Bring Your Own Sunshine! 4/9/17

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.  Anthony J. D’Angelo.

After complaining about how hot it already was in Florida last week, I shall now eat those words and say we’re in the middle of what the weather folks are predicting will be a good week-and-a-half of glorious spring-like days!  Just when I thought the 90’s had arrived to stay, it stormed for two days and then the wind blew like crazy for two more days.  On the other side of that . . . out popped SPRING.  For the next week we are looking at highs in the 70’s and lows at night in the 60’s . . . . PERFECT!

We’ve had a pretty busy week here . . .

Ted left Sunday morning for Augusta GA and the Masters.

Jason was already there . . .

. . . and he spent Monday morning (before the bad weather moved in) showing Ted and a great group of friends from Mackinac some of the sights.  The Masters practice rounds were cancelled for parts of Tuesday and Wednesday due to weather.

This was Jason’s 20th Masters. He attends each year to host clients.

Ted was going to stay for the Monday and Tuesday practice rounds, but decided to come home Tuesday morning to avoid driving in the anticipated horrible weather in north GA on Wednesday. The bad weather started for us here in Florida on Tuesday, but he didn’t hit it until the last hour of his trip home.

We accumulated over five inches of rain that day . . .

. . . . and this pic Ted took a few days later of one of the retention ponds in Sunset Inlet shows how much water accumulated.

The big retention pond at the front of our neighborhood was so full the dogs could have gone swimming in it.  You can see the “mud marks” around the sides.

We went to Java Joint Wednesday morning for breakfast and met this gentlemen as he was about to leave. We had noticed his bike outside and remarked about all the gear it held. Didn’t get his name, but he told us he had flown with his bike into Savannah from his home in Maine. He was biking from Savannah to Key West – said he was tired of winter and thought the bike ride would be a good way to get a start on summer.

Off he goes.  It seemed like quite the adventure to me!

In keeping with the great weather, Julie and her family went deep sea fishing today and just sent us these two pics. Here she’s just caught a good-sized amberjack . . .

. . . and Matt hooked this 8-foot shark!  He reeled him in twice, but he was fighting so hard Matt ended up cutting the line.  Julie said he was one mad shark!  She also said it was a beautiful porpoise day.  They had about 30 trolling along with the boat, jumping and swimming in their wake.  They went about 50 miles offshore.

Bodie and I chose a calmer way to spend this gorgeous Sunday afternoon  We went over to the St. Joe Walkway and strolled along the Intracoastal for a couple of miles.

It was shady most of the way, and I have to tell you that Bodie and I are most definitely on the same wavelength as far as our love for cool weather. He RACES past every sunny spot to get to the shady ones!


April is a transition month on Mackinac.  The snowmobiles are being put in storage, and everyone is getting ready to begin another season.  Shop owners who don’t live on the island year-round will begin arriving to stock inventory and get ready to open for business.  Construction projects are winding down.  I can’t wait to see what this new season will bring!

On Friday Clark Bloswick snapped this photo of the beautiful blue waters of Lake Huron. The ice all seems to have melted, and it’s great to see the Straits ready for another season of visitors to Mackinac.

Love this pic from Max Jones of horses waiting on the ferry.

And speaking of horses arriving . . . . the annual parade back to the island has begun!  Thanks to Kaitlynn Bazinau for sharing this video!

One more video – NOT for the faint of heart!  Ed Gough’s visit to the top of the Mackinac Bridge.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week to come and a joyful Easter Sunday on the 16th.  God bless.





11 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Sunshine! 4/9/17

  1. Ok I was fine until I saw the view from the top of big Mac!! Had to move to the back of the couch. 😉
    LOVE, love the sound of the horses though! Be still my heart.
    The weather has been much better here too and I hope it stays that way. I am so happy Spring is finally here!

  2. Brenda,

    For once I don’t have to envy you the warmer weather in Florida nor the cooler breezes of Mackinac Island. I just checked the weather for Beverly Beach and Olivet, MI. Both have 70 degrees and sunshine, and Mackinac Island has only 53 degrees with mostly cloudy skies and a 70% chance of thunder storms.

    However, I sure did like the video of the arriving horses. The “season” will be here soon. Of course, as beautiful as the Bridge is, I have no desire to go to the top of the towers.

    FYI the doctor told me it would take at least a month to recover from my bout with the congestive heart failure. I believe him because I went out this afternoon to remove last year’s asparagus fronds and although I got them broken off, I didn’t have enough strength left to carry them to the woods and throw them away.

    • Good to hear from you, Lowell. Take care of yourself and please follow the doctor’s orders. That’s why they call them orders, not suggestions! Hugs and love!

  3. Just made our reservations for June 19-22 at the Chippewa for our 52nd anniversary Can’t wait!! Thank you for keeping me in touch with the island through this long Minnesota winter!! Karen Strusz

  4. Great read as usual. It was 72 here today. My daffodils are blooming. I know it can’t last but will take it for now. Loved listening to the clip clip of the horses. I think that is what I miss the most when we come homevfrom.Mackinac. a note to Ted.. …what an exciting Masters!!!

  5. Love those fuzzy horses! And, like Hilde said, love the sound of their hooves! We did yard work after church (high of 76 – yeah!) and loved being outside. So much hope and promise in the Spring.
    Glad to hear from Lowell. I’ve been wondering how he and Faye were doing. I’ll wave at them when we go by to be in Gull Lake for Easter. And Happy Easter to all of you!

  6. So glad Ted had fun at Augusta, but glad he got home safely. You and Bodie and I have even more in common, I can’t stand the heat either. We would be in the same temps to be comfortable. The island waking up, how fantastic. Have a very Happy Easter.

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