Island Postcard #2 8/22/17

Hi Friends!

Slowly, but surely, things are starting to return to more normal island activities.  My cough crud is definitely better, and a few days of enforced rest have helped my ankles return to almost their pre-island size.  So – six weeks into our 13-week stay – I’m getting up to speed and hopefully can finish out this trip with a lot more writing and photos than have come your way so far this summer!  And – hopefully – this is the last blog of the summer that will begin with a health report from yours truly!  Thank you SO MUCH for all the prayers lifted over the last few weeks.  Y’all are just the BEST!

In the category of “Things you don’t see out your window everyday – even on Mackinac”, I submit this entry.  Have you ever heard of slacklining?  Me either!  Our condo neighbor’s grandson is visiting this week, and he put on a slacklining demo for us early one morning.  It’s like tightrope walking, except the line is flat and made of a weaved material.  The tension can be changed just by tightening the line at either anchor – in this case a tree and a utility pole.  This young man was very good at this and kept us – and dozens of island visitors who happened to walk by – entertained for a good hour!

I walked downtown on Saturday evening to meet Ted for dinner.  At close to seven, the streets were much emptier than just a couple of hours earlier.  There’s always kind of a mass exodus from the island around 6 pm, as day trippers return to the mainland.  I confess to staying away from the downtown area as much as possible during the day!

A huge pot of petunias next to Trinity Church.

This pooch was getting a help up the hill from his sweet mom. Bike baskets are for more than hauling groceries!

An awesome Straits of Mackinac shot from Tom Chambers on one recent foggy morning. That’s the Ottawa and the James L. Oberstar passing by Windermere Point, with a Star ferry in the foreground.

A Bart Theron sunrise photo on Aug. 19. No words needed.

On Saturday night Ted and I walked down to The Island House for dinner. We hadn’t eaten there in a year or so, and we had a wonderful meal. Of course, the view from the dining room is awesome also. Afterwards we called for a taxi and, while we waited, we sat in rocking chairs out on the porch and watched as the light slowly dissolved into darkness. The taxi took almost an hour to arrive, but who cares! With this kind of beauty to take in, sitting and rocking is a very pleasant pass-time.

Dave and Diane, who were supposed to arrive today, postponed their trip until September.  We look forward to seeing them next month when they celebrate their anniversary on the island! 

Had a video chat with Blake on Sunday morning, and he looked and sounded great. This photo is on his second night in Ankara – with other team members.

Have a great week!

God bless.

18 thoughts on “Island Postcard #2 8/22/17

  1. For your ankles’s sake, I would not recommend u learning slacklining! Lol!

    When tony & I were on the island last week we realized he hadn’t been there in July or august for a few years. In the afternoons he kept complIning how there were too many people on “our” island. When he comes in September it is quieter but I told him that the tourism dept really liked
    alll of the crowds! Haha!

    Glad to see Blake is doing well.

    Hugs from Iowa!

  2. So glad to hear that you’re feeling better!!
    We’ve enjoyed treating ourselves to dinner at the Island House before, too. Lovely service, lovely food, beautiful view – altogether very satisfying! Extra nice that the taxi took a while and you and Ted are smart enough to enjoy the time on the porch. Island time!
    Also, young people are amazing and beautiful photos, as usual. Thank you, as always, for keeping us in touch with the beauty of Mackinac.

      • Yes! And we went early, and got a seat right in front of the windows. Lovely memory – watching twilight come over the harbor and the lights come on.

  3. Happy to hear your doing better both cough and ankle wise!! The Island House is one place we have not been too but we were talking about going there this year… will definitely have too now. Good to hear Blake is well and doing good 😊 Time is going so fast and we will be there before we know it!

  4. So glad for all of the great news…
    Blake and his team safely in place.
    You feeling so much better top to bottom. Take care to stay that way.
    The island house is lovely and food is wonderful. The view and the rockers!
    Enjoy the rest of your sweet island time dear friend. Drink in the luscious island air. It should be starting to quiet down now with the children of Michigan returning to school as well.
    We’ll get our Sweet Amelia back this Saturday!!!. We’re so excited😊😊 Her last work day is friday. Then off to university labor day weekend. 🙃 go figure. 5 sweet days with our girl 💖🌻💖

  5. Brenda,

    Ankle and cough doing better, that’s great news and I’m sure it’s a relief for you. Pictures are appreciated, however sometimes I have a difficult time keeping my balance walking on a flat surface, so I don’t think I’ll be doing any slacklining anytime soon. There was a time though… Reminds me of when my brother and I would walk a mile on a train rail and never fall off. That was when we lived in Cheboygan.

    I’ve been glad to see that the Island House is open and in business. I don’t know why but the years I worked on the Island it was empty and not in use.

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and thoughts. I’ve missed your blog and so glad you’re back on the Island and letting us enjoy it, too, through your pictures and thoughts. Sending you positive thoughts for healing; and, looking forward to your next blog.

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