A Not So Usual Week on Mackinac 9/8/17

Ted and I are sitting here on Mackinac Island – me attempting to put my thoughts together and write this blog, and Ted aiming the remote control – switching back and forth between the Weather Channel and a movie.  Our thoughts and prayers are over a thousand miles south of Michigan, and like everyone in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, we are wondering exactly what Hurricane Irma’s final path will be.  At this moment, it’s not looking too promising for Miami, and yesterday it looked as though our little neighborhood in Beverly Beach would once again be visited by a not-at-all-welcome intruder.  Last year, only about two weeks later than this, Hurricane Matthew side-swiped our community.  This morning Irma has shifted west, which should be a little better news for the eastern coast.  But – Irma is so huge I truly believe pretty much every part of Florida is going to feel the effects – it’s just a matter of to what degree.

Yesterday, most of our neighbors were planning to evacuate, but now more are planning to hunker down and ride it out.  If Ted and I were there, I’m not sure what we’d be doing – staying or leaving.   But – we’re in Michigan.  We did everything we could do to prepare for a hurricane before we left in July – took the boat out of the water, installed the hurricane door stabilizer to our garage door, installed water deflectors in the sliding glass doors, emptied the freezer, etc.

And so – like so many thousands of others – we wait to see what will happen.

I’ve been out and about a lot over the Labor Day weekend and the beginning of this week, and that means photos to share!


A newly found cousin, Marv and his wife Ruthie, spent Sunday night with us, and then Marv and Ted participated in the Labor Day Bridge Walk. They got to the island around lunch on Sunday, so we had plenty of time to walk around Mackinac – even making it up to Point Lookout and Fort Holmes!

The path – my island favorite – that connects Point Lookout and Ft. Holmes.

Bridge Walk 2017

Seriously now, could they look any more alike? Come back, Ruthie and Marv, when you can stay longer!


On Tuesday the Mackinac Island Public School opened for the 2017-2018 year. I love that on Mackinac the opening day of school is celebrated by the entire island with a picnic at lunchtime. Every island resident who can shows up at the school at noon to join the students for hamburgers and hot dogs – grilled outside on the school grounds.

Jill and I are so excited to see that Stephanie Fortino is back writing for The St. Ignace News and The Town Crier on Mackinac.  We lost her for a while to another community, but she’s back now, and the entire island is delighted.  She’s just “the best”!


On Wednesday Ted was walking down the hall and stepped on a bone Bodie had left on the floor.  The bone is shaped like a wishbone and Ted’s foot treated it like an ice skate.  He basically did a split – and that’s not something 70-year-old bodies are used to doing.  He was in so much pain he couldn’t walk at all.  For 30 minutes I argued he should go to the med center by ambulance, but of course he wouldn’t listen.  It was only after he called the Nurse Hotline of our insurance company and SHE told him to go by ambulance to the med center that he agreed for me to make the 9ll call.

Diagnosis – severely pulled hamstring. Prognosis – good, IF he follows doctor’s orders to rest, take his meds, and stay off his bike for at least two weeks.  I don’t think that will be much of a problem since he’s having to use a walker just to get from one end of the condo to the other.  Bless his heart, he’s REALLY in a lot of pain.

So – I’m now in charge of all the things Ted would normally do during the day – the early morning (before coffee and practically before the sun comes up) dog walks, as well as all the other dog walks we’d split between us, the trips to Doud’s to buy groceries, COOKING the evening meals and fixing breakfast and lunch (we do our own thing for breakfast and lunch, but Ted is usually the evening meal cook) and serving him all these meals on the sofa so he can keep his leg propped up and on the heating pad.

I drew the line at going down to the Grand and lifting weights for him, even though he did try to talk me into that.

Many thanks to the Mackinac Island EMS team and the doctors, nurses, technicians and staff at the Medical Center.  We are always so impressed with the level of excellence in medical care we have here on Mackinac. 


Chambers Corner is still in full summer bloom  . . . .

. . . but I spotted a few leaves practicing their fall colors on the trees lining Cadotte Ave.

Beautiful container garden in a sitting area along Cadotte.

An everyday scene at Windermere Point. (Photo: Tom Chambers)

Looking down Market Street toward Lake Huron.

Stopping to rest while carrying grocery bags up Fort Hill. I’m in awe that Ted does this hill ON HIS BIKE with groceries in his basket. Geez, I am such a wuss!

A very old dray wagon parked on the side of the road to town.

Veterans Park is always full of blooms, but this year it seems even prettier than usual.

A black squirrel atop a white picket fence – spotted next to the post office.

Can you spot something unusual in this tree next to the Metivier Inn?

“I climbed the ladder and crawled through the tunnel, mom.  Now you want me to do what?”


  1.  Please remember everyone in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas as Irma continues her destructive path – and those in the numerous islands she’s already passed through.  Praying that no other lives are lost.  As Florida Governor Rick Scott said at a news conference this week, “We can rebuild your home, but we cannot rebuild your life.”
  2. Please pray for speedy and complete healing for Ted and for a truck-load of patience for me.  Wait.  Please pray for a truck-load of patience for Ted too.  I/m sure we are both going to learn some good life lessons from this.

Everyone in Irma’s path – stay safe.

God bless.

19 thoughts on “A Not So Usual Week on Mackinac 9/8/17

  1. Another delightful visit – thank you! Love the picture of Veteran’s Park – that’s my favourite spot on the island, simply because of the treasured time I spent with cousin Delbert Bunker on one visit and as you know, he and his family have a big role in the creation of that square. Even if I’m never lucky enough to meet up with him live and in person again, I think of him often and especially when I sit in that wee park. You’ve had quite a week – I can’t imagine the stress of friends, family and residents in the path of that monstrous storm – it’s going to be a truly trying time in the next few months for so many. Take care. Hopefully someone can help you with some of your new chores! If I were there, I could at least help you carry the groceries up the hill! Though most definitely not on a bicycle as I fear that would result in another ambulance call. We’re all thinking of you and Ted and dear Maddie and Bodie…………take care.

  2. Hurricane Irma certainly sounds alarming. I can’t image how a house can stand winds up to 180 mph. Do you have hurricane shutters on your windows?

    I hope Ted is feeling better and you survive these next 2 weeks! LOL! That Fort Hill is a killer!!!! I can’t imagine going up that thing with a bike! LORDY! I will be on the island starting Wednesday so I may see you out and about doing “Ted’s Chores”! LOL!

    Hugs from Iowa!

    • No shutters, but our windows are hurricane rated to 140. And it’s down to “only” 155 mph now. By the time it gets to us it should be well below that.


  3. We will keep you both in our prayers! We have good friends in Miami. Everything they own was lost in the hurricane that wiped out Homestead. Hopefully they will not get hit again. I cannot imagine living through a hurricane. We drove up to Minneapolis on Thursday and a lot of the trees were turning color already. I am hoping that on our trip to Mackinac, the first week of October, there will be plenty if fall color to See! Take care!

  4. That is not the kind of busy week you’re supposed to have on Mackinac, you know! Holding all the families in the path of Irma in prayer, just like a couple of weeks ago with Harvey.
    Very sorry to hear that Ted is laid-up. In my time on the island, he might have had a helicopter ride off island! Sounds like he’s minding doctor’s orders. Prayers for quick and complete recovery!
    Oh, the wildlife around the Metevier is amazing! 🙂

  5. You and Ted have both of our prayers..hopefully Ted will be back on his feet soon (does he need a cane? I know where to get some nice ones) 😉 Prayers for all the people in Irma’s path and for the people fighting the wildfires in Montana and California. My youngest is working in Gillette, WY. and says there is smoke all the way by her ( 8 hours away form the fires in Montana) My son and family have left Florida (as of Wed) and are heading to us tomorrow morning . There is so much sadness going on that everyone needs our prayers. 😦

  6. Brenda,

    First, I’ll have to say that I don’t understand the last picture or what you wrote underneath it.

    Second, I had no idea giraffes lived on the Island. That reminded me of a stupid joke. Did you know that elephants can hide in cherry trees? You didn’t? Have you ever seen one in a cherry tree? Works doesn’t it!?

    Third, now that I got the nonsense out of the way, My thoughts have sure been about all those in harm’s way in Florida. I have a cousin who lives north of Tampa. We also know a girl who went to Spring Hill, north of Tampa, from Houghton Lake, and Faye knows a lady and her husband who live in Coral Springs, not very far north of Miami, and they are staying. We think they are a little crazy, but… What have Julie and family decided to do? I hope they left. We’re hoping the winds will have slowed and there won’t be too much rain by the time mean Irma gets to your house.

    PS: I sure like the picture of the container garden. I think I’ll save that , if you don’t mind.

    • Lowell, if you enlarge that last photo, you’ll see Bodie’s head sticking out above the sliding board. I thought people might not see him in that picture (he’s hard to see) and probably many thought the same thing you did – you were just the only one brave enough to say it!
      Julie and family are hunkering down and staying, although they just decided that today after that last shift to the west. Many of our neighbors are now staying also.

  7. So sorry to hear your news. We are on a trip up the North Shore of Minnesota. But… we’ll be at the Chippewa on Oct. 3-5. Hope to connect with you for a few minutes. Take care of Ted! Our long term spouses are very special!!

  8. May God continue to bless you and Ted and hold your patience in check during his speedy recovery. We will continue to pray for your dear Florida family as well as our family in Houston. We hope and pray for all in fire zones, hurricane zones and earthquakes zones. Stay safe and we can find ways to help them all.
    Take care with your friendly neighborhood giraffe …. it’s nice sweet Bodie can spend some of the teenage energy at the playscape!

  9. My prayers are with you. If the hurricane hits, I hope it won’t be as terrific as the one in Houston. Hey Ted, you are far too young to be taking spills; leave that for us old folk. Blessings for a complete recovery. You keep it up and they will have you on a scooter too. Love!

  10. Hi Bree, Ok, call me crazy but I see a giraffe poking his head out of the trees next to Metivier Inn. HaHa! What am I really seeing? I feel bad that both you and Ted have had foot and leg issues so you haven’t really been able to enjoy the island to its fullest but hey, you’re still on Mackinac, no better place to be. Prayers for fast healing and that everything stayes intact in Florida. Take care.

  11. I’m trying to talk Arch into working at the MI clinic when he retires in 4 years. I’m planning on working at Cindy’s Stable. That or the Island Bookstore. 🙂 Prayers to you and Ted to power through his down time. That’s GOT to be painful. It made me wince just reading it!

    Thomasville is right in the path of Irma. We cancelled church today and school Monday and Tuesday. Half of our house is solar powered (thanks Y2K!) and we also have a generator. You know we’ve got these tall pine trees all around us in South Georgia, so that’s most of my worry, because they can fall a longggg way. Arch has to work in the ER today and Tuesday, so I’m praying for a slow day for him. And uneventful days for me.

    All the best to you and your family!

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