Throw Back Thursday – Fairytales Do Come True. . . . 11/16/17

Personal Note:  In February, 2010, three friends and I flew to Mackinac Island to attend the annual Winter Festival.  It was a long weekend filled with laughter, fun, and the thrill of being in the snow.  It was also a weekend of tragedy.  I wrote about all of it in several blog posts that February, and I’m sharing those chronologically again with you now.  I’ll post them daily until the story is told. 

Dawn Lashley, a dear friend from the lake in Georgia, and Mike Forrester, who filmed wonderful marketing videos for the Chippewa and Lilac Tree Hotels and Murdick’s Original Fudge, and I flew out of Atlanta to Flint, MI.  Jill (and her mom and late dad) met us at the Flint airport, and Jill continued on with us to Mackinac.

Try not to laugh too much at Dawn and I.  We were both raised in South Georgia.  Snow is a very big deal to us!

Fairytales Do Come True – First Published February 5, 2010

For as long as Ted and I have been traveling to Mackinac Island (10 years), I have dreamed of coming here during the winter.  Today that dream came true, and all I can say is “WOW”! 

Dawn and I were up at 5 a.m. this morning, downstairs at the Drury having breakfast by six, and on the shuttle to the airport at 7 a.m.  We left our checked bags curbside, and went straight to the security check in for our carry-on bags.  We had worn several layers this morning AND our snow boots (knowing that when we landed at Flint, it was going to be cold).  We had to take off the boots before we could go through security, and after passing through without setting off any lights and whistles, we sat down to put our boots back on.  Before we could get them laced up, we got to witness up close and personal our Homeland Security forces in full attack.  

A guy who had already passed through security started shouting obscenities into his cell phone.  A security guard approached him, and he began to shout at the security guard.  At that time, the security guard (who was about 6’6″ tall and weighed maybe 300 lbs.) grabbed shouting man and slammed him into a wall – I mean that literally.  Shouting man kept shouting.  Several more security people arrived and helped first security man haul shouting man over to a drug dog who had arrived on the scene.  The drug dog sniffed shouting man, and then the security guards took shouting man out of the airport in handcuffs to jail.  Shouting man missed his plane. 

Even with all that we were on board our Delta flight, with doors closed, 10 minutes earlier than the announced time.  Then we waited on the runway for about 30 jets to take off before us – so we were still 30 minutes late leaving. 

Dawn – waiting for takeoff.

Mike – talking to wife Jeanine.

We had a great flight, and soon we were looking down at a landscape filled with snow and frozen ponds and lakes. 

The Michigan landscape

By 10:45 we were on the ground, 15 minutes early!  We deplaned, walked into the terminal of the Flint airport, and there was JILL and her parents, who had brought her to the airport.  So good to see Jill!

Jill – welcoming Dawn and Mike.

Me, with Jill’s Dad and Mom – Ken and Joanne

The four adventurers!

The lady at the rental car desk took one look at us and our luggage and upgraded Mike to a huge Ford Expedition. 


We stopped in Gaylord and had lunch at the Sugar Bowl.  Wonderful food.  Across the street from the restaurant was a fountain that had frozen.  We all wanted our pictures taken in front of it. 

Can you see that fountain behind us? It is frozen solid – so are we!

On the way to the St. Ignace airport for our flight to the island , we pulled into a parking lot near the water.  Ice had stacked up into huge piles of  “blue ice”, the unique color caused by the sun’s rays deeply penetrating the ice.

Blue ice.

Dawn – standing in front of the blue ice.

We crossed the Mackinac Bridge from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace, entering Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.   Parts of the Straits were frozen, but there was still a large area of open water.  Locals are beginning to think there will probably not be an ice bridge this year.

The airport at St. Ignace is small, but nice.  They even have a resident Golden Retriever, who made me miss Bear even more than I already did.  Several folks were waiting to fly across to the island, but since we had the largest group, we were allowed to board first.  Our luggage took up the majority of the back of the plane.  Mike and another man sat in the two back seats, Dawn and I took the middle, and Jill sat up front with Paul, the pilot.  There was no waiting while someone made announcements about seat belts and safety procedures.  Before Dawn and I had even found our seatbelts, we were in the air.  I’ve only flown in one small plane before, and it is so unlike being on a commercial jet.  Because the flight is so short, you don’t gain very much altitude at all.  Inside the small interior of the plane, you truly get the sense of flying.  You can reach out and touch your pilot, talk to him, watch him at the controls . . . . . and feel every air pocket.

Looking over Jill’s shoulder.

Dawn – snapping photos out the window.

There doesn’t even look like there IS a window next to me – just looks like an open door.

The Mackinac Island runway.

We had called ahead, and George was waiting with the taxi.  It was cold, but the island is just as beautiful covered in snow as I always dreamed it would be.  There is a lot more of the white stuff than I thought there would be with so little snowfall this winter. George carried us to the Cottage Inn, we checked in, then went to the Village Inn for dinner.  As I write this, Dawn and Jill are sleeping.  It has been a long day, so I’ll say goodnight now.  More tomorrow, and don’t forget to watch us Friday morning at 11 a.m. at Once on that site, click on “Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau” to go to the camera where we will be.  See you there!

George – patiently waiting for us with the taxi.

Dixie Chicks in the snow!


Heading down Cadotte Avenue toward town.  Personal Note: Come back tomorrow for the next installment, “Island Winter Day”.

8 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday – Fairytales Do Come True. . . . 11/16/17

  1. I’ve told people about the blue ice, but I think they thought I was crazy. So glad you got pictures! Don’t remember ‘shouting man’, but your storytelling sure made it funny.

  2. Love seeing the Sony Cybershot cameras…….With the smartphone camera technology we have now does anyone still use those I wonder. I have one somewhere in a drawer at home. Enjoying this throwback!

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