All in the Family 3/19/17

Well.  I have no idea what happened on Thursday with my blog program, but it seems two “Throw Back Thursday” blogs were published, although on my side of things I was being told nothing new was posting.  So – some of you may have gotten nothing at all, and some of you may have gotten three posts (I reposted one twice and then posted another to see if it would go through).  Hopefully, I have better luck with this one tonight!

This entire week has been all about spending time with family – Ted’s newly found birth family and our own blended family!

On Monday we dropped the pups off at Lily’s (our petsitter) and drove to Kissimmee FL to meet Ted’s Aunt Marsha and Uncle Dan (Aunt Marsha is Ted’s birth mother’s youngest sister).  Also meeting us there were Kel, Gwen, Lindie and Mike (cousins we’d already met this summer on the island).  So happy these folks all spend some time in Florida during the winter months!

Clockwise from left: Uncle Dan, Kel, Mike, Gwen, Lindie, me, Ted, and Aunt Marsha.


Three cousins and an aunt – Lindie, Ted, Aunt Marsha, and Kel.

Sweet Uncle Dan presented Ted and I with a beautiful wooden cross he had created by a technique called chip carving, and he also made a smaller one for me to wear as a pendant. The workmanship is so delicate I can’t even imagine how much time this took.  The larger cross is made of cherry, and the smaller one is from butternut. Such a special gift from special folks.

Throughout this whole search Ted and I both have been blown away by the warmth, welcome, and love this beautiful family has offered us.  When we thought about how many ways this all could have gone, we were certainly hoping for a good outcome, but what we’ve received has been an all-out open-arms welcome from every family member we’ve met or spoken with by phone.  For Ted, and for me also to a lesser degree, it’s a bit overwhelming at times – but only in the best and happiest possible sense.  Since Ted and I both were “only children” (we thought), we’ve gone from a very small family group (Ted has one daughter, and I have two sons) to having well over 20 cousins on one side of his birth family – plus three siblings, two uncles, and one aunt.

There are already plans being made for us to stop by and visit some of these folks on our way to Mackinac this summer.  And we’re hoping to see more of them on the island.  It just doesn’t get much better than this!

On Wednesday Jason, Jen, and Alex arrived for a 4-night stay (Alex’s Spring Break).  We were a little worried they would be bored – the weather was really cool and windy, so beach time was going to be at a minimal.  We shouldn’t have worried!

On Thursday they spent the day at the Kennedy Space Center!

They got to experience a lot of the same things that the astronauts do to prepare for a mission.

Inside the space capsule with all the instrumentation.

Ready for blast-off!

On Friday they traveled north a few miles to tour St. Augustine. Lunch outside on a patio in Old Town.

Visiting the St. Augustine Alligator Farm (there’s a wall of glass between Alex and Jen and that albino gator)!

In between all that, there was time for bonding with Bodie (don’t know what it is about Bodie’s crate that attracts kids, but they spend more time in it than he does) . . .

. . . . checking out the neighborhood on his scooter…

. . . . and even a little beach time!

There was also time for Jason and Jen to stay connected to work – because unfortunately adults don’t get Spring Breaks!

We were sad to see them leave this afternoon . . . the house is always too quiet after the busyness and excitement of visitors.  Hoping they can visit again before we head north in July (and hoping they can be persuaded to come to Mackinac again this summer)!


Warm temps melted a lot of snow this week, but here are a few pics from before that happened – and some from the little snowfall they had over the weekend.  You never know when you’re going to bike to the ferry, take it across, and return hours later to enough snow that you can’t bike home!(Photo: Greg Main)

A snowplow clears the sidewalk for foot traffic several days ago. (Photo: Greg Main)

Another from Greg – Main Street in the snow – minus all the shops’ awnings.

A week or so ago. Beautiful ice and snow along the shore. (Photo: Greg Main)

A few days later, and another side of the island.  (Photo: Greg Main)

Just after that last BIG snowfall. Island friend Meredith shot this off the back porch  of the Cedar Hill Condos. Have always loved red against snow!

This one is from Meredith also. She and her golden doodle Mason out for a stroll in the woods.

I think that covers us from here.  Wishing everyone a wonderful week, and I’ll meet you back here for a Throw Back Tuesday.  Now . . . . . let’s see if I can get this thing to publish!

God bless.