You Gotta Laugh 9/23/17

You gotta laugh.

When Ted and I look back on our three months on Mackinac the summer of 2017, we will laughingly (hopefully we’re laughing) label it “the summer of the mishaps”.  We have definitely spent more time on the ground and on the floor from falls than ever before on the island (which is saying a lot cause I’m a klutz and fall a lot – off bikes in front of horses, over roots in the woods, over my shoelaces, over a crack in the sidewalk,etc.), and we are hoping – from this point on until we return to Florida – we will be staying upright.  Wait.  I hope we stay upright in Florida also!

Most of you already know this from Facebook, but for those who don’t, it was my turn to hit the deck this week.  Actually, it was the street I hit when I stepped into the intersection at Market and Cadotte, and Bodie stepped in front of me at the same time.  I was distracted watching for taxis and tourists and horse poop, and I did a face plant over Bodie’s back into the pavement.

My cheekbone was the first body part to hit the cement . . .

.. . . . followed by the side of my hand as I tried to catch myself. I didn’t. My shoulder was next.  Then I rolled over onto my backpack, and was suddenly staring up at a circle of worried looking people and one very upset golden retriever, who was standing over me like, “Back off – this is my mom, and you aren’t touching her.”

In the next 20 minutes everything that I love about Mackinac Island came into play.

A couple, who I heard say “We’ll take the dog, we have goldens”, took Bodie’s leash and dragged him over to the sidewalk.  They told me later he continued to try to pull away from them and get to me.

Someone got my backpack off, but I was still laying in the middle of the intersection.  Several people asked if they needed to call the ambulance, and I repeatedly said “no”, and then I would hear Jill (who was with me and capturing the whole thing on camera because after knowing me all these years she KNEW I’d want to blog about this) say, “no” again.  My hand was hurting more than anything, and suddenly there was this VERY young, VERY nice looking guy bending over me saying, “May I look at your hand? I’m an orthopedic surgeon.”  To which I replied, “Yes, please.”

He examined by hand in minute detail and said, “I really don’t think it’s broken.  I’d ice it, rest it, and give it 2-3 days.  If it feels worse, get an x-ray.  If it feels better, you’re good to go.”

Now, while all that was going on (I didn’t know all this till Jill told me later), Carriage Tours had diverted taxis and tours in another direction.  The city police were there, as was Shelley, a Michigan state policewoman we know well.  Another friend, Gwen, found the lens that had popped out of my glasses and popped it back in.  She tried her best to bend the frames back into a somewhat normal position, and she did to the point that I could wear them.  Eventually, I was helped to my feet and walked over to the bench beside Mayor Doud’s house.  Bodie immediately jumped on the bench with me, and about that time Ted (who Jill had called) arrived by bike.

The intersection was cleared, and we all went wherever we were going – except for Bodie and I.  We went back to the condo instead of getting on the ferry for a grooming appointment.

All that happened on Tuesday and now today (Saturday), the swelling is way down, and my range of motion is much better. For the first few days Ted took over dog walking duty for both dogs, but I began to take Bodie on short walks yesterday.  So far, so good.

And that’s the Horton Drama of the Week!


A just-washed Main Street in the early morning. (Photo: Hilde DaVanon)

One of my favorite island quiet spots – in back of the library. (Photo: Yvonne Pitsch)

Island House flowers. (Photo: Pam Magers Schuch)

Impromptu dinner with blog reading friends at the Chippewa: Pam and Mike Day, Denice Magers, Ted and I, Bud and Hilde DaVanon, Pam Magers Schuch, and Jill.  Love these people SO MUCH!

And loved running into these two blog readers from Ohio, Tara and Kyle Brodbeck!

A look up an almost- deserted Cadotte Avenue.

A beautiful late summer day on the island. (Photo: Tom Chambers)

Leaving the island for a trip to Cheboygan on Wednesday.

The John D. Leitch off Windermere Point. (Photo: Tom Chambers)

Out our window this morning.

That’s all for today except to say it’s the hottest day of the year here on Mackinac.  No worries though.  By the middle of the week it’s going to be into the low 60’s again.  We have company coming the next two weeks and then one more week after that we’re on our way home.  Can’t believe how fast it’s gone this year.

God bless.


30 thoughts on “You Gotta Laugh 9/23/17

  1. Hope you are feeling better. I love that Bodie was so protective of you! Good boy – I’d give him a treat if I could.
    Those chairs in back of the library look like a great place to read a book on a sunny afternoon.

  2. You have had quite an eventful summer! Hopefully it will be better your last week’s there. Love the pictures. Especially the one of the back of the library. It looks so serene. Only 2 weeks until we will be there!! Can’t wait!

  3. So glad your getting better everyday , Brenda. Sure miss everyone and everything already and we’re not even out of Michigan yet! 🙂 Love y’all.

  4. Despite both of you colliding with unintended surfaces, you look marvelous. Sometimes it’s a gift not to look the way we feel. Have a peaceful and healthy remainder of your vacation. I’m always surprised at the “coincidences” that bless our everyday life…..orthopedic surgeon and golden owners on site…….amazing. Isn’t it a gift to recognize them for what they are! Love those “anonymous sources”.

  5. Good to hear you on the mend. Feel like I have said this to you and Ted more than once this Summer 😉. Take care and enjoy the time you have left. ♡
    Thanks for the pictures. Feeds my need.
    I hope Jason is recovering from the damage Irma brought his way.

  6. Very glad to hear that you’re doing so much better! I was so sorry to miss you last Monday when we left the island – but you didn’t want to be near me. My souvenir this year was a Mackinac Island head cold, which is still ruling the roost a week later. Really had planned to stop by the Stuart House on our way to the ferry. Maybe next time we’ll get to meet Hilde and Bud.
    Wishing you cooler temps and a wonderful time for the end of your 2017 Mackinac adventure!

  7. My goodness you two…
    What a time you’ve had! We are so very glad your Both feeling better! As well as all of the help and support for you both! That’s truly the amazing way of the island. It’s just how island time works💜
    Fyi…. Sweet Amelia is on the Island time with you all. Working for haunts last night and tonight…. She’ll be leaving tomorrow heading back to school!!
    Enjoy the next two weeks for all of us who didn’t or couldn’t make the trip this year.

  8. So sorry to hear about your accident, but glad to read nothing was broken. So enjoyed your beautiful pictures around the Island. I hope you’re still there to get some Fall color pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Good ol’ Jill…taking pics while you’re surrounded by a crowd and lying in the street! 🙂 Always looking out for you! Seriously, I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend. It seems like whenever I take a tumble, it’s ALWAYS in public…never when I’m alone. You should have seen me take a SPLAT in Savannah last September in the middle of a very busy intersection in front of a semi!! THAT drew a crowd!! (Insert crying emoji here…and here…and here)

    I love the view from your kitchen window. My daughter has that view from her bedroom window. Every girl’s dream, I think.

    (We beat Cook Co. last night. Thomasville is 5-0!)

    • Oh no, MJ! Rather fall in front of a three-horse hitch (I’ve done that) than a semi! Lordy, we don’t need to go anywhere together!
      Go T’ville!!

  10. My gosh you two. Try and stay healthy and upright for the rest of your stay. I’ll be there Oct. 15th for a night with a friend. She hasn’t been to the island in 38 years! We are excited for the fall color and sales!

  11. Brenda,

    I’m amazed. If you don’t have anything to blog about, you just make something interesting by falling on your face in the middle of the street. You know, it wasn’t really necessary to do that.

    As usual, the pictures were enjoyed. I’m glad you had the impromptu dinner. Just wish we could have been there.

    Now you & Ted please be more careful. You don’t need any more dramatic episodes before leaving the Island.

  12. Brenda, I am so glad you are ok. I used to live on the island many many years ago and I get a chance to get back once every 5 years or so. Last time I was walking down For Hill after visiting my mom in the cemetery and got such severe shin splints and plantar fasciitis that couldn’t walk for the rest of my time on Island. My heart aches for the island so therefore I so appreciate all the photos you post. Thanks. Wish they could talk Clark Bloswick to start posting again. Sure miss his shots. Please get better and keep those island photos coming.

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