Blending Flagler Beach with Mackinac Island

Many years ago, when we were traveling between our condo on Mackinac and our house on Lake Blackshear in Georgia, I wrote two blogs. When I was writing the Lake Blackshear blog in the winter I’d always share pics from friends that are on Mackinac year-round, and that’s what I’m going to go back to doing now. I hope that by blending the two places where we spend our time, I’ll be able to keep ya’ll excited about the island and also share a little of what it’s like to winter in Florida.

Florida Days

Our “backdoor” view at sunset is usually stunning, but – just like most anywhere – it seems the closer to winter we get, the more spectacular the sunsets become.
Boats of all kinds are traveling from up north down to ports throughout Florida for the winter. The intracoastal is a busy highway this time of year!
Our Sunset Inlet resident tortoise! He crawls out to greet most everyone who walks by his/her burrow, which is next to the path leading to the beach walkover.
I had to share this. When we got home we realized we had forgotten to pick up a 2023 Mackinac Island calendar. I ordered one online from the Island Bookstore (which I thought was already closed), and when it came this week, the back of the envelope was “signed” by Mary Jane, the owner, and Jill and Tam, the best bookstore ambassadors ever! Thanks for the smiles, ladies!

November will be a busy month for us. It’s when we get all our annual doctors/dentists appointments taken care of and when Ted will start back volunteering at Fort Matanzas two days a week. He’s excited to be back “in the groove”. I desperately need to find somewhere to volunteer. May check out the little museum in Flagler Beach – I hear they are looking for volunteers.

Mackinac Island Days

I’m sharing pics and a video clip today from island friends JJ Shaffer, Tom Chambers, and Leanne Brodeur. When we left Mackinac in the middle of October I pretty much thought the colors had peaked, but I was oh so wrong! The leaves have still been showing off for the last two weeks, and they’re just now beginning to fade and float their way down to the trails and paths of the island. What a glorious fall it has been! Thanks to JJ, Tom and Leanne for sharing!

JJ Shaffer

Annually thousands of tulip bulbs are planted at Grand Hotel. Come spring this area will be dazzling!
Looking up Market Street
The trail up to Point Lookout. Can’t you just hear the crunch of those leaves!?

Tom Chambers

The fall display around the iconic front door of a downtown home.
What an amazing pic, Tom! They are painting the steeple at St. Anne’s. Trying my best to figure out where Tom was to get this shot!
This pic is one of my all-time favorites ever taken on the island, and Tom captured it beautifully. The driver is Trish Martin, owner of Bogan Lane Inn, and her passenger is Mayor Margaret Doud. Trish and Margaret are both true islanders and live there year-round. Margaret has served as Mayor of the island since April, 1975 – 47 years! What a treat to see these two hard-working ladies out enjoying a fall ride. Earl Grey, Trish’s much-loved horse, is pulling the buggy.

Leanne Brodeur

A short and happy clip of a buggy ride through the leaves. Leanne was riding shotgun, and Trish is driving Earl Grey. Sound on!

Back to the Beach!
We are still waiting for the November “coolness” to arrive, but for the next two weeks it looks like we’ll continue in the 75-80 degree range.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

God bless.

20 thoughts on “Blending Flagler Beach with Mackinac Island

  1. Love all the pictures! Thanks. Be sure to note the October picture in the calendar. My brother won for this Oct and next Oct as well! I’ve already submitted my photos for the next contest. I always anticipate who will win for which month.

  2. I love that you are blending Florida in with Mackinac Island for your blog! Both places are special and of interest to me!

    The house you posted on Main Street with the peek-a-boo hole has always been my favorite. Zillow keeps sending me alerts that it is for sale, although I don’t know how reliable that is.

    Also, for volunteering, might I suggest Meals on Wheels? I’ve worn many volunteer hats, and this one is my favorite. Your clients would love you – I can tell.

    • Hi Vicki! That house was indeed for sale – and has sold! Definitely one of the most beautiful homes and locations on Mackinac!
      Thanks for that tip on Meals for Wheels!

  3. Hi Bree I’m so excited that you will be blending both places in your blogs. Especially the Florida blogs on the cold winter days here in Michigan when I’m missing our warm weather and the beauty of Mackinac island in the winter.

    • 80 here today, Gibby, and we’re watching a little disturbance off the coast that may develop into something next week. I thought hurricane worries were over, but this might turn into at least a tropical depression. Yuck!

  4. So happy you’re blending your two homes experiences. If you only posted sun rise and sunset photos, you’d have me hooked – they’re beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love, Love the sound of the buggy ride through the leaves. I can still hear the clip clop of the hooves….you’ll have to excuse me…I have to go listen some more ❤

  6. Brenda, wherever you are and whatever you write about, you will always have our undivided attention and complete gratitude for your efforts!
    You are such an amazing writer! ❤️Love your pictures and especially the little turtle peaking out! Mackinac is covered in a patchwork of beautiful color now! So thankful for the pictures from the brave people who live there year round!

  7. I too thought colors peaked when we were on Mackinac Island in mid October. These pictures are gorgeous. Mackinac never disappoints! Can’t wait to see what winter will bring.

    • My husband grew up summering at his grandparents cottage in the Les Cheneaux Islands. He took me up there on our 11th anniversary and we stayed on Mackinac Island. I was completely enchanted from my first step off the ferry. We’ve gone back every summer for 23 years.

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