A Rainy Day on Mackinac 8/17/17

Hi Friends!

The Horton clan awoke to heavy rain this morning on the island, and a few hours into the day it’s still coming down.  It’s one of those days when you don’t feel guilty for not going out and enjoying everything Mackinac has to offer, so I’m sitting here at the kitchen island, laptop open . . .

. . . looking out the front door glass at the rain creating little riverlets on the street, dog toys scattered everywhere, and pups watching the windows for any signs of Ted coming home from the weekly Men’s Breakfast at the Yacht Club.

After I wrote the last blog, I continued to push myself on my ankle, and I paid for it later in the week.  So, as of yesterday, I’m trying to do better.  I declared myself “off my feet” except for stuff I just couldn’t avoid doing, wrapped my ankle in the compression bandage the Med Center had provided, elevated it when possible, and really rested yesterday. This morning my ankle was less swollen than it’s been for three weeks, so I have the same plan for today.  Cough is basically the same.

And enough of that.

The good thing about “pushing it” is that I have lots of photos to share!

After church last Sunday I had to get a pic of the pots of geraniums lining the entrance to the church. Is there anything more welcoming than red geraniums?

On the walk home that day I slipped into the Grand Hotel’s gardens . . . .

. . . and came back out at the beautiful, curved red bench sitting strategically in a corner just off the sidewalk. It’s a great place to stop and rest on the walk up the hill or just to people watch!

Thanks, Jill, for getting this photo of two blog readers who stopped in the Island Bookstore recently. That’s Ashley and her mom Penny – both from Chicago! Thanks for reading the blog, ladies!

Loved these bikes with their “wheels of light” on Main Street the other night!

A typical busy day on Surrey Hill.  A visitor has pulled a chair out into the sun and is eating lunch (while texting, of course), people are walking down to the Grand stable to see the horses and the carriage museum it houses, and a private buggy, pulled by four Hackneys, waits in the shade for its passengers.

Bodie, in the closet and trying to figure out a way to get the dog treats out of my vest pocket.

Blog readers and friends Tony and Yvonne stopped by the condo one afternoon this week. They were at Grand Hotel celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. It was a nice day to sit on the porch and chat!

A beautiful sunrise captured by Max Jones.

Bodie and I left the island on Tuesday for his first grooming in Michigan. So proud of him – they said he was great for them in the tub and on the table. Still a little leery of the drying room, but he’s getting better at that too! He loves the ferry – and the taxi rides!

We were at a party downtown a few nights ago and got to enjoy a great sunset from the private dock.

Walking home after the party. We love Mackinac after dark.

We happened to get to this corner at the same time as a Mackinac Ghost Tour!

Beautiful Fort Mackinac.

Love this family of blog readers. You might remember Brittany as the college student who was in St. Augustine for a few weeks with her education major friends. She and the family called yesterday wanting us to join them at Sadie’s for ice cream, but I was determined to stay off my foot as much as possible. So I said, “Y’all come on up!” Loved visiting with Brittany, mom Lori, dad Craig, and brother Josh!


Blake landed at his destination this morning around 4 a.m., after leaving Jacksonville early in the morning on Wednesday.  He texted this last night around 11 pm, and I had to laugh out loud. I can so see him, earbuds firmly planted and oblivious to everything else going on around him.  Blake’s text:  “You know, there’s that point in your day when you’re jamming out to some Jackson 5, some Commodores, some U2 – and then BOOM – wheels touch down in Istanbul. Surreal, but a very good moment”. He later flew on to Ankara.  Thank you so much for all the prayers that lifted for his safe journey.  Please continue to remember him as he settles into this new life.  (Photo is from a few weeks ago in Colorado.)

We have company coming in on Tuesday (Dave and Diane Bennick, who we stayed with on the trip up).  We love that we’re getting to see more of this great couple.  More “new family” coming in September!

Y’all have a great rest of the week.

God bless.

13 thoughts on “A Rainy Day on Mackinac 8/17/17

  1. We’re supposed to get your rain this afternoon – possibly nasty storms. That doesn’t need to happen!
    Love all the flower and dog photos – your backgrounds are particularly pretty! Glad to hear that other bloggers come to visit, too.
    Ankles are a bother, but they demand attention. Hope yours responds quickly to the good treatment, and that that ornery cough goes far, far away! Also, so happy that Ted’s family discovery turned out so wonderfully. Have fun this week!

  2. Absolutely love that red bench against all the green. They were doing all the painting on that area when we were there last year. So pretty! The “lighted” bikes look like fun to ride at night or up in the woods. Very impressed with Blake’s choice of music 🙂

    P.S. I go back to the doctor this afternoon about my cough..sigh!….

  3. Nice blog! Good to catch up on things with the Horton clan. I enjoyed all the pictures. Happy to see that Blake made it over ok.

  4. Brenda,

    I can’t deny that I enjoyed all the pictures, but I’m glad you’re staying home now. You really shouldn’t go anywhere until the ankle is better. Now, you Just listen to “Dr. Greene.” You don’t even need to use the rain as an excuse, you hear!

  5. Glad to read that your son made it safely overseas. Keeping you in my prayers for continued healing for your ankle and that pesky cough. Beautiful flower pictures as always.

  6. It was great to visit with you, Ted, Maddie, and Bodie. Bodie is adapting to the island so well. He seems to love the freedom of walks and the ferry rides. He seems very comfortable to the island life. And Ms Maddie seems comfortable being the diva dog! LOL!

    Hopefully your ankle will start feeling better. My suggestion is for Ted to give you foot massages at least twice a day! LOL!

    Hugs from Iowa!

  7. The picture of the fort at night is one of the most breathtaking photos that I have ever seen. Love all the flowers and the furry people. Glad Blake is getting where he is going. Love pics of you and Ted. You really do need to do what the Dr. tells you about the ankle. Just get well again and you can make up for lost time.

  8. My mom and I were so glad to meet Jill during our recent trip up to the Island- thank you for sharing this picture of the three of us. This post about Hersey was very heartfelt and meaningful for us because the day we returned from Mackinac our own little dog passed away unexpectedly. Peanut was 13 and Mackinac Island was the last place we were all together with her. She loved running around Misssion Point, just like Hershey! Thanks for including us in the same post.

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