Thank You for Waiting! 8/10/17


Ok.  I know I said I’d be here on Monday with a blog.  And here it is Thursday.

I’ve never had a year on Mackinac start off like this one has.  I’ve coughed continually for four weeks, and on top of that I slightly sprained my ankle in the woods this past weekend.  I’ve pumped myself full of over the counter drugs that basically have done nothing but make me want to sleep all day, and basically that’s what I’ve done.

So – Monday – after volunteering at the Stuart House for four hours and coughing almost continually, I dragged myself down to the Medical Center and said, “Help.”

I saw a young female doctor who was on her first day of a two week rotation on Mackinac.  I swear to you she wasn’t old enough to drink adult beverages, much less dispense medical advice and drugs.  But she listened to my sob story and examined both my swollen ankles (the one I sprained only slightly more swollen than the other one). Her diagnosis – one ankle is slightly swollen due to injury, BOTH ankles are swollen because I’ve obviously been getting a lot more exercise since I arrived on the island than I was getting in Florida, and my body is retaining water.  The cough is from a virus that is sweeping the country and lasting anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks.  She added a cough medicine to my over-the-counter regime and said, “This might help, but probably not.”

So, I’m four weeks into the 8-12 week cough cycle and in a compression bandage on one ankle.  I’m drinking lots of fluids, elevating my feet when I can, and trying to talk myself into a better frame of mind.  I know I’m being a whiny baby.  I. KNOW. IT.

I promise to try and do better.  I promise.


Even when you feel bad you can appreciate beauty, and right now the island is at its full summer blooming peak. Here’s a little of what’s been happening since we talked last!

We were in on a surprise birthday party for friend Patty one evening at the Gate House. Her husband Buz did a great job of keeping it a secret, and several couples from Little Stone Church gathered for good food and fun.  (That’s Patty in the white jacket and Buz beside her in the turquoise shirt.)  Thanks, Jill, for this pic!

After dinner the birthday girl, Buz, Ted and I stopped for an ice cream at Sadie’s. What a great day!

Bodie got a chance to make friends up close and personal with one of the West Bluff horses. He continues to amaze me with his bravery around things that might scare a less secure dog.  He seems to have the attitude that the whole world is his playground, and if I’d just give him a chance he’d be “king of the island” in no time flat.

I walked him over to Governor’s Residence the other night and had him “up” onto the bench that sits at the top of Turkey Hill. Love how proudly he sat there overlooking his domain.

Passing by the Grand Stable at dusk the other night, I happened to find a farrier still at work.

Starting down Fort Hill. This view is one of the best on the island.

Blooms, blooms, blooms at The Cottage Inn on Market Street.

A West Bluff cottage that always has beautiful gardens. (Photo: Jill Sawatzki)

Another West Bluff cottage. This one is for sale!

Sunrise at the marina one morning this week. (Photo: Tony Boom)

A backyard gate behind a West Bluff cottage.  Doesn’t it made you wonder what’s on the other side?

Gardens on the Governor’s Summer Residence property. (Photo: Ted Horton)

Hedge-clipping at the Governor’s Summer Residence.  Maybe he’s coming this weekend!

Full moon and the beautiful Grand Hotel. (Photo: Annie Lockwood)

Hollyhocks on the West Bluff.

Poppies on a road going toward Brown’s Brook – in the interior of the island. (Photo: George Piliouras)

The gardens of the Metivier Inn never fail to be jaw-dropping in beauty.

The top of Fort Hill just as dawn breaks.  (Photo: Ted Horton)

Bodie, on a final walk of the evening.  He’s getting this posing stuff polished to a fine art!

Hoping you all are doing well and thanking you for your patience with me this summer.

Love, hugs, and God bless.

38 thoughts on “Thank You for Waiting! 8/10/17

  1. Beautiful pictures! Keeping you in my prayers to feel better soon. I’m a long time blog reader here, haven’t commented in a long while 🙂

  2. Brenda hope you feel better soon! Don’t try and over do it. Take care of yourself and don’t feel like you need to post for us. We will wait!

  3. I am so sorry that you got the ‘creeping crud’! Just because someone says it lasts 12 weeks doesn’t mean it has to for you. Well, if you have to be sick, where you are on the island is a pretty good location – close to walks, quieter, horses and dogs to watch, and Ted sweetie to bring you hot or cold beverages! Please get better soon so you can enjoy your island even more. We’re pulling for you! BTW, there are some amazing photographers on Mackinac, along with some beautiful views. This blog is making me so ready for September to be here so I can be on-island, too!

  4. So sorry to hear that you’re not feeling up to par. Take real good care of yourself and be better soon on all fronts! Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing. That Bodie is an amazing pup – sits like a professional model. So sweet! 😀🐾❤️

  5. So sorry your feeling unwell. I know that’s not how you want to spend your precious time on the island.
    The flowers are so amazing and I love looking at all of them. Loved the picture of the poppy field, so colorful.
    Take it a little easier now, keep that leg up when you can and feel better soon. Hi to Ted and the pups!

  6. God Bless girl…
    Here’s hoping you feel better sooner rather than later. Bodie is such a Sweet character. He seems to fit into the island critters well. Enjoy your evening!
    Hugs to you all
    P.S. I have it to….. warm tea seems to help the best and sleeping elevated.

  7. Brenda, even tho my cough is not as bad as it used to be , it is still not completely gone and if you believe everything on the internet, I should be dying soon. 😉
    Love all the blooms on the island especially the daisies (my favorite) and the poppies (my second favorite).
    Make sure to follow doctors order and be careful with those (that) ankle. Don’t want it hurt more.
    Bodie is so reminding me of Bear when I see him sitting so beautifully . Can’t wait to meet him!

  8. Bodie is quite the character. The flowers are gorgeous as usual. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well… is going around here too! Take care of yourself!!

  9. Get better soon! Because it looks like Prince Bodie needs you to escort him around his kingdom there:)

    You’ve got some amazing gardeners there for sure. Thanks for posting the gorgeous pictures!

  10. I hope you are feeling better real soon! What a great place to recuperate – Mackinac Island!! I bet you get rid of the bug in only 11 weeks! LOL
    Thank you for feeding our appetite for all things, people, places and DAWGS Mackinac while you are not feeling well. I’m sure I speak for many readers when I say we appreciate it!

  11. When it rains, it pours. Creeping crud and ankle trouble. Never a dull moment. The pictures are beautiful. I could live in the middle of all those flowers.
    I’m trying to remember how long you have had Brodie. He certainly seems incredibly well behaved. Off leash, posing for pictures. He seems like a sweetheart. Be well.

    • We’ve had Bodie since last Oct, Christine. He’s def still a work in progress. Incredibly smart and sweet, but with a wicked sense of humor and very full of himself. Love him!

  12. Brenda,

    Every one of your blogs are good. It’s just that some are “gooder” than others. With the exceptions of your chronic cough and bad ankle, this was one of the “gooder” ones. The flower pictures were beautiful and Posing Brodie (Well, what can I say?) He’s sure been a good learner.

    Do you think if I offered $50.00 for the bluff cottage, they would take my offer? I might be able to scrape up that much.

    I sure hope you don’t have to go three months with that cough, and I hope the ankle is better very soon. At least you can be grateful for the beautiful COOL weather on the Island. So much better than the Florida steam bath.

    Check out this site for cough remedies: Or this one may give you a couple of ideas:

  13. Being sick is not fun and especially not in the summer on that beautiful island! Hope you recover soon! I just love the flowers at the Metivier especially since that was my wedding location! The flowers in June when I visited were not near like they are now! The photo of the west bluff home that Jill took is almost exact to the one on the MIRD calendar for this month. Just beautiful. Bodie is just a handsome guy!

  14. Someday I will see the Island in full bloom! But, until then, thanks very much to your photographers!! I know I heard a chorus of angels singing when I first saw Tony Boom’s sunrise! Praying that the nasty virus ends soon! Bodie looks so regal in your photos! Thanks for sharing your life with us through the blog!

  15. Thank you for the beautiful pictures to hold us over until we get to come! So glad you have enough time on the Island to recuperate and still thoroughly enjoy your time there. Praying for your health and your Son’s safe travel. You know the Cottage for sale would be a great place for you to buy and rent out rooms to all of your bloggers!!! 😊

  16. Hope you get healthy soon! I am a long time reader of your blog and have not commented for some time. Thank You for this Blog. I am devoted to it!

  17. Thanks for all the pictures! Bodie sure is growing up ♡. I have you in my thoughts, hoping you feel better sooner than later.
    Sixteen days until we are on the island!

  18. Hi always…..i have been reading your blog and enjoying everything so much … but i have to jump in about your cough…. maybe you should check your medications ( side affects) i was on a blood pressure med and coughed constantly ….couldn’t say one word without coughing….then my dr. Changed my med and the cough was GONE !!! Believe me i was so happy……have you started a new med recently???? It could be something so simple…. Les

    • Hi Les, a reader of mine who is a pharmacist also emailed me about that possibility. I am on blood pressure meds, but have been taking the same ones for years and years with no increase in dosage.

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