What’s Happening on Mackinac? Snow! 12/14/17

I’ve been having a blast this week looking at all the winter photos folks are sharing from Mackinac Island.  So – instead of Throw Back Thursday – I wanted to share some of those photos with you tonight!

If these don’t put you into the Christmas spirit, well – I just don’t know what will!

A dray and a taxi do business as usual – even in a snowstorm. (Photo: Tom Chambers)
Snow from a porch in the interior of the island. (Photo: Pam Day)
Busy Original Murdick’s Fudge elves make a run for the ferry with a cart filled with Christmas fudge orders. (Photo: Rose Witt)
The Grandview Condos (where we’ve stayed the last two summers) all dressed up for Christmas! (Photo: Pam Day)
Early morning on Cadotte Avenue. (Photo: Jason St. Onge)
Round Island Lighthouse, surrounded by snow and ice. (Photo: Grand Hotel)
A taxi swings by the Christmas tree which stands in the middle of Main Street. (Photo: Orietta Barquero)


A snow-covered Grand Hotel. (Photo: Grand Hotel)
One more shot from the island’s interior. (Photo: Annie Lockwood)
Main Street during a blizzard yesterday. Temp was one degree. (Photo: Tom Chambers)

I confess.  I want to be there. 

But – the last two weeks we’ve had some pretty darn chilly days here in Beverly Beach, and I’ve gotten more in the Christmas spirit because of it.  Haven’t gotten out my snow pants yet, but I have put on a vest AND a jacket to walk Bodie the last few days!

Hope you have your shopping done!  I finished mine yesterday! 

God bless.

10 thoughts on “What’s Happening on Mackinac? Snow! 12/14/17

  1. The pictures of the island have been so pretty. Just like a snow globe! I will be going there on January 3rd for my winter visit. Again, Tony thinks I am crazy so he will just drop me off at the Cedar Rapids airport and then him and Bear will be doing the happy dance! LOL!

    I bet Bodie is liking the cooler air in Florida for his beach runs. I assume Maddie prefers warmer weather since she is so tiny!

    Tony, I, and Bear wish you, Ted and your furry children a Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, so beautiful! Yes, we have snow here, but it’s prettier up there for some reason. That’s the Mackinac I learned to love – the frozen, white, incredibly quiet one. Thanks for collecting the photos. And Merry Christmas to you and Ted and all your family!

  3. Amazing looking pictures! Wishing I was there vs the Embassy in the sand………the Murdick’s elves are busy……….some fudge has even made it here!

    Great post and Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas, Jason, to you and yours! Wish you were able to be home for Christmas. Thank you so much for your service. Give Rebecca a hug from the Horton clan!

  4. Thanks for the winter pics of the island! I love seeing them. Our friends and us always toy with the idea of going there before Christmas or even New Years Eve. Someday maybe???

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Thank you for sharing your stories and photos. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and recently subscribed. I am embarrassed to say, blogs and subscriptions are new to me (and I have teenagers) and I felt like a stalker checking your blog every week 🙂 I’ve got it now and your updates come straight to my email. I really enjoy your stories and share them with my family around the dinner table. We visited the island for the first time in 2016. We returned this year and our reservations are already set for next year. Some day I hope to spend a winter on the island after my husband retires. Yes, winter! please keep writing and we’ll keep reading.

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