Family Time – Part I 6.26.2012

Is there any way you can make Mackinac Island more magical than it already is?   Why yes. . . . just add children (even if they’re grown) and/or grandchildren!

We are having so much fun with Julie, Jordan and Matthew.  They missed coming to the Island for two summers, and Matthew was only six the last time he was here.  At almost 10, he sees everything through different eyes.  And Jordan?  Oh my goodness, she threatened to change families if she couldn’t come this year – that girl LOVES Mackinac.  At age 12 – for Jordan – it’s all about the horses!

Arrival at Shepler’s Ferry dock shortly before 3 p.m. Dock Master Patrick Conlon works his magic and gets us loaded quickly so we can catch a ferry that was only three minutes from departing. Thanks, Patrick!

BIG surprise! Our captain, Jason, invited Jordan and Matthew into the pilot house to help drive the ferry! Matthew thought that was pretty awesome!  Thanks, Shepler’s!

Jill was waiting on the dock to snap a “Welcome to Mackinac” photo.

By 5 o’clock everyone was unpacked, and we went looking for horses with a zip-lock bag filled with carrots. First stop was the new Grand Hotel/Carriage Tour Stable, where first Julie met Joker . . . .

. . . and then Matthew got to pet him also. Ben Mosley, who’s in charge of all the horses at the Grand Hotel, spent a lot of time talking to everyone about the Hackneys and horses in general.  Ben also let us know that by next weekend the stable and museum would be open to the public.

With all my talk about Teddie on the blog this year (Jordan reads her BeBe’s blog faithfully, bless her heart), Jordan couldn’t wait to see him . . .

. . . and let’s just say Teddie shouldn’t need anymore carrots anytime soon!

Dinner on the back deck at the Chippewa. Julie, Jordan. . . .

. . . and Matthew are happy to be here, and BeBe and GDaddy are ecstatic!

“I’m setting my clock for seven – to go running.”  Julie said as she closed her bedroom door on Friday night.

“She’s what?” I said.

“Oh, yeah,” Ted said.  “Julie is running, and Jordan, Matthew and I are going to bike alongside her in the morning.”

“All righty then!”  I said.  “I’ll be happy to have the coffee made when you get back.”

And that’s what I did.

The Hewitts and Ted – merrily running/biking off practically at sunrise on Saturday.  They went all the way to Arch Rock and back. Oh my gosh, I was so impressed.  They were pretty impressed with my coffee too, I think.  I know the kids were impressed by their BeBe’s special Breakfast Fruit concoction.  They order it every time they come.

Bear LOVES when the kids come. He gets so much attention . . .

. . . and they go home begging for a Golden Retriever. They also go home covered in “Bear hair”, which means they probably won’t be getting a Golden.

After breakfast, we girls – and Matthew, who was anxious to get to the Magic Shop and buy a fake cigar that blew baby powder “smoke” – visited all the cute shops downtown. Poor Matthew was pulled in to look at cute shirts and skirts and dresses and shoes for over an hour, but he finally got his cigar. He also got a pack of what looks like Wrigley’s gum, with a piece of gum pushed out for you to grab. Don’t! He happily shocked everyone he could get to reach for the gum. He is SUCH a boy!

Back to the condo for lunch, then we took our four bikes and a borrowed one from condo neightbor Judy and headed out for a ride. We biked to the Annex, walked part of Pontiac Trail, and ended at the lookout on the West Bluff for this photo.

After supper, we walked back downtown for what else? Ice Cream! Ted and Matthew did a little balancing act on the beams in the Burroughs Lot behind the school.

“We’re full now!”

Jordan and Julie, walking back up Fort Street.  Sweet memories.

Wild daisies along Huron Road.

Julie and her daddy, walking home.

It started raining around 2 a.m. Sunday morning and was still pouring when we got up.  For a little while it looked as though we might miss church because of the weather, but by a little after ten it had stopped, and we hurried down the hill to Little Stone Church.  After church and lunch we hopped on our bikes and rode out to the Mackinac Island Community Stable.  Jordan wanted to do some volunteering while she was here, and if she could do it with horses that would be perfect!

Watching a plane land at the airport – on the way to the Community Stable.

She met Leanne Brodeur, Katie and Matt Novakoski, and another Kate (Katie, Matt & Kate are interns this summer at the stable), and they scheduled Jordan to work on Monday from 10 – 2.  One excited little girl!

While we were there, Jordan and Matthew got to ride around the arena on Fiona, one of the 4-H horses.

Jordan on Fiona, watched closely by Katie.

Matthew . . .

. . . and intern Kate, working Fiona after the kids had ridden.

After dinner, Julie and the kids walked downtown for some ice cream, then walked along the beach parallel to the boardwalk. Julie caught this great pic of Jordan and Matthew, with the Star Ferry Line “rooster tail” in the background.

That’s our first three days.  Are BeBe and GDaddy tired?  You bet!  But it’s the happiest tired we’ve been in a long time.  Looking forward to Matt’s arrival on Wednesday evening, then four more days with him here also.

The next blog will be on Tuesday, July 3 (or late Monday night).  That will be a VERY LONG one because I’ll be covering Monday, June 25-July 2 (the day the family leaves to go back to Florida).  I’ve missed writing, but it’s been so wonderful to be able to plan whatever anyone wants to do without thinking, “But I need to write tonight.”  Thank you so much, my friends, for your understanding.  I promise I’ll be back to my normal routine soon.

Please pray for me on Thursday morning as I speak to the Mackinac Island Men’s Breakfast about Bree’s Blog.  Oh my gosh, they’ve even advertised it in the Town Crier!

Hugs to you all – see you back here next Tuesday!  God bless.


24 thoughts on “Family Time – Part I 6.26.2012

  1. You will be so good! It’s nothing but a bunch of guys, for pete’s sake. Pretend they’re a bunch of third graders and you’ll do fine. They already like you, or they wouldn’t have asked you to speak! Still, I’ll hold a good thought for you – not that you need it!

  2. So happy the kids are here. I thought of them this week as tropical storm Debbie pelted Fl. For days. Great pictures. Thank you for letting us enjoy your family time.

  3. Brenda,

    I have full confidence you will do very well speaking to the Men’s Breakfast. As a matter of fact, I can’t imagine you doing anything else.

    Looks to me like you guys are having a ball. Isn’t it such a wonderful to have family visit? And then for that visit to be on Mackinac Island. WOW!

  4. Don’t worry about us, Brenda, you just have fun with the family and then write about after they leave. It sounds like it’s been a great time.

    Oh, as for Thursday, you’ll do wonderful.

  5. My mom, Lynne, who you met last year just returned today from a two night stay at Metivier Inn. Much needed relaxation! She said the weather was great! Looks like you are having a great time,

    I can’t wait til September. I have an extra day when I come up that I don’t have reservations on the Island for (might make some in Mackinaw City), trying to think of a place to go that first day, maybe Soo? Any ideas Bree?

    • Jeff, if you’ve never visited the Soo Locks, I say go there! Amazing! Another idea would be Whitefish Point Lighthouse and Ship Wreck Museum.

  6. Yup, I agree with everyone else…you’ll be fine talking to the guys. Maybe Ted can record some of it for us to see. Just a thought. It sure looks like everyone is having a fantastic time. Not one picture where everyone isn’t smiling. So much fun. By the way, I love the balancing act Ted and Matthew are doing. 🙂 Keep enjoying those kids, both big and small. 😉

  7. You’ll be the best breakfast speaker they ever had!

    Thanks for the photos of last week-looks like you’re having a wonderful visit. Can’t wait to see and hear about the rest of the week.

  8. Good thing the family is here and not in Fla. right now with all the bad weather. Looks like you are all having a great time. Love the heading picture. We have a family picture in the same spot too. Good luck Thursday…I’m sure you’ll do great!

  9. The ONLY trouble you will have Brenda is GETTING UP, GETTING READY, & GETTING DOWNTOWN… 8 AM!!!!!!! Good Luck, then come over to the Beanery with all the women after.

    • True that, Jill! I am definitely not a MORNING person – hope I’m awake enough to make sense to all the gentlemen.

  10. Looks like lots of fun!!! It’s always great to create family memories. Those kids will always remember their days on Mackinac Island! I know we do. Don’t worry, you will do fine on your presentation – but I know what you mean. I always have butterflies before I speak too!! Enjoy!

  11. My fiance and I were on the island this past Saturday. Although we weren’t running at 7am, we did eat our share of fudge and had a wonderful time on the carriage tour. Thank you for writing your blog. It keeps me feeling connected to a place that I’ve often visited and wish that I could call home. 🙂

  12. You will do great Thursday. Yes, pretend the guys are 3rd. graders. That made me lol!

    Your grandchildren are beautiful and growing up so fast, as they seem to do. Yes, everyone looks so happy. Glad Jordan is allowed to volunteer with the horses that she loves so much! It couldn’t get much better for her vacation time! Keep having fun.

  13. Third graders is good, but I was thinking of eggs, bacon and beer. Guys love that kind of talk. I won’t be able to read your blog on time for Wednesday because of a prior commitment, but I’m sure it will be great. It was wonderful talking to Julie the other night. She sounded great and I could hear the kids in the background. Y’all take care and enjoy the horses.

    • Frog, your “prior commitment” is a lot more important that reading my blog on time, but I expect you to be reading as normal by the end of the week. Whatever I write can keep just fine until then. Love and hugs to you and Cathy.

  14. I’m so glad you are having a wonderful time with your family! I missed reading your blog at home here for almost a week and now am catching up on all the awesome entries
    Happy 4th of July!!

  15. How wonderful! I enjoyed looking at your post and admiring the gleam in your grandchildren’s eyes. They love the island–you can tell. I’ll bet they love Grandma and Grandpa, too.

  16. I so enjoy reading your blog! I was there for Win-Some Women with my daughter in May! I celebrated my 50th birthday! I love hearing all about regular life on the island! : )

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