Making More Mackinac Memories – 8/2/2022

Hello Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog friends!

Good Lord willing, Ted and I (and Bodie) are on Mackinac Island through October, and the strangest thing has been happening. Over the last four weeks I’ve had a few encounters with people who shared how much they enjoyed reading Bree’s Blog and how they have missed it. I’d never met any of these folks before, but they were nice enough to shout at me from a carriage, or speak to me in church one morning, or even to approach me in the Pink Pony one evening – just to share an in-person hello and chat.

To be honest, I’d already been thinking about writing again this year for two reasons: 1) it may be our last long-term visit to the island and 2) because I frankly miss writing and connecting with all of you so much.

You may have been hearing rumors that Mackinac is changing.  And you know what – it is!  But the changes Ted and I have noticed since we arrived July 1 have done nothing to diminish the Mackinac Island we all know and love.  A few businesses have changed owners, but it seems those owners are trying their best to enhance the visitor’s experience.  The charm of Mackinac Island remains alive and well, and my goal for the next three months will be to share our favorite spots, tell some island stories, and maybe open up the magic of this island to folks who are on the cusp of deciding to visit. 

For those of you who need no encouragement and are already island devotees it will be a time to reconnect.  It’s been a crazy two years, hasn’t it? We’ve all gone through a lot, and if you’re like me, Mackinac was one of the places you’d go to in your mind when things were at their gloomiest.  I could close my eyes and be back on a ferry crossing the Straits, or following a shady path through the woods, or strolling into town for a great meal and a fun night.  As with many of you, Mackinac is my happy place, my peaceful sanctuary, my heart’s home.

So the Horton clan will be out making Mackinac memories for the next few months, and we so hope you’ll join us.  I’m struggling a bit with getting back into the technology of blogging (it has DEFINITELY changed), so please bear with me while I relearn.

God bless.