Grandkids for the Weekend! 11/6/16

One of the main reasons we moved to Florida was to see our grandkids more often, and this was one of those weekends we got to reap the rewards.  Julie and Matt were out of town, and we had the great fun of Jordan and Matthew spending a couple of nights with us! 

Jordan had babysitting jobs lined up, and since she now can drive, she handled all the back and forth travel from babysitting duties to our house.  Matthew brought tons of fishing gear and was out casting from the seawall as soon as he arrived.  The weekend was relatively quiet – Jordan babysat, did schoolwork, and read.  Matthew fished and took Bodie out for runs (Bodie LOVED that)!

In fact, Bodie and Matthew formed quite a bond this weekend.


When Bodie got put in “time-out” for stealing Matthew’s socks, Matthew climbed in the crate with him to keep him company.  I have a real concern that this “punishment” did nothing to keep Bodie from stealing socks again!  In fact, it might have encouraged it!



The freighter James R. Barker passes by the golden shoreline trees.  It was 60 degrees and sunny on Mackinac today.  (Photo: Tom Chambers)


A spectacular Clark Bloswick photo through one of the Fort Mackinac’s gun ports! 


Love, love, love this pic of a chipmunk against a blurred background that includes St. Anne’s.  Clark, who took the pic, says the chipmunks are staying visible a lot longer than usual due to the warmer than normal fall.

When next we chat the election will be over, and America will have a new President.  Please join me in lifting a prayer for this great country of ours. 

God bless.


8 thoughts on “Grandkids for the Weekend! 11/6/16

  1. Bodie sure does look comfortable….I just LOVE that picture! A boy and his dog (well you know what I mean 😉 ) I can’t believe this weather…we are having a REAL Fall this year and its beautiful. I told Bud today that I wouldn’t mind another mild Winter like back in 2010 but I don’t think that’s going to happen. One can hope right?
    I can’t wait until this election is over but I’m a little scared at the same time….

  2. Love that the grandkids got to spend time with you guys!! Love the photos and love this weather we’re experiencing in Mackinac and Wisconsin. I loved Clark’s pic of the chipmunk, but ours have gone underground I believe. Have a great week and hope Bodie learned his lesson, lol!

  3. Probably a few more visits and Matthew won’t fit in Bodie’s crate! Loving the Island photos. We still have a lot of green around here too. It is November, right? I am missing the colorful fall foliage!

  4. Had to laugh at Brodie and your grandson in the timeout. Agree that probably didn’t have the intended consequences. Love the fall up north photos. Makes me want to be there.

  5. I think you might be right about Bodie’s punishment. What a cute picture though. The temperature here this morning was 26 and it was 43 on the island. Doesn’t seem right does it? What a beautiful picture that Clark took from the Fort!

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