A Week Filled with Good Things 10/1/17

Hi Friends!

Last week was busy and so much fun!  Ted’s sister Sheryl and cousin Heidi came for a visit, and we spent three days doing lots of touristy things, as well as just spending time getting to know these newly found members of our family.   After two weeks of above average temperatures (I think we hit 85 one day!), we had a cold front come through the first night our company was here.  From that point on we had absolutely beautiful blue skies, crisp temperatures, and the definite feeling of Fall in the air!

Sheryl and Heidi arrived on Tuesday morning, and I know they thought we were going to walk them all over the island before bedtime that night.

We started with lunch at the Tea Room at Fort Mackinac . . . .

. . . . which is absolutely one of the top five “view” spots on Mackinac!

We roamed around the fort, visited Sutler’s Store, and then walked back to the condo.  Later in the afternoon we walked over to the West Bluff, hiked Pontiac Trail, and walked around the Annex.  By the time dinner rolled around we were all starving, and we all turned in early that evening.

On Wednesday we had planned a special surprise for Sheryl and Heidi.  We started with lunch at Grand Hotel . . .

.. . . . and a visit to the Cupola Bar at the very top of the Grand.

Another one of those top five “view” spots on Mackinac!

We then went to the Grand porch and rocked for a little while, just watching people and enjoying the sunshine.

The big surprise arrived when Ben Mosley drove up in one of Grand Hotel’s vintage carriages and welcomed us aboard.  We spent the next hour touring several of the top tourist attractions on Mackinac, as well as just enjoying riding through the woods in a carriage drawn by two beautiful Hackneys showing off their footwork.

The tour started off with a ride through the Annex and out to Stonecliffe, followed by . . .

. . . riding up to Lookout Point via this wooded road which turns steeply upward at the cemeteries.

We took a few minutes to get off the carriage . . . .

. . . for a great view of Sugar Loaf, an expanse of wooded land, and Lake Huron in the distance.

Although those clouds looked a little menacing, we didn’t get a single drop of rain on our “parade”.

We next visited Fort Holmes, the highest spot on Mackinac . . .

. . . followed by a stop at Arch Rock.

It really doesn’t matter how many times we visit all these places. Each time is special, and I’m glad we made it to all these spots one more time this year.

Although Heidi and Sheryl both had been to Mackinac Island before, they saw a few places they’d never seen and really enjoyed the tour and the carriage ride!  We finished the day with dinner at the Chip and a taxi ride home.

Thursday was spent visiting with the current residents of an East Bluff cottage where Heidi and her family had past connections, lunch downtown, and then a visit with old friends of the family.

We were up early on Friday morning to take a taxi downtown and have breakfast at The Chuckwagon before the ladies caught the ferry off the island.  We were sad to see them go. We had spent Thursday evening at the condo, laughing and telling family stories.  It was just the best visit, and we hope Heidi and Sheryl both come back soon.  We DO have more places to show you because I promise you didn’t see everything (even though it may have felt like it).


A shady walk down Huron Street right after the street cleaner had gone through.

The condo’s backyard furniture arrived this week! Condo picnic soon!

We had two cruise ships at the island on the same day.  The ship anchored offshore is the Hamburg.  It has too deep a draft for the big dock, so it anchors off Mission Point and shuttles tourists in aboard her four small launches.

Friends and blog readers Kem Green and Yvonne Pitsch stopped by to visit me at the Stuart House this week!

What are they? Morning Glories? Whatever they are, they are as big as dinner plates and beautiful!

Sunrise from the Chippewa Hotel. (Photo: Kem Green)

“I’d like to come in now please.”

The parade ground at Fort Mackinac.

Mums the word at Doud’s Market!

Pontiac Trail in the mist. (Photo: Kem Green)

The view over the Hackney’s backs!

This great bunch of friends and relatives got together on Shepler’s dock Friday morning. Some were leaving, some were staying.  Left to right: Mike and Pam Day, me, Sheryl, Heidi, Kem and Ed Green, Ted and Jill.  Love you all!

“I think I see dad coming!”

I’ve got a great story to share next time about a birch bark canoe our Mackinac Island public school children helped to build.  It was launched yesterday.  Coming up in a few days!

God bless..

23 thoughts on “A Week Filled with Good Things 10/1/17

  1. I’d like to know how to get you to adopt me as family. . . .so that we could have an amazing visit with you two. That sounded like the very best possible ‘show off the island’ tour I could ever imagine! Oh, my! I’m surprised that this message isn’t printing out in green!
    Couldn’t be happier for you two that this ‘family thing’ has turned out so lovely. There are so many nice people in this world, it is no wonder that your Ted came from a good group of them. Pretty special!
    Soak up every minute of your last couple of weeks, and thanks for an especially lovely blog this week. 🙂

  2. Hello Brenda- I just love reading your blog about the good times (not including the injury recovery for you and Ted) you enjoy on beautiful Mackinac Island. Thank you for sharing it with other island lovers. My husband and sister and brother in law are headed up there tomorrow morning for a night at The Lakeview. I am sure we will have a good time, as always. Perhaps I’ll see you on a walk with Bodie. Sally Cote’, Holland

    • Thank you, Sally! Safe travels up and I hope you have a great visit. If you happen to get here before 1, I’ll be st the Stuart House Museum on Market St. from 10-1 tomorrow. Come by and say hi!

  3. Gee how do I get a ride with Ben and those beautiful horses? I’m trying so hard to get Bud to go up for the tree lighting and Christmas bazaar…sigh! Miss y’all…

  4. Brenda,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog. I was able to live all over again the visit you arranged for us. So glad Ted’s sisters were able to spend some time with you.

    I thought of you during the hot weather and wondered if the condo had a/c in it, so I was glad to see it in one of the pictures.

  5. Your pics just made me more excited to get to the Island. Hope to see some of the places you pictured that we haven’t seen before, even after 10 trips there!

  6. So happy you and Ted had a wonderful visit with family! Love the pictures! It felt we were on the trip with you!

    Love the pictures of Bodie looking out the window and looking in also! He sure has come a long way in a year but I still enjoy hearing his naughty stories! LOL!

    My eye infection is gone, my cell phone is being fixed, so now all I need is someone to find my wedding ring! HaHa! Trying to stay optimistic!

    Hugs from Iowa!

  7. What great stories and pictures of friends and good times! It doesn’t get any better than that. I think your mystery flower is a hibiscus. I have them in my yard and are done blooming but I’m sure the ones on the island are a bit behind ours down state. They are huge and beautiful! I’m coming to the island for one night on the 15th with a friend who hasn’t been to the island in 38 years. One day/night won’t near be enough time to show her what’s she missed all these years but we are looking forward to some beautiful fall color and some great sales!

  8. HI! Thanks for showing Heidi and Sherry such a good time. I am anxious to hear Heidi’s report when she arrives home. She has been looking forward to this trip all summer. I am happy Ted took her to Ron’s house; our family spent many happy hours there. The place still looks familiar but the updates have made it more formal. I enjoyed your blog tour, Bree. Love UK

    • Uncle Ken, we had such fun with Heidi and Sherry!
      We always love showing off Mackinac, but doing it for those two was really special. We enjoyed every minute of their visit, and I’m so glad they could come. That last evening they told us some great family stories, and I have to tell you we three girls got pretty darn silly (you’ll have to get Heidi to tell you about that). The only thing that could have made it better is if you’d been here too.
      Love and hugs,

  9. We call those white flowers “moon flowers”. I am sure there is a proper name for them. I just love them. We arrived on the island this morning. We brought my sister along……..her first trip to the island. Do far she is over the moon!! We will be here until Thursday. I am hoping to run into you somewhere!

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