Rides, Walks – and a Special “Mackinac Moment” – 8/7/2022

Header: Private carriages get a rest after a busy day

Friday morning Meredith (she and her husband Craig have been great friends and neighbors ever since we first started renting during the summers at Grandview Condos) had offered to let me try out her recumbent bike. She rode Craig’s, and after some instructions on how to get on and off, where the brakes were, how to steer, etc. we took a ride into the Annex.

P.S. During Covid I stopped dyeing my hair, and it’s longer than it’s been in years . The grey will definitely stay, but I threathen to “go back short” every single day. Time will tell, but I wanted to mention it because if you haven’t seen a pic of me in three years, you were probably wondering “who the heck is that”?!

Leaving Grandview, with Meredith behind me.
It’s a totally different experience than riding a regular bike. You’re low on the ground (hence the flag to alert people you’re there), but there was no stress to my knees, my back was supported, and I felt so much more comfortable as far as my balance.

If I was going to be on the island year-round, this would be a no-brainer for me. It gives me mobility everywhere (almost) I could ride a bike. But would I use it in Florida in the heat? Probably not. Something to think about!

On Friday evening I tucked my phone into my back pocket (if I’d known I was going to start writing again this summer I would have brought my good camera to the island) and headed out to try and capture a few shots in that quiet hour or two just after dinner, but just before sunset. It’s always been my favorite time of day on Mackinac. The hurly burly of a summer day has already peaked, and you can almost feel the island settling in for the night – and breathing out a sigh of relief. I’ve never, ever left the condo at that particular time of day without finding a little Mackinac magic around one corner or another . . .

The sixth hole of the Grand golf course, seen through the trees.
This family of four had settled onto a bench at the top of Fort Hill to have a snack and enjoy the view – one of the best on the island.
A peek into an empty Fort Mackinac through the North Sally Port gate. If you zoom in toward the back of this photo, you might spot a worker way down there locking doors on the left and a spot of bright blue on the right, which is the South Sally Port that looks out on Lake Huron.
Walking back to the condo via Cemetery Road. No idea what kind of ground cover this is (looks like some type of fern), but there are rivers of it now in the woods.
For the six years we owned our condo at Surrey Hill, this was our almost-everyday pathway home (off Cupid’s Pathway).
Another shortcut we take now to get to Grandview Condos brings us out behind a maintenance building. Not a location many who aren’t residents have seen, but always interesting to see what wild flowers are blooming there each season.
A detour by the horse corral at dinner time!
And a swing down the hill that runs parallel to Cadotte and leads to the big horse barns at Four Corners.

A Special Mackinac Moment

There were several weddings on Mackinac Island on Saturday, but one very special one for our neighbors Meredith and Craig. Wedding couple Adrienne and Nate are close friends of theirs, but because of some health issues Meredith and Craig had decided it would be better if they didn’t attend the wedding.

Adrienne promised that she and Nate would ride by the condos in the wedding carriage to wave to them, and they gave an approxiate time they’d be coming by. But a little more happened than that . . . .

Meredith and Craig decided to dress as they would have for the wedding, and sit out in the adirondack chairs in front of the condos to await the carriage. They each held a glass of campagne to toast the bridal couple as they rode by . . .
. . . as the wedding carriage approached, they rose to offer their toast. But it seems the happy couple had something else in mind . . . .
. . . Adrienne and Nate asked the driver to stop, and they both got off the carriage to receive their congratulations and hugs in person with their good friends.
And suddenly – they were a part of the wedding photographs!

This was such fun to watch (we tried to be as inobtrusive as possible from the second floor balcony). Loved that these two young people took time out of their very special day to connect with these friends. Congratulations, Adrienne and Nate Bulliard!