break in November. For tonight and my first post in December, I’ll be posting to the Mackinac blog. Hopefully, some decisions will be made while I’m “away” that will help me figure out whether to keep the two blogs separate or just start up something new that is “correct” wherever we are! > Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 20:06:22 +0000 > To: brendasumnerhorton@hotmail.com >

      • I can understand that. I, also, wanted to make sure some of the new readers knew to check there.

      • Thank you, Jason, for your comments. I just read about you and your wife, Serina, in the Aug 2013 blog. Very nice story. Now I know who “Jason-The Other One” is.

        Thank you for your service to the United States Government.

    • Thank you, Pam! You’ll have plenty to read while I take my annual hiatus. I love going back and reading some of the earlier blog posts and taking that walk down my own memory lane. So glad that mystery lady mentioned the blog to you and that you love it so much! More to come!

      Sent from my iPhone


  15. Glad you’re back in South Georgia! (Safely…wow! What a trip!) Since I won’t hear from you in November, have a blessed time with your family in Florida. And mark your calendar for Victorian Christmas in Thomasville on December 12 & 13. Absolutely enchanting, and just a short drive down 300 for you and Ted. Tell me when you want to come ride horses, too. We’ve got beautiful trails here in Ochlocknee to ride on.

    Blessings to you and Ted!
    Mary Jane

      • I just called the Hampton Inn. Some rooms still available on Thursday night, and more than that on Friday night. Let me know if you come, and we’ll get together, neighbor! 😉

      • I really can’t plan that far ahead right now, Mary Jane. If I come it will probably be a last minute thing. Our world is a little crazy right now. I’m putting it on the calendar though so if that weekend is open, we will see if we can find a room.

        Sent from my iPhone


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