Help Me Understand 9/26/2002

I’m sorry . . . . but please help me understand where the heck this summer has gone! It seems like just yesterday we arrived on the island and unpacked our bags of clothes, plastic containers of “can’t live without this from home” items – and miles of charging cords to go with our iPhones, iPads, laptops, and AirPods. We opened the two boxes we’d shipped ahead that contained cold weather gear – coats, boots, scarves, gloves and wooly caps (some of which we’ve worn this past week). We had 18 glorious weeks ahead of us – 18!

Now we’re down to four . . . and I plan to soak up as much joy out of these next weeks as I possibly can.

Looking ahead I’m dreaming of cool/cold wood walks through bright fallen leaves, air that smells so crisp and chilled I almost want to take a sip of it, and evenings wrapped in a fleece blanket – listening to the winds of autumn whistle around the sides and up the stairwells of this condo building. I know from past experience this time will fly by at warp speed, and somehow I’d like to turn that whiplash sensation into the slow flow of molasses.

A few pics below from our weekend . . .

The Viking Octantis slips out past the breakwall off Windermere Point on this past Friday. Its last stop on Mackinac for the season was today, September 26.
When I turned away from the Octantis this was my view of the Windermere Hotel. That tree to the right will be one of the first ones on Main Street to dress up for fall.
This Little Free Library at Benjamin Hill on Market Street was packed with some good reads!
If I was guessing, I’d say that Ben Mosley, with Miss Lucy as his loyal sidekick, was on his way to pick up some Grand Hotel VIP’s at the ferry dock.
A single Hollyhock was still blooming near the parsonage on Cadotte Ave.

We had friends come in last week (and more this week) who all met through Bree’s Blog. Last Tuesday I met Joleen Griffin (Wisconsin) at Good Day Cafe for some Moomer’s ice cream. We went across the street, sat on the pink benches outside the Chippewa, and caught up on our lives. I’m so sorry we didn’t get a pic, Joleen. What was I thinking?

Saturday night we had dinner with Yvonne and Tony Pitsch (Iowa) at the Chippewa.
Ran into Max Jones downtown this weekend. Ted and I have known Max since he was a teenager and had his own bike delivery business on the island. When I was writing the fire fighter articles for Mackinac Island News and View, Max was home from college for the summer and working as a volunteer fire fighter and as an EMT. Max is now in medical school and has just been sworn into the U.S. Navy as an Ensign. He is one of the finest young men Ted and I have ever met. So proud of you, Max!

We are closely monitoring Hurricane Ian as it relates to our home in Flagler Beach and to the entire state of Florida. The last update is saying we will probably not be impacted by high winds, but we could have 8-15″ of rain. We did everything we could to prepare our home for hurricane season before we ever came north, but Sunset Inlet neighbors are already collecting sandbags, and some were added to our front door this afternoon. And so we wait.

My walk to church on Sunday. Next week Little Stone Church will hold its last service of the season. Our highs are now in the 50’s and nights are slipping into the 40’s.

Again . . . summer is ending swiftly now, but so looking forward to the beauty of fall!

God bless.

21 thoughts on “Help Me Understand 9/26/2002

  1. It’s the best time of year on the island! We’re heading up in a couple of weeks. I’ve been following along with you for years and years and am so glad you’re posting again. We last went in 2016 when my now husband and I got engaged….and now we’re headed there with our toddler! It’s going to be a whole new experience. Your posts give me great ideas for our trip! Thank you!

  2. Summer goes by so fast! I can’t imagine being there for 18 weeks. All my time on the island goes too quickly. Enjoy the last few weeks. Maybe I’ll see you mid October!

  3. It was absolutely wonderful to catch up with you while we were on the island. Bruce and I couldn’t have had more perfect weather for the 3 days while we enjoyed our happy place.
    Be sure to enjoy each and every day you have left before you head home, and maybe we’ll be able to visit again next year, God willing. 🥰🐴

  4. I have two brothers that love in Florida, one in Key Largo and the other in Panama City. It looks and though they may both be affected to a lesser degree. Who knows, things could change. In any case, everyone should say a prayer that the damage from this storm is not horrible. We should all pray that the good people of Florida are safe.
    Houses, condos, businesses and cars can be replaced. Lives cannot. While my brothers know enough to get out of this storm’s way, their properties are vulnerable, as is yours.

  5. Nice to hear all the fall happens on the island as she gets ready to put on her big show of color. I sit on baited breath my Michael is in Florida with friends… lots of prayers being said here.. you know how guys can be. …Glad your neighbors have you covered 😉

      • He’s currently caught in Orlando. He tried to get out but couldn’t find a flight north… So he’s there with a friend to ride it out. I also have other family in Port Charlotte, Sanibel, and Marco Islands… many many loved ones in and around Fort Myers its crazy how many people are gonna have their lives forever changed in one storm… I hope your neighbors and home fair well. they are all in our prayers 🙏 ❤️

  6. Time simply flies…………
    I love reading about your variety of adventures each week, because you have such a great variety of them and an engaging storytelling manner. 🙂

  7. I’ve so enjoyed your blog Bree ,it’s been a long time since I visited that beautiful Mackinac Island, your pictures bring back such happy memories.Myself and my husband came for the first time in 1993 for the Somewhere in time weekend and what a weekend that was ,one I will never forget.we thought we would never return but how wrong was I.The island was like a magnet to us we were fortunate enough to visit about seven times over the years.We have met some wonderful friends and to this day we still keep in touch.It was a long journey as we live in the U.K. but well worth every minute of that journey.Thanks for the memories Bree… Lynne from across the pond.

    • Oh my gosh! Hello, Lynne! I remember the first time you commented and I was so excited to have a reader from “across the pond”! Wow, time flies by, doesn’t it? Thank you so much for commenting again and letting me know you are still reading. Wishing you could come back across, but sometimes “life” steps in and changes our plans. I’m going to try and get down to the Somewhere in Time weekend in a couple of weeks (if they’ll let me in). If I do get in, I’ll be sure to post photos! God bless.

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