Three Weeks!

Hi Friends! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in three weeks, and my only excuse is that it’s been a very BUSY three weeks. I bet yours has been too!

Thanksgiving has come and gone – and I’m so hoping yours was as special as ours. Along with the holiday, it seems almost every day has been filled with something “extra” to do. November and December are when Ted and I have all our annual doctor appointments. In the last few weeks we’ve seen gastrologists, pulmonologists, dermatologists, and opthalmologists – and we still have dentists (would that be a toothologist?) and our regular annual physicals to go. Sometimes I long for the days when we would see one doctor, and he/she could mostly take care of everything in one office visit. I’m learning though (as we begin to see more candles on our cakes) that it sometimes takes more “sleuthing” to figure out all is well. And – so far – everything is good in the Horton health test marathon this year!

After all the “windy” weather we had the first part of November, Florida has now become the land of sunshine . . . . and warm weather! I don’t think I will ever get used to Thanksgivings in the 70s, and probably the same for Christmas. There’s just something weird about wearing shorts and flip flops in December. I’m not complaining (much) – just saying it’s weird.

I know most of you keep up with Mackinac through Facebook and Instragram just like I do, but I’m hoping to post a few pics below you might have missed – along with a few from here in Florida that might not have made it to my Facebook page yet.

A Few From Florida

Grandson Alex running to meet us at the Daytona Airport at Thanksgiving. Can anything make a grandparent happier?
Julie and Matt hosted the whole crowd on Thanksgiving at their home in Ormond Beach. Blake was home from Colorado, where he’s living now, and Jason, Jen and Alex were down from Atlanta.
For the first time in five years we were all together in one spot – except for sweet Carolyn, Matt’s mom. We lost her early in the fall, but we all felt her presence with us on this special day.
I usually have my annual Mayo tests done in the spring, but this year it was scheduled for the end of November. I can’t say enough about the care you get at Mayo, and this year we got to enjoy the Christmas decorations also . . . like the beautiful Poinsettias curving up the staircase in the atrium . . .
. . . and the Poinsettia tree in one of building lobbies.
We got some Christmas decorating of our own done this weekend. I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years ago since Bodie was with us for his first Christmas, and we had to teach him decorations on that white tree were not toys for him to pull off and attempt to eat! As he’s gotten older, he’s gotten a little wiser also. Good boy!
No need for snowshoes, winter parkas, or snowplows here! Riding home from last Saturday’s Christmas parade with neighbors Mark and Shauna.

Mackinac Island Images

There has only been one big snow on the island so far this winter, and it arrived Nov. 19. There was much joy on Mackinac to awake the next morning and find snowmobiles were now the official mode of transporation. (Photo credit: Tom Chambers)
Grandview Condos were all decorated and looking spectacular with the snow-covered lawn and wreathed adirodack chairs. Looks like the owners were home in only one condo on this particular night. (Photo credit: Meredith McClennan)
This was a few days before the snow fell. Maximilian Cooke captured this photo of one of our island bucks calmly walking up Cadotte.
On Dec. 3 the Christmas Tree that stands in the middle of Main Street during the holiday season was turned on and, as always, it is beautiful. There was a large number of visitors to the island all weekend for Christmas Bazaar, and one of the only things missing was . . . . . snow!
And me. (Photo credit: JJ Shaffer)

A Little Something Extra

Police Chief Doug Topolski posted this yesterday on the Mackinac Island Police Department Facebook page and captioned it: “Our newly-certified volunteer Therapy K-9, Officer Woody came by for some destressing with his handler.” I had to include it here because I’ve known his handler, Sue Stejskal, for many years.
Woody and his sister Maple are both certified by the United States Police Canine Association – Maple in cadaver detection and Woody as a Police Service Therapy Canine. Both dogs work in cadaver detection for a Sheriff’s department in southwest Michigan, and now Woody as a Police therapy K9 for Mackinac Island PD. They are both brilliant at what they do – and two of the happiest dogs I’ve ever encountered. Maple and Bodie try to get in one or two play dates during the summer.
This pic came up as a memory this week from 2015. I had gone to the island for Christmas Bazaar to write a few stories about the Original Murdick’s Fudge elves, who were busy making candy for all their Christmas orders. I remember whispering to Santa that I had really been good that year, but for some reason I don’t think he believed me!
P.S. There was no snow that year at the Bazaar either.
P.P.S. I’ve been good this year too, Santa. Just saying.

Have a great week, and God bless.

17 thoughts on “Three Weeks!

    • I know! I’ve got that scarf around my neck, but my sweater and corduroy pants must have been all I needed. I’m sure it got chillier at night!

  1. So great to read your Blog again!
    I see you had a lot to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving!
    The pics from Mackinac are awesome! Thank you. Enjoy your warm Christmas. Maybe Santa will believe you and there will be presents under your Christmas tree. 🎄❤️

  2. We were seriously thinking of going to the island for the tree lighting, but it was not meant to be :(. I can’t believe they don’t have snow yet! I really wouldn’t mind having your weather for Christmas BUT I kinda think I would miss the snow. We haven’t had any of that either yet so….

  3. Good to read your post and know that all is well and you had a special Thanksgiving. These past few weeks have come and gone so quickly. Enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!

  4. Always so good to hear from you about Up North and Florida! Hope your holidays are love-filled and peaceful. Oh, and the food all yummy!

  5. The airport photo of your grandson is priceless! Sounds like you had some rich family gatherings, which is fantastic. Also fantastic are your & Ted’s doctor reports. Yay! Your Christmas decorations are lovely- especially the unique white tree!

    • Thanks, Faith. I picked that tree up from a garden shop the first year we were here. They were about to throw it out (had been using it as a display for ornaments and jewelry during Christmas). It’s a little raggedy around the edges but it’s been a great downstairs tree for seven years now!

  6. Thank you for sharing! It is a good thing to have the family all around us! Who is that little blonde cutie in the front row of the larger family photo?

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