Counting Down to Mackinac 6/20/17

Hi Everyone!

Lots of personal news to share tonight . . . .

We’ll be leaving for Michigan on or around July 10 (around three weeks), and the days leading up to our departure are just about as packed as they can be!

This week – on Friday, I’m leaving for Georgia on a road trip – the first solo trip I’ve taken in a very long time.  On my agenda is a two-night visit with my wonderful friend Dawn at the “ri’vah” and her husband Stevie (hoping to see other friends while I’m there too)!.  I’ll spend Friday night with them, then on Saturday morning drive to Manchester GA to visit my best, best, best friend in all the world, Helen McCorvey and her husband Paul.  It’s been way too long since we’ve had a chance to catch up face-to-face, and I can’t wait to see them.  I claim Helen as the sister I never had.  She taught me English in high school in Sylvester GA, and I worked with her in the Public Information Office of the Dougherty County School System in Albany GA.  It was Helen who gave me my first encouragement in writing.   We go “way back”, and I love her and Paul to the moon and back.  I’ll return to Dawn and Stevie’s on Saturday night, then head back to Florida on Sunday.

The next week, on Wednesday, June 28, both Jason and Blake will fly into Daytona Beach.  Jason will be here until that Friday, and Blake is staying another week after that.  This will be Jason’s, Ted’s and my last chance to spend time with Blake before he leaves the middle of August for a two-year commitment to teach in Ankara Turkey (he’ll be home for 4 weeks next summer).  More on that later in the summer, but please keep Blake in your prayers now as he prepares, and over the next months as he makes this transition.  I have a lot of concerns as a mom about this, so please also remember me as you pray.

Blake flies back to Colorado on Friday July 7, and Ted, the fur babies, and I will load up and leave for Michigan either Monday or Tuesday of the following week.  Once we make it to Michigan we will spend time meeting and visiting with more of Ted’s newly found family.  There’s even a family reunion planned!  We are very excited!

Then – if all goes as planned, and the good Lord is willing – we’ll arrive on Mackinac Island on Sunday, July 16, where we plan to stay until mid-October.

Somewhere in the middle of all that will be doctor, hair, nail, dog grooming and car servicing appointments.  Mail will be forwarded, live indoor plants will be “fostered out” to sweet neighbors, the boat will come out of the water and be put in dry storage, and outdoor furniture will be moved indoors.


So . . . . until we arrive on the island, I’m just going to post occasionally when I come up for air!.  Once we’re on the island, I promise to get back to doing what you all love – sharing beautiful Mackinac.


A few entries from this past Sunday’s 69th Annual Lilac Festival Parade! A beautiful team of horses photographed by Heather May for May’s Fudge.

The ever popular Clown Band. (Photo: Joann’s Fudge)

A great group from the Pink Pony float! (Photo: Pink Pony)

Lilacs and Love! (Photo: Dan Denardo)

Two blog readers – Karen and Barbara – meet over the books stacks in Island Bookstore (with a little help from Jill). I LOVE when that happens!


We got new dining room furniture recently, and we’ve been searching for a piece of art to go over the buffet. We found it in this photograph by Kenny Fasnacht through Ocean Art Gallery in Flagler Beach. He captured perfectly our cinnamon beach, beautiful sky and ocean, and the Flagler Pier before it was damaged by Hurricane Matthew. If you zoom in on this photo, you can actually see the grains of sand on the beach. We thought it was beautiful . . .

. . . and it was perfect for that spot!

“Make him stop looking at me, dad!” LOL – just look at that crab’s beady little eyes!  I can’t wait for Bodie to get to Mackinac and realize he’s going to be somewhere cool (relatively speaking) for three months, with woods galore to explore.  I think he’s going to be one very happy Golden!

Finally – acceptance. Maddie would groom Bear’s face every morning, but this was the first time I’d ever seen her do it to Bodie. He seemed to enjoy it as much as she did. I guess she’s finally decided he can stay. So sweet.

Ok – that’s all for now.  I’ll be checking in over the next three weeks as often as I can.  Take care!  Love you all!

God bless.

29 thoughts on “Counting Down to Mackinac 6/20/17

  1. Hi, Bree! I’m happy and a little sad that you are heading to Mackinac next month. We are actually going to be in Flagler Beach July 23-30th and I was hoping to say HI! I’ve been following your blog for several years now and even introduced my family to you last April (with my daughter’s wedding picture!). We enjoy your slice of life and I hope your cool summer in Paradise is all that you dream it will be. Thanks for always sharing your heart. I feel like I have an extra friend in FL when I read your blogs. Sterling Slaven

      • we are just on vacation. I have a friend who has a trailer near the beach….that’s all we need when we go to the beach….a place to lay our heads! Safe travels!!!

  2. Brenda,
    So glad you used the picture of the six horse team. It just fascinates me, and they are such beautiful horses. Lilacs and Love is rather nice too (and pretty special).

    I’m glad it’s such a short time until you’ll be heading north, and the busier you stay between now and then, the faster time will go. I love family reunions and the one you’re looking forward to should be pretty special. Where in Michigan will it be? Today would have been a good day for it. It’s 74 degrees, dew point 53 degrees and partly cloudy. In my book, that’s just about perfect.

    I sure like the Cinnamon Beach picture and I know you’ll enjoy the beach more in the winter time.

    Enjoy your trip to the old stompin’ grounds.

  3. Whew! You have a very busy 3-4 weeks! Your furry children are going to hid under the table during your whirl wind cycle! lol! Can’t wait to hear of the Bodie stories when he gets to the island! HAHA!

    I love to drive so most of the time when Tony and I go somewhere I normally drive. The freedom to just get in a car and go is thrilling for me. I drove to St Ignace in a 10 hour drive and stopped once in Wisconsin for a restroom break and to get gas! Lol! Hopefully you will have a relaxing time on your drive to Georgia.

    When you get to the island you need to go to Lilac Spa and have a massage! I get one every time I am on the island and it is heaven! LOL!

    Hugs from Iowa!

    • I like the way you think, Yvonne! You’re a lot younger than me though. I used to be just like that. Get in car and go!

  4. Bree,
    The artwork is truly gorgeous!..
    You and Blake have our prayerful thoughts. How wonderful there is a family reunion to look forward to. Enjoy the time with all of your busy time that will bring you to your Mackinac Island time. Thanks again for sharing our sweetheart Amelia with all who shall visit our beloved Mackinac Island.

  5. Jill was so funny and kind to snap a few photos of myself and Barbara! It was a great time as usual and I really enjoyed the parade.

  6. We made it two-thirds of the way to Mackinac Island, but had to turn around the next day and head back to MN due to illness. We cancelled our reservations at the Chippewa for our anniversary. I think things happen for a reason, so I’m hoping the reason is we can go in the fall and get a chance to meet you. I, too, am an only child so I know how precious good friends are in life. Have a great trip!

    Karen Strusz

    • So sorry your trip was interrupted, Karen, and we’ll just hope it all works out for you to come in the fall!

  7. Jill is a sweetie, that’s for sure! Karen and I were both in that section with books about the island, don’t you know. Imagine that! So nice to put a face with a name.
    Theresa, was Amelia working on Sunday? We kept looking for her on a carriage, and weren’t sure.
    Brenda, anyone going to that part of the world deserves support, as well as his family. Blake and you will both be supported from here.
    Do you realize how close you’ll be to Lowell? Just a thought. . . .in case you can.
    I think you’re going to love the west coast of Michigan. So many lovely little towns, and that huge lake! Quite different from other parts of the United States. And that family reunion sounds wonderful! Wishing you safe driving and pleasant weather for all your travels.
    btw, the parade was worth the one day trip, but it sure felt odd to leave at the end of the day!

  8. Blake AND you, Brenda will be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love the beach picture and it sure does look good above the buffet.
    Like Lowell, I do love that Lilac’s and Love picture. That would look so cool above our fireplace!
    AND the picture of Maddie and Bodie…well….to sweet for words. 🙂

  9. Bree, I’ve got Blake on my prayer list. And I can’t believe you’re coming my way this weekend! So, so close! But we leave tomorrow for a CME for Arch in Ponte Vedra. I call it my 5 star write-off! 🙂 Maybe one day we’ll meet…

  10. Bee enjoyed catching up on your posts. ESPECIALLY enjoyed all your pictures of Macinac and Alaska … Safe travels. We were in Campell river whale watching as well what an awesome experience. Cheryl

  11. Safe trip to Georgia and enjoy those boys while they’re home! Looks as though you’ll be pretty busy up till your departure. Hello to Ted and your fur babies! Take care…

  12. Love the picture. Nothing like finding artwork that is just perfect for a certain room! I am working on making a trip to Mackinac the first week of October. Hopefully we will make it. Maybe we can actually meet. I will certainly add Blake and you to my prayer list. I don’t have any children who have travelled that far. I would definitely be worried! Take care and Don’t get exhausted!!

  13. Very excited for you! Will be praying for safety in your travels and a wonderful time reconnecting with dear friends! Love the photo of Maddie and Bodie!

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