Mackinac Island Winter Update 2/17/2013

Hello Mackinac Island fans!

I’m sorry to say I don’t have a lot of news this week, but I do have a few photos and one great story to share!

When Small Gifts Bring Large Blessings

One of the things for which Mackinac Island is best known is its part in the making of the movie, Somewhere in Time.  When the cast and crew spent weeks on the island in the 1970’s, one of the people who served as liaison between Hollywood and the island was Dan Dewey.  Dan still returns to the Island each fall for the Grand Hotel Somewhere in Time Weekend and leads visitors around the island to special places made famous by the movie.

I’ve met Dan several times over the years and have always found him charming.  Through Jill, who has known him for years, I learned of his “coffee mission”, and I was so excited recently when GodVine, a website that posts daily inspirational videos, featured Dan.  I might have already shared this story with you, but even if I have, it’s worth a “re-post”!  You can watch Dan’s story here: .

Photos From the Island


A beautiful sunny day downtown.  (Photo: Nicole Doud/Little Luxuries of Mackinac Island)

Heather May's birthday was this week, and one of the ways she celebrated was by flying a kite!

Heather May’s birthday was this week, and one of the ways she celebrated was by flying a kite out over the frozen Straits!  I’m guessing this was taken at Windermere Point.

Heather also took a ride out to Arch Rock and shot this awesome photo of the landmark.  Talk about

Heather also took a ride out to Arch Rock and shot this awesome photo of the landmark in very unusual lighting.  Love it!

I keep thinking Robert McGreevy can't possibly outdo the last sunset photo he took, but he keeps proving me wrong.  This one was on Feb. 16.

I keep thinking Robert McGreevy can’t possibly outdo whatever was the last sunset photo he took, but he keeps proving me wrong. This one was on Feb. 16.

Travis Sredinski took this one from a Great Lakes Air flight over the island.

Travis Sredinski took this one from a Great Lakes Air flight over the island.  Once I got my bearings, I told Travis he had just missed our condo, but got part of our front yard at Surrey Hill.  The H-shaped building at the lower left corner is the new Grand Hotel stable, and the long white rectanglar-shaped lot to the stable’s right is the horse corral in front of our condo.  Cadotte Avenue, the Carriage Tour horse barns, the Grand Hotel and all of downtown is visible, as is Bois Blanc and Round Island Lighthouse.


Great Lakes Governors to Meet

The Council of Great Lakes Governors, including those from Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York and Pennsylvania and the premiers of Ontario and Quebec hope to meet on Mackinac Island in June at the invitation of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.  The Council will be discussing water issues (specifically low Great Lakes levels and control of invasive species such as Asian carp), regional transportation, and facilitating trade in the GreaT Lakes basin.  The Council met on the Island once before – in 1982.

Cross County Trails in Great Shape

In an article by Erich T. Doerr, Tim Leeper, Mackinac Island Ski Club cross-country skiing guide, reported that “recent snow put the trails in the perfect condition for a grooming and then regular use.  We got out and put about three or four hours in it to get everything packed down, and then went out and skied it the next day.”  Leeper said that trails are plentiful, as the State Park closes off the eastern two-thirds of the Island for its use, everything from British Landing Road east.

There are about 15 miles of trails on the 3.8-square mile island that can be used for both classic cross-country skiing and snow skating.

Chris Ann Update

John, one of Chris Ann and Burton’s sons, and his family have been at the cottage since Wednesday, and he posted this beautiful photo of his parents.


Looking at this, I can’t help but picture them in the early years of their lives together, sitting and holding hands, talking and perhaps listening to music.  I wonder how many times they have been together like this on their couch.  Hundreds? Thousands?  It matters not at all.  What matters is that they are together, holding hands . . . . now.

God bless.


8 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Winter Update 2/17/2013

  1. These days I can’t think of Chris Ann without getting choked up…every picture I see makes me teary eyed. I pray for her and her family and my heart is sad. I know that the short time that I have known her, she has made a huge impact in my life. I will never forget you Chris Ann…

  2. Brenda you alway outdo yourself in bringing us the most heart- warming stories. I love the u-tube video of Dan bringing coffee to the chemo patients. My Mom has been receiving chemo for the past 7 years in MI and I know how such a kindness during this difficult time, would be greatly appreciated. Dan, thank you for all the wonderful things you do for so many people. John and Chris Ann. . .what a beautiful love story. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  3. Yes, Dan is obviously a wonderful giving person and I thank you for posting the video, but I think you are the exact same kind of person, and I suspect everyone who makes comments here (and anyone who knows you) will agree with me. Thank you , Brenda!

    I enjoyed all of the pictures you posted, but it’s the picture of Chris Ann & Burton that spoke volumes.

  4. I know I do not leave many comments to your posts, but thanks for the updates. Love reading about the island on a regular bases even when slow every day things. Also continued prayers for Chris Ann and her family.

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