And Away We Go 10/13/17

The bags are packed.  Ted took more than half our stuff over to the truck this morning and started the process of arranging it so we can once again get back home with everything we brought with us.  That part never seems to get easier.

I’ve got the last laundry load going, and anything that gets worn from this point on won’t get washed until we’re back at home in the sunshine state.  All that’s left to do is go out to eat this evening, try and get some sleep ,and be ready when the taxi arrives at 7:15 Saturday morning so we can make the 8 o’clock ferry.

I can’t believe it’s time to go.

I thought I’d post a few pics from around the island this week.  I wish I had a lot more fall colors to show, but those last three weeks of warmer-than-normal weather postponed the height of the “leaf” season on Mackinac.  It’s coming though, and those of you who have plans to visit Mackinac the last two weeks in October should be in for a great show!


Not much color yet on Market Street, but what is there sure is pretty!  (Photo: Tom Chambers)


Bodie (and yours truly) is sure going to miss our after-dinner walks in the cool, crisp air.


All the corn stalks and mums downtown herald the fall season.  There was a bride and groom in that carriage passing in front of the Chippewa Hotel!


Dinner last night in the Chippewa Dining Room.  Ted splurged and had the Cowboy Steak, and I had the Pasta Di’Angelina with Chicken.  Yum!


Looking down Market Street to the sparkling waters of Lake Huron!


Also going to miss watching Grand Hotel horses play in the corral outside the condo!


Fall colors in the maples that line Cadotte are coming on strong!


A brief visit to Petoskey this week – a great little Michigan city with a booming downtown.  Colors were more prevalent there.  Strange because they are south of Mackinac.


Fall decorations at Shepler’s dock in Mackinaw City.


“Mom.  Would you tell me the story one more time about why we’re leaving? I’m sure I loved the beach as much as I do Mackinac, but I can’t remember why just now.  You say it’s gonna snow here soon?  What’s snow? You say it’s like beach sand, except whiter and colder? I gotta tell you, mom, snow sounds pretty nice.  But I guess sand does too.  Oh wait! Is the beach where the crabs are? And that big grassy area where all the neighborhood dogs run and chase each other?  I remember now!  Ok . . . let’s go to the beach!  But, mom.  We can come back here next summer, right?  Oh good.  Thanks, mom.”

Please remember us as we travel back to Florida.  We’re skipping Atlanta this year and going home by a new route – through the Carolinas instead of Kentucky and Tennessee.  Hoping to see some fall colors along the way!

I’ll be posting on Facebook as we wind our way south.  We’re excited to get back to our Florida home, friends, and family.  I’m hoping the cool weather will follow us home, cause our Florida friends have sure had a hot, humid, and stormy summer.  They are ready for a cool-down!

God bless.

26 thoughts on “And Away We Go 10/13/17

  1. Brenda and Ted and Bodie and Maddie..have a safe and uneventful trip back home to Florida. Will be thinking of you until your home…well, I’ll still be thinking of y’all but you know what I mean 🙂 Love y’all

  2. Safe travels Brenda, Ted and kids! When we evacutated for Irma we went to friends in Blowing Rock, NC — our path home took us on 95 right by the Flagler Beach exit…. so I know the route you’ll be taking!

  3. I will be thinking of you on your trip back. Loved your pics showing how the colors have changed since we were there last week. Safe travels!!

  4. We didn’t have much color when we were on the island last week. The strange thing is that after we came home we had to go to Minneapolis. We saw more color on our way there. Even more on our way back home. Strange colors this year! Be safe on your way home. I feel the same way Bodie does every time we have to come home too!

  5. Safe travels! I’m out NC right now in Moyock getting ready for the big trip. If you’re coming this way let me know.

  6. Safe travels. We were in Asheville two weeks ago and the leaves were still green. Hopefully, you have better luck.
    We enjoy Petoskey – the KOA campground there is probably the best campground we’ve ever stayed.
    I can never resist commenting on the photos. I love the painting of the light house on the pumpkin at Sheplers.

  7. The pictures are so pretty! But what t u doing replying to posts at 10:30 tonight! Lol! U need your sleep!

    Have a trip home! All of us blogger fans say thank you for another wonderful year of taking us along on the island even if we r sitting at home.

    Hugs from Iowa!

  8. You should see some pockets of color on your way south. I drove up to Ludington area yesterday and today my friend and I are heading to St. Ignace and over to the island tomorrow. Drive safe.

  9. Have a blessed trip. As always, let me know if you’re coming down 75 or 19! I am 2 miles off of 19 between Thomasville and Albany. I’ll meet you either way!

  10. Have so enjoyed all of your posts of your time on Mackinac. We were not able to get there this summer so I love living vicariously through your blog. Thank you!

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