Cave Adventure 8/30/2011

When Brad, a new friend of Ted’s, asked him to go “caving” with him and his two sons last week, Ted jumped at the opportunity.  Ted loves finding new spots on the Island, and Brad, with long-time Island connections, knows places we’ve never even heard of before – much less visited.

Ted and I have explored the popular limestone caves – Skull Cave, Devil’s Kitchen, Cave-in-the-Woods, and Eagle Point Cave (I didn’t actually climb to Eagle Point, but I stood below and gave helpful instructions while Ted did).  When Brad began describing some of the places they were going, I sure was glad this was a “guys only” adventure.  The climbing he was talking about was way out of my comfort zone, but, to be honest, I don’t get nearly as excited about scaling cliffs and bluffs looking for caves as Ted does (I don’t get nearly as excited about football as Ted does either, but that’s another story).

Since Ted took all the photos for this one, except for a couple that Brad shot so Ted could prove he made the trip (smile), I asked him to sit next to me at the computer and caption the pics.  So, here’s the cave story – in Ted’s own words.

"We climbed down the bluff along Leslie Avenue and reached this first cave."

"Looking back up from the first cave toward Leslie Avenue."

"Further down Leslie Avenue, we climbed down to this larger cave."

"Here, we're looking down from the second cave, through the trees, to M-185 - the shoreline road."

"We climbed along the bluff, looking for more caves."

"More exploring."

"From the top of the bluff, we could look toward the Eastern U.P."

"We left Leslie Avenue and turned onto Murray's Trail, where we found another crack in the island. In this particular location, we dropped a rock down into the opening and never heard it hit the bottom."

"This is the same 'crack' - just further down along the trail.

"We left Leslie Avenue, went down Scott's Road, then turned onto Scott's Shoreline Road until we hit M-185 to head back into town. About 1/4 mile east of Arch Rock, we climbed up the side of the bluff to find a third cave Brad knew about."

"Brad has been told if you sit in this spot during a heavy downpour, water comes off the cliff above, and it's like sitting under a waterfall."

"Coming back down the bluff to M-185."

"Looking up along the face of the cliff where the third cave was located."

When Ted got home that day he was one tired guy – tired, but with a great big grin on his face.  He was happy he was able to keep up with Brad and the boys, AND he was happy to have explored some new places on the Island.  Brad’s already told him of another cave he’s heard about they need to see if they can find.  Ted’s ready when he is!


We’re off to the Soo Tuesday morning and won’t be home until evening.  Jill, bless her heart, is using her day off to house/dog sit for us, so we can leave the island secure in the knowledge the babies are well taken care of.  Keep a good eye on them, Jill – they will try to pull something over on you if you’re not careful – especially that Maddie!

16 thoughts on “Cave Adventure 8/30/2011

  1. Wow! What an adventure! They’re brave! I have a hard enough time trekking some of the trails here on the island much less climbing caves…I can’t imagine! Very cool…that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ted,

    Great pictures. I envy your day. I can’t imagine how you were able to keep up with those boys. It’s obvious that you’re a better man than I am.

    Both of you have a great day at the Soo. I’m really looking to the report and the pictures.

  3. Ted, thanks so much for those wonderful pictures of the woods I grew up in! will you try the Sugar Loaf cave next? 😉

    There’s another little cave that probably no one knows of behind Mission Point – I don’t know what they call the building – B building was its original designation, the one just above Small Point. I used to go there to ‘get away’ by myself.

    Have fun in the Locks! That should be very exciting!

  4. Looks like Ted had a wonderful time! Have fun at the Soo and hopefully there will still be doggie treats left in the cupboard when you come back. Jill might accidentally spill the secret of where they are and you KNOW Bear and Maddie will work together when they need to.

    Better pick some more treats up while you’re out just in case. LOL!

  5. What an exciting adventure. Ted is alot braver than I would be. I imagine all those caves are where the many bats of the Island live. Trish Martin had a great article of the bats in the recent Town Crier.

  6. Wow, Ted very impressive! Not only your picture taking but, your limestone climbing and cave exploring as well!! Hope you and Brenda have a wonderful time at the Soo Locks! So glad you two are not only discovering all that magic on the island but, enjoying the beauty of northern Michigan and then sharing it with us! Wonder when you get home who will have more adventures to talk about, you, Brenda, Bear, Maddie or Jill?! Here’s to you all having such a breathtaking, exuberating, grand day that you’re all too exhausted to speak and fall into the most blissful, restful, tranquil sleep!

  7. Brad and Ted’s excellent adventure….I’m impressed. Glad I wasn’t along on that adventure. Even a helmet couldn’t have helped me.

  8. Hey, awesome Blog. I came acrosed a priceless account of the Island written and published in the 1870’s by an Officer from Fort Mackinac. He refers to Scott’s Cave and posts a location on the map. It is (or was) on the north side of the Island. Does anyone know if this cave still exists? I work on the Island at the Fort in the Tea Room for the 2013 season. If you have information about Scott’s Cave, I would love to talk to you. Here is my cellphone: 1-520-226-6030 Here is my email:

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