Counting Down To Christmas 12/12/2022

This morning our local weather announced that for the next two weeks (which includes Christmas!) we will only have one day when the highs will get out of the 60’s! Now I know that doesn’t excite the Florida fans who always want it to be in the balmy 80’s, but I’ve learned that a two week stretch in the 60’s is about all I can hope for in the way of “winter” in the sunshine state. I celebrated accordingly this morning.

The sliders are open, the windows are up, the AC is off, and I can hear the ocean waves breaking on the shore just across A1A. Now through about April is my favorite time to be in Florida, and today is just a perfect Florida day!

Windows open and a great breeze coming through the shudders. While I’m in here working on a blog post, Bodie is usually snozing in his bed . . .
. . . but with the front door open downstairs and the storm door letting in all the breeze and sounds from outside, he is parked at the foot of the stairs, letting me know if anything is stirring outside – like the UPS man who just left a package on our bench!

When we moved into Sunset Inlet eight years ago some of the first friends I made were Jen, Debbie and Sue. We did a lot together – lunches, shopping, and girls trips. When Sue and husband Toney moved to a little community near Orlando last year we all vowed to not let it break up our “chick” group. This past weekend we all got together for a pajama party at their new home (Toney wisely decided to go hunting for the weekend)!

Their new home sits along the shore of Lake Apopka. The view is calm and peaceful by day . . .
. . . and simply beautiful at night.
They’re only three miles from Winter Garden so we spent some time in that quaint little Florida village where we . . .
. . . checked out some wonderful shops . . .
. . . had dinner in The Tasting Room . . .
. . . and spent a while enjoying the sights . . .
. . . and sounds of this charming central Florida town.

When Sue invited us for the weekend, she said, “Come to the house. We can hang out, have lunch and/or dinner, wander through some shops if you want, and use up lots of our words.” We did all those things, but I know our favorite pastime was “using our words”. I don’t think there was ever five minutes that someone was not saying something – whether it was a moment of seriousness or hours of pure silliness.

There’s a quote that says, “A true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you become who you should be.” That’s what these three do for me. Thank you, ladies!


The island finally got a couple of inches of snow overnight on Saturday, dressing up downtown as it was intended to look in December! (Photo credit: Tom Chambers)
Snow covers the road and bushes, and The Baby Grand Cottage stands sentinel on the East Bluff. (Photo credit: Tom Chambers)

The Christmas display at Chambers Corner (Cadotte and Market Street) grows each year, and the Chambers family really outdid themselves this season! Next three photos compliments of JJ Shaffer.

That’s all I have for today, friends. Wishing all of you a great week!

God Bless.

4 thoughts on “Counting Down To Christmas 12/12/2022

  1. I will take your “cooler” weather anytime, Brenda. I was just telling Bud today that I’m not a cold weather person anymore, altho I don’t see that changing anytime soon. lol. Looks like it was a beautiful time (and place) to spend with friends!

  2. Every Gal needs a good Chick Tribe, as I call it. Your Chick time was precious, and I’m sure it fueled the spirit! How picturesque the view is from your friends’ yard….serene and gorgeous. I love that you continue to embed video clips in your blog, as they add a nice touch! And I’m with Bodie on enjoying the open windows/doors. I love it when our Ohio weather allows for opening them (and it’s a source of entertainment and excitement for the pet/s)!

  3. Kudos to the Chambers for their spirit and generosity! Love to drive around and see homes with displays – just can’t imagine doing that much by ourselves. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas. May your hearts be light! (Love your columns!)

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