Welcoming 2023!

Hello from Florida, and Happy New Year!

Just one opening question – did everyone you know – including yourself – come down with the most gosh-awful cold ever imagined just before, during, or right after Christmas? It seemed to hit everyone we know – Florida and Georgia – during that time, and Ted and I were certainly not immune to it. Right after we got home from Atlanta, we both spent a few days feeling pretty darn miserable, and we’ve still got the residual cough from it. Hoping friends who are reading this from other parts of the country dodged it – or at least had light cases!

We always have a blast in Atlanta, and this time was no different! We ate fabulous food, opened gifts, and spent quality time with Jason, Jen, Alex, Blake – and, of course, Axl Rose. P.S. Alex is growing up way too fast!

We’ve had quite a few days of really cool, sunny, and beautiful weather since the new year began, and we sure have been enjoying it. Florida is just the best place to be in the winter, and you sure can’t beat the sunset views!

View from our deck at sunset January 1 . . .
. . . . and same time January 2. You just never know what you’re going to get!

Mackinac Island Over the Last Few Days

Mackinac Island lost the majority of the snow it received during the holidays, but no worries – they just got a lot more! All the pics below and the header are from Tom Chambers.

This is from a couple of days after Christmas. Snow was still on the ground . . .
. . . but a few days later the streets were mostly clear and bikes were once more the most used form of transportation – especially downtown. This photo was on Jan. 4 . . .
. . . but by early morning on Jan. 5 this was happening . . .
. . . and this!
The snow globe continued into the afternoon.
By January 6 the snow had ended, and the island once more became a Currier & Ives painting.
The outline of Grand Hotel and Fort Mackinac.
It always amazes me how even the most pale colors stand out when everything else is winter white. In this pic there are pale blues, greens, yellows – and a pop of red. Did you spot it?

Back in Florida with Mackinac News

Last year when we left the island, Ted and I were seriously thinking we might have made our last “long-term” island trip. We both know how tiring that three day trip is for us now and added to that was my dilemma – since I’ve given up bike riding due to knee and balance issues – of not being able to get everywhere I wanted to go. Walking is still ok, but there are a lot of places – some of them my favorites – that I want to be able to still visit without a three-hour hike.

So we’ve talked about it from all the angles, the pros and the cons, the negatives and the positives. And staying true to that Horton spirit of ours . . . instead of going up for FOUR months this summer, we’re going up for FIVE! Yes, you read that right.

Can I just tell you we are SO excited. We will be there June 1 and plan to stay until near the end of October, good Lord willing. We are researching pedal-assist recumbent bikes and also pedal-assist adult trikes. I’ve never ridden one of the trikes, but a few island friends have them. As soon as we get there I’m going to try out one of theirs, and if I feel comfortable with it, we’ll get one ordered, and I’ll be back to being really and truly “mobile for the whole island” again. If the trike makes me nervous, we may have to order a recumbent. We will figure it out!

So that’s where we are at the moment – enjoying Florida and looking forward to a Mackinac summer. Can’t wait to be up there sharing my happy place with everyone who loves it like we do. But for now . . .

. . . Florida is definitely not a bad place to be!

God bless.

17 thoughts on “Welcoming 2023!

  1. No one was sick here, thank goodness! Hope y’all are feeling much better now. I can’t even image 4 months much less 5…WOW!! Y’all are truly blessed to be able to do what you do. We are just wanting to do a week lol. Still don’t know if it will happen. ❤

  2. Covid is what I battled along with my 98 year old Dad. Thankfully, we are both doing much better now. I can feel your excitement knowing you will be at Mackinac Island for five months this year! Hoping to make our annual trip for a few days this fall.

  3. Hi Bree Yep my husband and I were really sick just after Christmas and now have that lingering cough. I’m so excited that you will be on the island for a longer time! Love the pics. Happy New Year.

  4. Oh, we are so EXCITED for you!!!!
    Florida is ok, but I know where your heart belongs! ❤️ Mike and I have not been sick( I am whispering that so I don’t jinx our health) . But we have been staying away from crowds.
    Your pictures are just beautiful off the Island! 😍
    Thank you as always for sharing !

  5. Brenda and Ted,
    We were super sick here. Christmas had to be cancelled! But we got better. Missed time with children and grandchildren. (Loved your photo with your sons and family.)
    But, what I really love is the Horton approach to travel: If we need more time to enjoy all that Mackinaw calls us to experience; so be it. We need an extra month!
    You guys ROCK!
    I can hardly wait until you get there and start sharing!!!

    • So good to hear from you, Jan, and thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. I didn’t send cards this year for the first time in decades, and I promise to hopefully continue that tradition starting again next Christmas! Gee, it would be wonderful if THIS is the summer ya’ll could possibly get up to visit us on the island. We would be thrilled if ya’ll could make that happen! Love and hugs, Brenda and Ted

  6. We went up to our new house in SW Michigan for the holiday. None of us got sick but friends at home did. I’ve never lived through lake effect snow and I have to say it was fun – of course I work from home so I was just watching fluffy flakes fall from my comfy desk.
    I’m so glad you are going to spend another summer on the Island!

  7. That’s so funny…not 4 months, but FIVE!! The Y group that I travel with is going up there in April, and I’m hesitant about joining in, simply because I’ve already been twice, and they’re going other places as well, not just the island. Plus, I may have a trip to Chincoteague planned (bucket list) and Arch gave me (us) a trip to Hawaii for our 30th anniversary. But…we’ll see!

    Happy New Year to you and Ted and Bodie!

  8. Ugh that you got hit with illness around the holidays. We both had COVID Christmas of 2021 going into Jan 2022, but avoided illness this Christmas season. Lots of friends/family did get sick this holiday season, so it’s a miracle we did not!

    Your Florida photos are stunning, and seeing Mackinac is always a welcome sight. SO happy you will be on Mackinac for longer! Friends of ours who brought pedal-assisted trikes with them to Mackinac said they *loved* them. They traveled with them in the back of their pickup truck from the Lansing area to Mackinaw City.

    Cheers to a wonderful 2023, Horton Family! 🥂 🎊 💚

  9. So happy for you all spending more time on the Island! So happy for us to travel with you through this blog!! Influenza A after Christmas hit me hard! Still coughing paired with fatigue but certainly better every day! Glad to hear you are both recovering well also! Blessings!

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