A Slow News Week 4/23/17

Hi Friends!

This is one of those Sundays where there just isn’t a lot to talk about.  The week has been filled with our usual routine – four days of volunteering between the two of us (with two extra assignments for Ted due to Earth Day activities).  The last part of the week was the best because Matthew was with us from Friday afternoon until we took him back home late this morning.  He and Ted played golf twice, and he got a little fishing in last night!

It blows me away that – at fourteen (he’ll be 15 in July) – he is already taller than I am. I love this young man so much, and we had a great time together on Saturday, hanging out at the new Bass Pro Shop in Daytona. Ted was working an Earth Day event, so I got some quality time in with my grandson. Loved it!


Bodie took over Maddie’s bed for a few minutes the other day. He decided it was a little bit too small for his 72 lbs!

Trying to climb our outside spiral staircase. This is as far as he got, and getting back down was pretty scary for him.  There was no room to turn around, and I have to tell you that backing a dog down a spiral is not easy. I don’t think he will try that again!

Before Easter dinner we were adding a leaf to the dining room table, and Bodie popped up in the middle! 

Sunday morning on the deck.  Maddie’s little face is almost totally white now.


Things you don’t normally see crossing at the intersection of A1A and HWY 100. This lady and her pony walked up from the beach and crossed the street as traffic waited at the red light. 


A couple of bikers round a curve at sunset. The island looks almost ready for the season, but those jackets they’re wearing tell me the temperature still feels pretty chilly.  I just checked Weather Channel, and it’s 41 there right now.  (Photo: Clark Bloswick)

I wish there was more to write about, but it’s just one of those “no news” weeks. So I’ll close, wish you a wonderful week to come, and say . . . . . . God bless.

P.S.  Only a little over two weeks before we leave for Alaska. We are getting VERY excited!

13 thoughts on “A Slow News Week 4/23/17

  1. The pictures of Bodie trying to fit in Maddie’s bed and him peaking through the table is precious! How old is Maddie? She is such a diva even in her older years!

    We are excited for you and Ted to be taking the Alaskan cruise! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    Hugs from Iowa!

  2. It’s ok Maddie, we all get a little whiter as we get older. Your still the diva! 🙂
    Matthew sure has gotten big and is quite a handsome young fella…he’s gonna have lots of girls chasing him if he does’t already.
    Your right…it’s not often you see someone walking their pony ..LOL!

    • Hilde,

      Not everyone gets white as they get older. There are a few exceptions. Faye will be 78 in July and I can only find a very few white hairs. All the rest are quite brown. But you’re right about me. What little hair there is left is almost completely white.

      • I have very little white also, Lowell. But that’s because every six weeks I get it covered up!

  3. Every time I see one of your family photos I think, Now that’s an attractive family! and you are!
    Please tell Maddie that the white hair stuff is nothing to worry about. I recently stopped coloring my hair and I discovered something: When you’re inside looking out of a white haired head, it looks the same as it did when you colored it! How others see you might change, but I’m still me looking out. 🙂 However, this blonde-ish middle step is interesting. . . . . Time will tell!
    Happy Alaska planning!

    • It will take a couple of stages. The hairdresser used a lot of foils and lightened (mostly removed color) from my hair. In a couple of weeks, we’ll do more. The white is growing in incredibly fast! I’m kind of liking the ‘blonde’ I have right now (frosted with white). May end up adding a little low light to keep from being the all white I truly am (thanks, Mom and Dad!)

  4. Great pics. Dogs do the funniest things. Aren’t they great? I’m excited for your trip to Alaska, once in a lifetime. Everyone I’ve talked to about their trip, loved every minute. 😄

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