Something for Free 10/28/2022

We’re having a rainy day here in sunny Florida. Nevertheless, Ted and I ventured out to Java Joint for breakfast and then decided, since we were already out, to go to Publix to pick up a few things for the weekend.

Ted dropped me off at the front of the store because it was pouring rain. I grabbed a cart, pulled my list out of my bag and started checking things off. Since I was buying mostly personal stuff, I made it to the check-out counter first and got in line.

The older gentleman in front of me (he was at least my age which gives me permission to call him “older”) was not having a good day. He was protesting, rather loudly, to the young lady (she was maybe in her early 20’s) ringing up his groceries that it was ridiculous what everything cost now. “How in the world can you put such prices on everything?’ he said gruffly as he slung things on the counter and frowned at the clerk as if she had personally priced every single item in his cart.

The young lady stopped for a moment in her “swiping”, and I thought, “Uh oh. She’s going to say something equally rude back to him.”

But what she said was this. “Sir, there is one thing that you can have for free – and that’s a smile from me. You can get one every day. Right here at my counter. Won’t cost you a thing.”

The old guy looked at her for a moment, started to say smething, then changed his mind, paid and walked away.

But you can bet your last bag of groceries that she got a HUGE smile from me as I told her she had just made my day!

God bless.

8 thoughts on “Something for Free 10/28/2022

  1. I worked in retail for eighteen years. Customers love to complain about everything;, sometimes the prices, sometimes the length of the lines, sometimes about their own unruly kids. It is often hard to hold your tongue when the customer is berating you for something that you, as a cashier, have no control over. That young lady gave the best response ever. Kudos to her for responding in a way that shut the customer up and did not offend him. Who knows, she may be running that store some day.

  2. What a priceless, wise reply that is sure to stay on his mind for a long time! There *is* good in this world, and a light, even in the darkness.

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