Island Postcard #1 8/4/17

Hi everyone!  Last summer I introduced Island Postcards for those days when there wasn’t a lot of news – like today.  I’ll have a full blog out later this weekend (or Monday), but for tonight I had to share what many of us who were on the island got to see this morning.

We’d had pretty much 24 hours of straight rain, so when Ted and I took our coffee mugs out to the porch around 8:30 this morning (we slept in) we were happy to see a few breaks in the clouds, with some blue showing through.  Almost as soon as we were settled two tourists rode by, and one shouted to the other, “Quick, hand me your camera!”  Ted and I both got up to look in the direction she was pointing and saw this . . .

You can just barely make out that it’s a double rainbow.

Now this rainbow has been the talk of Mackinac for most of the day.  Nearly everyone we ran into brought it into the conversation (or we did), talking about where we were when we saw it.  Of all the pics of the rainbow on Facebook, these next four – taken by friend Pam Day from her home up near the airport –  are five of the best.  Thanks, Pam, for sharing!

Pam first saw it from her window as it seemed to dive past the Mackinac Bridge.

The beginnings of the second rainbow.

Pam said it was beautiful watching the progression, as it grew in size and radiance . . .

. . . and eventually became muted and disappeared.

Hoping each of you has had a good week and enjoys your weekend.  It’s going to be a busy one for us, so I think it will be Monday before I get a blog written with all the newsy news.


Blake and his team received their work permits on Tuesday of this week and are now frantically working on getting plane tickets and last minute details pulled together.  I know this is such a relief for all of them, and it is for me too because I want them to be able to begin teaching when they’re supposed to.  But, on the other hand, it also makes the whole thing very real to me, as a mom.  Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to lift them up.  I should have more details by the next time I write.

About three days ago a friend told me a regime of care for this blasted cough I’ve had for now going on four weeks.  It was what her doctor told her to do when she had it.  It involves nasal spray and antihistamines, and after three days I’m telling myself I’m noticing a tiny improvement.  Or maybe it’s just because I’m SLEEPING all night and practically all day!  I’m going to stick with it a few more days and see how things go.  A medical center visit may still be in my future.

God bless.



11 thoughts on “Island Postcard #1 8/4/17

  1. B E A U T I F U L rainbow(s)!! Thanks for sharing Pam!
    Happy Blake and his team are finally able to proceed onward and continued prayers still going strong. 🙂

    • Teresa, her Doc suggested one Claritin D (12-hour) morning and evening PLUS one squirt nasal spray in each nostril morning and evening. Doesn’t have to be the expensive nasal spray. Walmart, CVS or Walgreen brand is fine. I can’t take anything with “D” because of high blood pressure so could choose between plain Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra or musinex.

      • Thank you!! Going to give it a try. I can’t take the meds with D either for the same reason.

  2. Beautiful rainbow pictures! We had a rainbow here in Wisconsin as well. Then this morning we awoke to 56 degrees! My kind of weather! I am getting excited about our trip to the island the first week in October. We will be bringing my sister along with us. She has never been to the island before. She lost her husband to cancer 2 years ago so I think a trip to Mackinac is just what she needs! Can’t wait!

  3. Thank you for sharing all the over the rainbow photos. They are truly lovely.
    Prays shall continue for you and Dear Blake and his team. Take care we hope you feel better soon…

  4. Great pictures, Pam Day! Thank you for sharing! Brenda, in Ohio friends have been taking MucinexDM for a lingering cough and with great results! Prayers for you and your family!

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