Interesting Weather Week Ahead 11/6/2022

Hi everyone! We’ve had a busy week in our corner of the world, and this coming week is looking rather interesting in the weather department. Yes, it’s November, but hurricane season lasts through this month, and right now there’s a pesky little “disturbance” in the tropics that is predicted to turn into either a sub-tropical or tropical depression and head toward the east coast of Florida Wednesday or Thursday. What our coastline along Flagler Beach, and points to the north and south of us, does not need is more heavy rain and strong winds to further erode our sand dunes and cause local flooding. So we’re watching the development of this storm closely.

The Week at a Glance – Flagler Beach

We celebrated Julie’s birthday this week at Turtle Shack. A great meal and happy times spent with Julie, Jordan, and Matt. We missed Matthew, who was away at college.
It’s good to be out walking at the beach again. There’s almost always a great breeze coming off the ocean, but I have to admit I’m ready for the temps to get out of the 80’s!
Pelicans cruising overhead . . .
. . . and a prop plane cruising low over the beach.
Even though we’re still several days out on the storm’s approach, the ocean is already feeling its first effects. As I mentioned earlier, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

The Week at a Glance – Mackinac Island

From JJ Shaffer:

An artist spends some time capturing the remnants of fall.
A beautiful capture of an empty and silent Main Street after the season is over.

From Tom Chambers:

Mackinac had a lot of wind from a storm on Saturday night – the gales of November have arrived! This very old lilac tree was uprooted on the east side of town.
Some last bits of color. Love seeing the Baby Grand cottage up there on the East Bluff.

One More from the Beach!

One of the things we love most about our little town of Beverly Beach is that we’re away from the crowds that ususally congregate around the Flagler Beach downtown area and pier. No matter what time of year, we are almost guaranteed that this section of beach will be uncrowded – and usually just plain deserted. Call us crazy – but we love that!

I’m working on what I hope will be an interesting story soon on a marine biology research project that is taking place right outside out back door! Have to gather a few more pics before I can publish that one, but just letting you know it’s coming in the next week or so (I hope)!

Have a great week – and God bless.

11 thoughts on “Interesting Weather Week Ahead 11/6/2022

  1. How sad to see the old lilac tree get uprooted. Quite the storm that went through on Mackinac. The wind was crazy here, as well. Our daughter and family came home from the Wisconsin Badger game to see the top of one of their pine trees snap off in the yard. They were able to watch how it happened on one of their nest cams. No damage done, thankfully.
    Hope y’all get missed with the upcoming tropical storm headed your way. Stay safe!

  2. Here’s hoping that you and your neighbors are kept safe from that storm. It just does not need to cause that much ruckus! A couple of the lilacs on our property are about 100 yrs old, too. That storm had us wondering what was going to be ‘pruned’, too! As always, thanks for the photos!

  3. We know all about that wind storm. We had some (clocked at 70 mph at the airport) crazy winds yesterday that knocked down 3 poles right at the entrance of our small subdivision (we only have 1 way in/out and an emergency entrance that is locked) They had to open the emergency entrance since it was the only way we could get in or out. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers …keep safe!. ❤

  4. Thanks for continuing your blogs from down south. I so miss Florida and reading your posts make my heart warmer. Miss you guys!

  5. Prayers for safety for you, Ted, Bodie, and your friends.

    Also, I can understand how you want to preserve the tranquility and non-touristy beach spot!

    Hugs from Ohio,

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