Notes from the Island 7/30/17

Hi Friends!

Today we’ve been on the island for exactly two weeks, and our routine is beginning to gel.  As usual, a lot of it revolves around walking dogs!  Ted takes Maddie and Bodie out (separately) before breakfast.  Depending on the weather (and his mood), that might be a five minute walk for each of them, or a 30 minutes walk for each of them.  When he brings Maddie back and leaves with Bodie, I feed Maddie.  When Bodie gets back, he gets his breakfast, and Ted and I take our coffee out to the porch.  Maddie sits in Ted’s lap, and Bodie’s leash is attached to something sturdy so he won’t go rushing after anything that catches his interest. We’re usually out there a good hour at least, and it’s one of my favorite times of the day.  It’s cool, there’s usually a breeze, the birds are tuning up for the day, and early morning workers are walking or biking by on their way to various jobs.

I take Bodie on a long walk (usually an hour – depending on MY mood) about the middle of the morning, they’re both walked again after their dinner (at 4:30) and after we have OUR dinner, I take Bodie out for another long walk.  All of that is modified depending on what we have planned for the day, but Bodie (and I) are getting lots more exercise than we were in Florida, and we LOVE it.  Most of it is off-lead in the woods, and so far he’s really good about sticking pretty close! 

Bodie on Rifle Range Road,  just before he and Ted walked up to Fort Holmes in the background.

Thanks to everyone who wished sweet Jill a Happy Birthday on Thursday. Ted and I took her out to lunch at The Chuck Wagon. We arrived at 11:45 (they open at noon for lunch), waited in line until the doors opened, and then slid into the last three seats available at the bar. That’s how good The Chuckwagon is!

The Hollyhocks are BEAUtiful on Mackinac this summer. These are growing near the sidewalk in front of one of the lovely homes on the boardwalk.

Looking across the school yard at Little Stone Church and part of busy Cadotte Avenue.

Bodie, running to catch up with Ted, after he came back to check on me.  This is a great trail for all of us.  It’s long, we’ve never seen another person on it, and as far as I know, it doesn’t have a name. You’ll know you’re on it though when you come to that teepee grouping of logs leaning up against another tree.

I was coming out of the condo one day this week to walk downtown, and this couple was walking by with their children.  Dad had on a boot like people wear when they’ve broken a foot, and he was using crutches.  Mom was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen – seriously she looked like a model.  None of which is that unusual.  Except for this.

This sweet couple have seven children under 12! This is not a blended family.  These are all their children.  They asked me about the condo we are in, and I ended up walking as far as Grand Hotel with them.  Their names are Bethany and Garrett Graupner, and they were on the way to Charlotte so Garrett could interview for a pastor’s job there.  This family just made my day.  I named Garrett SUPERDAD for walking on crutches up as far as the condos, I crowned Bethany SUPERWOMAN for the poise and grace she showed with seven kids, an injured husband, AND doing it all while looking like Cindy Crawford!  Prayers lifting for this wonderful family as they make their way to Charlotte and that Garrett’s interview goes well!


Please pray that our son and the rest of the team soon receives the work permits they need in order to begin their work overseas.  They are supposed to be leaving the middle of August for their assignment.  They all have jobs in place, but must have the government work visas before they can leave.  I understand this is pretty typical for the country to wait until the last minute, but they can’t make plane reservations and other last minute plans until the work visas are in hand.

Also, please pray for an end to a nagging cough I’ve had for three weeks now.  It started after we left home, and just won’t let up.  It feels like an allergy thing (coughing when I start to speak, just a tickling), but it is beginning to be a real drag.  I’m going to give it another week, then if not better, I will have it checked out.  Ted had exactly the same thing for almost two months BEFORE we left Florida, but his finally went away.

See you back here soon!

God bless.