We are Heading North—-West! 5/7/17

Usually when I sit down to post about an uncoming trip North I’m talking about our annual sojourn to Mackinac.  But tonight the trip we’re preparing for is even further north – with a sharp turn to the west!  The time has finally arrived – we are heading for the great state of Alaska on Thursday!

A year-and-a-half ago I began planning a surprise 70th birthday trip for Ted (his birthday was Friday, May 5), but an email message to our travel agent – that I’d forgotten to hide in another folder – spilled the beans only a couple a months into the “surprise”.  But that’s ok – it’s all worked out just fine, and we are excited to start this new adventure!

Celebrating the big 7-0 with Julie, Matt, Jordan and Matthew at Flagler Fish Company!

I’m realizing that packing for Alaska is like packing for a spring or late fall trip to the island – gotta have all kinds of clothes and be ready for any kind of weather.  Looks like mostly highs in the upper 50’s and low 60’s and low’s into the 40’s for the two weeks we’ll be there, so we’re taking everything from shorts to fleece jackets!

For anyone interested, here’s our schedule:

Thursday, May 11:  Flight from Jacksonville to Atlanta to Seattle to Fairbanks, arriving just before midnight.

May 11-14:  Fairbanks

May 15-17: Denali National Park

May 17: Transfer to Anchorage (Whittier) and board Island Princess

May 18-19: Scenic cruising – Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay National Park

May 20:  Dock in Skagway

May 21: Dock in Juneau

May 22: Dock in Ketchikan

May 23: At sea

May 24: Transfer ship to airport in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Fly from Vancouver to Houston to Jacksonville.  Arrive in Jacksonville around 10:30 that night.

We have excursions planned at several of these places, and we’re hoping to spot everything from moose to whales before we return.


Believe it or not, I haven’t had my mind on Mackinac much this week, but I have to share this one photo from Jason St. Onge!

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, crossing Main Street and headed for Doud’s Market and an early cup of coffee. Only on Mackinac!

Oh, and here’s one more VERY important pic, shared by Chuck Wagon on Mackinac:

Jill has arrived on Mackinac, and now the season can begin! As you can see, the Chuck Wagon was her first stop this morning for a breakfast sandwich! Love that place and owners Sharon and Donnie!

Ok – here’s the plan.  I’m not taking my laptop to Alaska, so there will be no blog posts for the next two weeks.  But – I’ll be posting on Facebook every day (well, IF I have coverage every day).  If you’re on Facebook and we’re not already Facebook friends (and you want to keep up with our trip), just send me a friend request, and we’ll be all set!  If you don’t do Facebook, I’ll post lots of pics on the blog when we get back!

We drop Maddie and Bodie off at the petsitter on Wednesday afternoon.  It’s definitely going to be hard leaving them for two weeks, but they will be in the best of hands with Lilly.  They’ll have a huge fenced-in yard to run around in, and Miss Maddie will probably once again be sharing Lilly’s mom’s bed.

I’ll end with this cute video I shot of Maddie letting Bodie know just what a Diva she is yesterday!

Please lift safe travel prayers for Ted and I and “happy vacation” prayers for the pooches.

Hoping to see you Thursday on Facebook with updates on our trip.

God bless.

This photo and header compliments of Princess Cruises.