A Little Bodie Tale

Since I broke my knee last fall, most of the Bodie walking has fallen to Ted. It’s not so much a knee issue as it is my pesky balance issue. Bodie weighs a healthy 80 lbs and is a big, powerful Golden Retriever who, 95% of the time, is a well-trained, obedient, sweet and loving “normal” Golden. The other 5% he is a maniacal beast who forgets every single bit of his training if the word T.R.E.A.T is mentioned. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be mentioned. If he smells a single crumb of a dog treat in someone’s pocket half a mile away his brain turns to mush, and . . . . . he’s off! That combo does not work well if the person holding the leash isn’t prepared . . . and has balance issues.

Now my walks with Bodie are mostly after dinner and before sunset. We still go into the woods and walk along our favorite roads, but at that time of day we have little chance of encountering folks with dog treats in their pockets – if we encounter anyone at all. It’s my favorite time for walks anyway, and he and I have a grand old time. And I don’t feel as though I’ve totally abandoned my good boy as far as outdoor activities.

I’ve said all that to share a funny thing that’s been happening since we arrived on the island this year. We’re in a second floor condo, and Ted and I both were kinda dreading the stairs on those after dark potty breaks. No worries! We figured out quickly that our brilliant boy didn’t require a personal bodyguard for those trips – and now he “walks himself” every day!

Out the door and looking down at the backyard.
Down the stairs on a quick mission.
Out into the yard . . . .
. . . and mission accomplished!

He always returns quickly, and never runs around the corner to the street. Why? Because he knows I have a T.R.E.A.T. in my pocket for my good boy!

P.S. Just to clarify – these are only “pee” breaks. “Poop” breaks definitely involve walks and “poop” bags!

I just cracked myself up writing that last sentence.