More Fall Beauty From Mackinac 11/3/16

I thought Sunday’s blog post would be the best of the best of “Fall on Mackinac” photos.

I was wrong.


Every time someone shares one of these pics of this year’s gorgeous trees I tear up a little.  Sure would love to be there to see them in person – to stand in the road and stare, or sit on a leafy knoll and just breathe it all in. (Photo: Tom Chambers)


I can’t get enough of the maple trees on Cadotte!  These trees were only planted six years ago.  Can you imagine their WOW factor in another decade!  (Photo: Pam Day)


The folks at Metivier Inn shared this and the next five photos – showing just how empty downtown becomes after most everything has closed.  Here a lone person walks a bike toward St. Anne’s on Main Street.


In the summer this row of benches would be overflowing with visitors awaiting their turn to board a Carriage Tour.


Ferry docks usually teeming with people at any hour of the day stand empty until just before the arrival or departure of a ferry.


Main Street . . .


. . . Market Street . . .


. . . and the marina are empty.  November is quiet on Mackinac.  It’s a time when year-round residents give a sigh of relief that another season of hard work has come to an end, men enjoy hunting season, and families travel to see friends and relatives.  Thanks for sharing, Metivier Inn!


A gorgeous sunrise captured by Patrick Conlon.


And that’s a wrap.  From Dale Peterson, this photo of the last group of horses leaving the island for the winter.  A few horses will remain for the winter taxi and for the work drays.


THIS end of Main Street was a beehive on this particular day.  Getting the work done before the snow flies!  (Photo: Clark Bloswick)


This photo and the next four are from friend and wonderful photographer Bruce LaPine.  Love this one from the Peace Garden, showing the bronze statue, “Be Still”.  The garden is dedicated to the 200 years of lasting peace between Canada and the United States since the War of 1812.  The garden is at the east end of Marquette Park.


From Point Lookout, overlooking Sugar Loaf.


I guess it’s strange to say that one of my favorite island spots is a cemetery, but it is – and especially in the fall.  It’s then that the sound of your feet crunching through the fallen leaves is usually the only sound you will hear as you walk among the gravestones.  Such peace for those who rest here.


The Grand Lady on the Hill – almost hidden by those maples.


And there are just no words that would do this one justice.  It is perfect.  Awesome photos, Bruce!  Thank you for sharing!



I pulled out an old photo of Bear this week (he was about 1 1/2 years old in that one) and compared him to Bodie.  I had forgotten how much lighter Bear had become as he’d aged.  When we first got himhe was almost the exact shade Bodie is now. 


Bodie is alternately a teenage terror, an obedient angel, and a big puppy who is scary smart.  I taught him to shake the other day in about 10 minutes, and he instinctively knew to alternate paws –  without being taught that – depending on which one I asked for.  You can just see his mind whirling at times.  Gotta be on my toes with this one!


He and Maddie are bonding.  That means she puts up with him until he crosses a line.  Then she pushes him back across to his side.  Bodie is more assertive than Bear, but Maddie handles him like the Queen she is.  I caught them grooming each other one morning – Bodie washing her face, and Maddie cleaning his ears.  Sweet moment.

Y’all won’t believe this, but I stayed up until 1 am this morning watching the Cubs win the World Series.  First baseball game I’ve watched in at least 10 years (and probably the last one for the next ten).  I’ve never been much of a baseball fan, but that game last night was sports at its greatest.  Congratulations to all the Cubs fans out there! 

Have a great weekend, and we’ll meet back here in a few days. 

God bless.

17 thoughts on “More Fall Beauty From Mackinac 11/3/16

  1. Kinda off topic, but while you were on the island, did you hear about Arnold Ferry Lines being bought out by Star Lines? How do you think it will affect the island?

  2. Oh, what beauty! And that road down from the cemetery is one of my most photographed, too. Love that walk. Nice to hear that Bodie is settling in. He sure is handsome!

  3. Such beautiful pictures of the island. My favourite time is the Fall on the island. We were there October 27th and I have some pictures to share with you. How do I send them to you? Thanks very much. Paula

  4. Another great blog Brenda! Really enjoyed all the beautiful pictures. I was on the Island last Saturday and it was rather busy. I was surprised to see that many people this late in the season. It was just gorgeous there. I am still in upper Michigan and the fall colors are just breathtaking. A little sad I am not in Chicago today. The parade is scheduled to start in a few hours, 3 blocks from my home. So happy for the Cubs! The pics of Maddie and Bodie are so precious.

  5. The pictures from the island are just the most awesome FALL pictures EVER!! I don’t think the island has ever had more color then this year . It’s just been amazing!
    That picture of Bodie looking up at you…what?
    GO CUBS GO!! You and I are the same way when it comes to sports Brenda…but this…this was history in the making 🙂 Today in Chicago..7th largest human gathering in the world!

  6. Brenda,

    Every Fall picture of the Island you chose to include is more beautiful than the last one.Thank you and thanks to those who took the pictures. And thank you for the pictures of Bodie and Maddie. Does Bodie have a higher forehead than Bear or is it my imagination?

  7. Gorgeous pictures of the island. we’ve only been there in the summer, but I would love to see it in the fall ( and winter). Bodie seems like he will be a great dog. So cute

  8. My goal is to retire to Mackinac Island and shovel horse poop. I’m already an expert at shoveling poop at my current place of employment…..or at least being “knee-deep-in….”

    Thanks for the lovely photos of the island and the pups!

  9. There were lots of tired cub fans Thursday morning for sure. I’ve waited for this my whole life and wasn’t about to go to sleep and miss it. I think I have a few more gray hairs now too! All I can say is WOW on the beautiful fall pictures. Just gorgeous! Thanks.

  10. Just found your blog, and can’t wait to read it. We live in southwest Michigan, about 4.5 hours from the island. We only go off-season anymore, not for the price but because of the solitude. If we could afford it, we would actually winter there. We like cold and snow!

    We thought we knew the island well until I started reading your blog! Can’t wait wait to explore even more places!

    • Welcome! I hope you go back and start at the beginning! Of course you’ll be reading all winter LOL! I’d love to be there all winter too!

  11. Thanks for sharing these great photos capturing the tranquility of Mackinac in the fall. We had some truly stunning tree colors this year.

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