Music in the Night – Revisited (Part II) 8/30/2022

So where is Kody Harris now, and what has he been doing over the last four years? The answer is . . . quite a lot!

I reconnected with Kody a couple of years ago when, once again, I was walking Bodie by the Grand stable (is it me, or is there just something “meant to be” in those two coincidences). This time the stable was open, and Kody was outside talking to Ben Mosley, Stable Manager for Grand Hotel. Kody and his brother Aaron were visiting the island and had stopped by to say hello to Ben, his former boss. I had glanced their way briefly but walked on, not recognizing Kody. I only got a little past them though when Ben called out to me to come over. It seemed Kody and Aaron were planning a series of podcasts, wanting to pass down family stories and document their life adventures. Kody had just said to Ben, “We’d really like to talk to that lady who wrote The Music in the Night story and interview her for one of podcasts.” And Ben said, “Well, there she is. You can ask her right now.”

You really can’t make this stuff up.

I think I should interject here that Kody’s brother Aaron is a Michigan based filmmaker who recently finished a 30-minute+ documentary on Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry’s newest vessel, The William Richard. In 2019 Aaron was a full time videographer and editor for Grand Hotel and still does freelance work for them.

Back to Kody. We all chatted a few minutes, they basically told me what they needed from me and said they’d be in touch. A few weeks later I met with them and recorded the interview. They asked how I became a writer, what led me to start a Mackinac Island blog, and at the end of the podcast I read aloud the Music in the Night story. A while later Kody sent me the link to the podcast (which I will save forever), and we were in touch a few more times over the next year or so.

When I contacted Kody recently about my idea to feature some of my “story characters” he had just returned from Cambodia, having spent the summer there interning with Samaritan’s Purse. He was getting ready to go back to MSU, and laughingly shared “if I don’t flunk anything, I’ll graduate in December with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies & Sustainability.

In my Music in the Night story I mentioned Kody’s grandfather had played saxaphone in Grand Hotel’s orchestra for several years, and that Kody’s dad was once a farrier on the island. Kody has embraced both his grandfather’s love of the saxaphone and his father’s farrier knowledge as two elements he will probably pursue to some degree in the years ahead. He has auditioned for the MSU Jazz Ensemble (he’ll get their decision this week), plays each Sunday in church, and loves sending videos to friends (I got one this year) of him playing “Happy Birthday to You” on his sax.

Kody began shoeing horses full time during the summer of 2019. He apprenticed with farrier Josh Chase for two summers, adding that experience to the knowledge gleaned from his dad. He passed the American Farrier Association (AFA) certification and became a “Certified Farrier” in 2019. He says he shoes horses now part-time “to pay for college and keep gas in my tank”.

Kody shared that his plans after college are uncertain at the moment. He said, “I thought that this summer in Cambodia might have given me some clarity to what would come after graduation, but it hasn’t. I can see how the events in my life have aligned and led me to this moment, but I have no idea what will come tomorrow. I don’t want to walk around with my head in the clouds too much and miss what opportunities God gives me day to day to share His love with the folks around me.”

The video below, filmed and produced by his brother Aaron, gives some insight into Kody’s thinking and work ethic.

Special thanks to Kody’s brother, Aaron, for providing this video of Kody’s MSU Jazz Ensemble audition tape.
Although the next steps in Kody’s journey aren’t certain right at this moment, I have no doubt this young man’s future is very bright. And without a doubt, I know who is directing his path.