The Week Nicole Came to Town 11/13/2022

I just realized this morning that it’s been a week since I posted about the “interesting” weather week we were anticipating last Sunday. If we’re friends on Facebook, you already know we had minimal damage to our house when Hurricane/Tropical Storm Nicole came to visit, but I’ll add a little more detail below.

We were still in Michigan when Category 4 Hurricane Ian came through Florida, and when we got home we saw first hand the damage to our beach dunes, our walkover, and to some of the houses in our neighbhorhood of Sunset Inlet. A drive down A1A confirmed there were many homes with tarps covering roof damage, and people were just beginning to start the task of hiring contractors to repair what Ian had destroyed. Even though Ian hit on the other side of Florida from us, we still got damage as it crossed the state as a tropical storm.

Unfortunately, the damage left by Ian only paved the way for Nicole to create a domino affect in Flagler, and especially south of us in Daytona Beach. Washed out dunes resulted in the collapse in many places near us of the A1A highway that runs along the Atlantic Ocean. In Daytona it resulted in several homes falling partially into the ocean and other homes and condo buildings being deemed unsafe for occupancy. I’m sure if you’ve followed the national news this week you’ve seen the remains of homes occupied for many years by families that built along the ocean as part of their retirement dream. It is incredibly sad to see these homes destroyed. In addition, many of the Flagler Beach communities that are built along canals connected to the Instracoastal suffered pretty severe flooding.

Sunset Inlet as it normally looks . . .
. . . and as it looked the morning after Nicole came ashore south of us (Thursday). With the addition of high tide and a full moon (which causes a “higher” hige tide), the water from the Intracoastal rose over the seawall in our inlet. It came about a foot into our backyard. All the boats are raised as high as their lifts allow, and you can see that the water is almost touching the bottom of the one boat in this pic.
This is a home beachside a little north of us.
We lost power around noon on Friday, and before the sun set Ted got out our camp lights, flashlights and larger lanterns. We opened the doors (the rain had stopped by then) and there was a great breeze blowing the sheers around. We could hear generators running in the neighborhood. We had decided to get through the night without firing ours up, thinking we’d hook it up the next morning. But shortly after I took this pic, the electricity came back on. Kudos to Florida Power & Light!
We’ve spent the weekend returning all the outdoor furniture back to the decks, cleaning up shingles (from neighbors’ homes) and palm fronds from our yard, and yesterday doing a thorough clean of green mildew off the railings and spiral staircase outside (can’t blame the mildew on Nicole – it’s just a natural occurance in Florida and a task we’ve been putting off). When Ian came through we lost some soffit and fascia (which had already been repaired), but Nicole only managed to blow one single shingle off our roof. Being the “short” house sitting in between two “tall” houses seems to protect us during these storms.
Today is the first day it’s felt like Fall since we’ve returned. It’s in the 60’s and cloudy, but the seawall is above water again and things are looking more normal. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done along our east coast, in addition to all the work left to be done on the west coast from Ian.

Choosing to live along the ocean is truly a dream come true decision, and we love everything it brings to our retirement years. But beach living definitely comes with its challenges.

I loved this post from a friend in the neighborhood the day before Nicole arrived!
Bodie, resting among some debris near our beach walkover.
And peace returns.

Mackinac Island – The Week in a Glance

The last sign of the ending of the 2022 season – the topiary horses (Peat and Moss) and carriage that normally reside in Grand Hotel’s tea garden on the way to the ferry. They will spend the winter downstate in a greenhouse. (Photo credit: JJ Shaffer)
The sun sinks behind the Mackinac Bridge (Photo Credit: Tom Chambers)
Downtown has become the site of numerous construction/renovation projects. Local and off-island workers will try to complete as many projects as possible before snow slows work down – or stops it completely. (Photo credit: JJ Shaffer)
The elves at Chambers Corner have been busy this week! (Photo Credit: JJ Shaffer)
A dray makes its way down Market Street. (Photo Credit: Tom Chambers)

I heard there was a smattering of snow on the island today, and I’m looking forward to some snow pictures if any of it stuck!

P.S. We had quite a few Mackinac Island friends at Disney World this week. In between breakfasts and lunches with Mickey, they got a full day of Nicole’s shenanigans also! I bet Disney worked enough magic that they didn’t even know she had arrived. That Mickey and Minnie can handle anything “when you wish upon a star. . . . . . “

God bless.

6 thoughts on “The Week Nicole Came to Town 11/13/2022

  1. I was wondering how you did in the storm. Thank you for the update. I surely do feel for those that have had severe damage to their homes – not to mention the loved ones of those that perished in Ian, of course. As a Christian, it hits home that everything is fragile and nothing is really in our control, whether it be our homes or just our retirement plans, in general. Pretty sobering, as we dream of leaving Iowa winters behind.

    What a beautiful view you have off of your canal-view deck. Winters in FL and summers on Mackinac Island? I don’t think I’d get anything done and I’d always be in vacation mode. You and your Super Hubs and Super Dog are certainly blessed with two beautiful locations.

    I truly enjoy your blog posts and I look forward to your posts!

  2. Happy to hear that y’all came through the storm as well as you did. I was worried for a while. Yes, I saw all the people that made Disney this week. My daughter and her family were there too. They had a few days of rain, but that didn’t stop them. ❤

  3. I am so glad that you are safe. Buildings can be repaired or rebuilt, belongings can mostly be replaced. Items of sentimental value will be missed, but trinkets of the past are nothing compared to the value of people. Your friends in Michigan were praying for you and your community. It would seem that God was listening. Things were damaged, but humans were spared. Thank you for keeping us informed. I’ve been thinking of you all week.

  4. I am so glad to read this post and know that all is well in your neighborhood. Praying for all who suffered losses from this years hurricanes. Here in Indiana we have snow and below freezing temperatures in our forecast this week. Not quite ready for winter yet!

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