Mackinac Island Postcard #3 9/1/17

Hi All, and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It’s been a great week on Mackinac, with beautiful ,cool, crisp days that may just be heralding an early Fall.  There’s a busy weekend ahead, and then that delicious slide into a Mackinac Autumn begins – leaves changing colors, temperatures dropping, and the process of Mackinac readying herself for the peace of winter beginning.  I LOVE this time of year on the island!


Special visitors at the Stuart House on Monday. Ted brought Maddie and Bodie to see me while I was working.

A secluded swing – right on the water and surrounded by lush flowers and greenery – what a magical place to hide.

Horses are already leaving.  After Labor Day the crowds will diminish, and slowly, slowly almost all of the nearly 500-strong herd of hard-working, big-hearted workers will go to pastures in the UP for a well-deserved rest.  About 30 horses remain on the island during the winter. (Photo: Jill Sawatzki)

The annual Mackinac Island Medical Center Auction was another huge success this year. Held at Grand Hotel and featuring a meal, and both silent and bidding auctions, the evening is always a fun event and the cause is a great one! The group at the table next to ours obviously stocked their cottage with games and puzzles from one of the silent auction tables!

Leaving Mackinac for a day of errands on the mainland one day last week.

A beautiful island sunset up near the airport. (Photo: Pam Day)

Same sunset, same place, same photographer, different perspective – all beautiful.

The Wheelers were in town this week!. So much fun to watch these vintage bikes be ridden around town. Even more fun to watch the riders get off and on them! (Photo: Bruce LaPine)

Meet Gabby! She’s a five-year-old miniature dachshund who you’ll see all over town, riding a dray with her driver owner.

Maddie says, “Thanks, but I’ll just stay right here on this comfy couch with my daddy.”

Bodie – looking wistfully out the window, dreaming of a long walk in the woods . . .

. . . and trying to get the point across that he needs a new bone!

New cousin Marv and his wife Ruthie will be with us Sunday night.  Marv and Ted are going to be doing the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk on Monday – along with 60,000+ of their closest friends!  This year they are closing I-75 for the bridge walk, due to safety concerns from the Department of Homeland Security.  They’ve done an excellent job of letting people know the bridge will be closed – advertising has been going on for months (usually two lanes of the bridge remain open to north and south traffic). 

Have a great weekend, be safe, have fun, and enjoy time with family and friends!

God Bless.



17 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Postcard #3 9/1/17

  1. Hilde! I may actually get to see you! We’re going up next week (12th) and leave the 18th. It would be great to put a face to your name. Maybe – stranger things have happened.
    Brenda – I’m with you about the winding down and cooler weather, although this summer has not had that much hot in it for us. I have my new rain jacket, extra shoes in case one pair gets wet, and layers all planned. If it gets too warm, I’ll be melting!
    Love the photos, as always. Thanks for keeping us up to date on Island activities. See you soon!

    • Most of the stress is on the two streets downtown. Gotta get away from that – after you get your fudge, food, and t-shirts, of course!

      • Biking around the island is a must! Very easy ride with only a couple of small rolling hills. You will love it – and make sure you take your camera. You’ll be stopping lots of times for photos!

  2. Those sunset pictures are gorgeous! It’s so funny how Bodie wants to go, go,go and Maddie is content to cuddle up and sleep! We all get smarter as we age. Great blog…….am waiting anxiously for the first week of October when we will be in our way to the island!!! A little hint of Fall in the air here in Wisconsin too.

  3. Love, love all of the photos and tag lines!
    Glad to hear Ted has a friend to walk with this year. You and Ruthie will have that dear, sweet girl time❤.
    Enjoy and celebrate your remaining time on the island…….😊

  4. Thanks for your stories and pictures. Always enjoy everything you share. The last time I walked the bridge there was a double rainbow right along side with us. It was awesome. Hope you have another one this year.

  5. Hi, we’ll be there on the 17th. Will there be any horses left? What is the temperature like the end of September? Thanks for your help. Rhonda

    • Yes, there will be plenty of horses left until the end of October. Temps have been cool highs in 50-60’s, lows in high 40’s and low 50’s. Bring layers!

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