Walk With Us Home . . . . 9/12/22

Ted and I walked to town last evening to attend the Patriots Day ceremony in remembrance of 9/11. To paraphrase a bit of what Mackinac Island Fire Chief Jason St. Onge remarked, “It’s been 21 years since the towers fell and all those lives were lost. There are students about to graduate from college who had not been born when the planes struck and only know of it through their parents’ stories and what they read in history books. I don’t know if there are very many small towns left that still hold these ceremonies of remembrance, but Mackinac Island does.”

Yes we do.

Each year a crowd gathers on either Market Street or in front of Lady Liberty at the marina and remembers those who lost their lives – the people in the towers and every first responder who rushed into those buildings – police, fire fighters, and paramedics. Their memories are honored, and I’m so proud of be a part of this community who holds those lives close to their hearts.

A short clip of Carolyn May, beautifully singing the Star Spangled Banner (there was no sound system, so you might need to turn your volume up a bit).

After the ceremony we ate dinner at The Gate House, then started our climb up Cadotte. I love walking home this time of night.

Hardy Hibiscus along the Grand fence. They are literally as big as dinner plates.
This gives a little more perspective on their size in relation to their surroundings.
The Jockey Club was ablaze with light . . . .
. . . and the Grand employees bike parking deck was pretty uncrowded.
My favorite pic of the evening. The big horse barn at Four Corners, where we turn right to go home. In the quiet you could hear horses snorting and sighing, and some clip-clops as a few taxi horses were walked to their stalls for dinner.

We have company coming on Wednesday for a couple of nights, and I was just looking at the calendar to see how much time we have on Mackinac after this week. Best I can tell, it’s five more weeks . . . but how is that possible? It seems as though we just got here!

So looking forward to Fall on the island and lots of walks through the woods while the trees put on their autumn finery. Hope you’ll join me!

Hope to be posting scenes like this soon!

God bless.

11 thoughts on “Walk With Us Home . . . . 9/12/22

  1. I so love this time of year on the island. It’s when I first learned to love it. Walk the trails for me, please. Not sure we’ll make it up to the island this year. So tickled you share it with us!

  2. Oh, yes, we will walk those woods with you ; through your splendid pictures and lovely descriptive words ! And Fall came quickly because I have been on my countdown to come since last year!! Lol

  3. Bree, I love how you keep us informed. I also love the little things you show us that most everybody misses when we’re there. A single flower along the roadside and an employee bike parking lot. I have never gone past the Grand to see the stables on foot. The barn at dust looks like a picture from a calendar. Simple and stunning. As a visitor to the island many times, I have never slowed down enough to really enjoy those things. I am always so focused on getting in everything, I miss the small things that make the island magical. Thank you for your point of view.

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