The Case of the Missing Saddle Oxfords – 8/14/2022

After dinner one night last week Ted and I had a strong yearning for dessert.

Ok. Let me back up and tell the truth. Brenda had a strong yearning for dessert – Sadie’s ice cream to be exact. Ted was already in TV watching mode, and when I mentioned “ice cream” he was less than enthusiastic. I think his words were something along the line of, “I’m already settled in. There’s a great Western coming on in 15 minutes. I’m full, and neither of us really needs ice cream.”

Hmmmm. To which I replied, “Didn’t say anything about needing ice cream. Said I really wanted some ice cream.” No reply from the Lazy-Boy recliner.

I walked briefly out of the room, returned with my purse, and said, “I’ll be back shortly.”

Instant reply from Lazy-Boy: “Where you going?”

Me: “To Sadie’s for ice cream.”

Lazy-Boy: “I’m coming too!”


So off we go, Ted complaining all the way about how he doesn’t need any ice cream and how full he is.

Sadie’s was semi-busy so we had a few moments to decide what we wanted. I opted for a “kid’s cup” with one small scoop of Seaside Caramel – and Ted ordered a Jersey Mud Sundae which stood a good 10 inches taller than my one scoop cup. Amazing.

So what does all of the above have to do with lost saddle oxfords? I’ll tell you.

We’re walking out of Sadie’s to start home, and there on top of the lower stair railing sits this perfect little pair of what have to be brand new saddle oxfords. Size small. As in maybe a four-year-old.

I looked around. Plenty of children sitting outside Sadie’s with their parents, but all wore shoes. I even walked back inside and checked out the kids in there. Not a bare foot in sight.

In my mind I theorized about those shoes all the way home, and here’s exactly what I think happened:

The little boy’s mom had dressed him up for dinner with the family at the Grand. His outfit might have been khaki pants,white shirt, little navy blue blazer, belt, cute bowtie . . . . and those adorable brand new saddle oxfords. In exchange for his good behavior at dinner mom had promised a Sadie’s ice cream cone. Before that reward they detoured into the tea garden where a photographer was waiting to snap a few adorable pics of the beautiful family. By this time the little boy was fussing about how bad his feet were hurting in those shoes. Mom, so proud they’d made it through dinner and photos without a melt-down, sat him down on the Sadie’s steps and removed the shoes, placing them on the railing and walking him inside for the promised treat. Ten minutes later the little boy, lower half of his face covered in Mackinac Island Peanut Butter Fudge ice cream, falls asleep on the cushy Sadie’s seats, and mom carries him into the Grand and to bed, forgetting to retrieve his shoes. Best case scenario: She remembered the shoes after she put him to bed and dad ran down to find them in the exact spot where they were left.

I ran my theory by Ted when we got home, but he was already engrossed in his Western. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Why don’t you just write about it, honey?”

So I did.