What Would I Do Without . . . . 10/27/16

Each year when we leave Mackinac for the summer I’m already wondering about the coming fall and winter.  As I transition from being a part-time Michigander back to being a full-time Floridian (still can’t get used to saying that), I  begin to ponder who among the island year-round residents may be willing to share their photographs of “the hidden season” – so I can pass them on to you.  There have been so many generous folks in the past – Clark Bloswick, Tom Chambers, Patrick Conlon, Robert McGreevy, Stefanie Congdon, Greg Main – to name just a few.  Without you the winter version of Bree’s Blog wouldn’t exist.  As always, thank you so much!

Being added to that list this year is a sweet, sweet lady I had the pleasure to call neighbor for too short a time this summer.  Her name is Pam Day, and she’s been a long-time reader of Bree’s Blog.  I actually have TWO Pam Days who are blog readers – Pam Day from Ohio, and THIS Pam Day, who is from Michigan (both are equally as sweet).  The Michigan Pam Day did something this summer that so many of my readers have dreamed of – she bought a condo on Mackinac Island.  Her new semi-permanent address is Cedar Hill Condos, where Ted and I stayed the last part of this summer and where we’ll be staying for three months next year.  I’ve already discovered that Pam has quite an eye for photography, and she’s agreed to share her talent with us.  I’m hoping that other full-time residents at Cedar Hill will also be snapping winter photos and forwarding them on to me.  How ’bout it, Eugenia Murray and Meredith and Craig Mclellan?

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a couple of Pam’s photos, followed by others from several island contributors:


This morning at the post office.  The air was chilly, and the streets and bike racks were empty.  (Photo: Pam Day)


The view across the Jewel Golf Course from Huron Road and out across the Straits.  (Photo: Pam Day)


A little different angle on Grand Hotel.  Oh my gosh, I love those gold trees! (Photo: Tom Chambers)


A walk in the woods in the Fall with your dog.  What could be better?!  Photo by Lisa Brock with pooch Penny Lane.


Yes, they’re electric golf carts.  But on the way to winter storage, they travel by horse-drawn dray.  (Photo: Eugenia Murray)


The end of the sailing season.  Dave Rowe took this final view of the island as he sailed his boat Wild Honey to the mainland for winter storage. 


A great capture of Pure Mackinac by Clark Bloswick.  A lone dray, a lone taxi, a lone maintenance worker on otherwise empty Cadotte Avenue.  Great fall colors!


The trees of the Jewel Golf Course were a favorite subject this week!  (Photo: Clark Bloswick)


I had to save this one for last.  A stunning October sunset over Mackinac.  (Photo: Jason Kladiva)


This week’s Top 10 Things Bodie Likes That Get Him in Trouble:  1.Pulling up long strands of grass from a backyard that doesn’t have enough grass to spare to puppies who want to play with it 2)  Anything that dangles 3) Plastic of any kind – dry cleaning plastic, newspaper plastic sleeve, garbage bags (full and empty) 4) Shoes 5) Socks 6) Welcoming visitors by chewing on their hands 7) Paper towels 8) Sea shells 9) Paper 10) Wood 


But . . . . here I am finishing this post, and there he is sound asleep in Bear’s bed.  I wonder as I type when I will begin to call it Bodie’s bed.  I can glance at him sometimes (like now), and he looks so much like Bear it’s eerie. 


But then he wakes up and moseys over to say hi (like now).  And he sticks out that cute tongue with the black spot, and looks up at me with those eyes that have a slightly oriental slant to them at this point in his development, and I think, “No, he’s all Bodie.” 

And I grin at him and tell him what a good boy he is, and his butt instantly hits the floor because he already knows when I say “good boy”, it’s going to be followed by the “sit” command and a treat is going to magically appear in my hand.

Yep.  He’s all Bodie And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


21 thoughts on “What Would I Do Without . . . . 10/27/16

  1. The colors are beautiful and that sunset is stunning! Thanks to you and all your photographic contributors for giving the rest of us a taste of Mackinac!

  2. Thank you Brenda for such kind words. I have a lot to live up to now and need to start getting my pics in better focus. I have always enjoyed seeing the pics from all your Island contributors so I hope my pics live up to those standards. I love hearing the cute stories about Bodie. Although his “cuteness” is probably a lot of work for you. Can’t wait to see him next year. Miss you all!

  3. Brenda,

    Mackinac is indeed a beautiful and the pictures prove it.

    And yes, Bodie, You are a very handsome dog. By the way, does that black spot on your tongue mean you may have some Chow in your ancestry somewhere in the distant past?

    • No, Lowell, although I’ve been asked that before. He is purebred golden retriever and has the pedigree to prove it. The black spots on the tongue are normal for purebred Goldens. Bear had them too, although his were further back on his tongue and not so noticeable.

  4. Thank you Pam Day for your beautiful pictures! I hope we get to meet each other next year. You are living the dream so many of us can only imagine! Thank you, Brenda, for keeping us all connected!!!!!

  5. Love seeing all the colors this time of year. You are so lucky to have such great friends to make sure you get them. Give Bodie a hug and a treat from me.

  6. Thanks to all who helped Brenda share with us the beauty of the Island in late fall. I so want to see it in person one of these years.

  7. Many thanks to the photographers who share their Island photos with you! Such beauty on the Island. Loving those fall colors. Couldn’t you hear the crunch crunch of the leaves being walked on in the woods photo? Enjoying all things Bodie!

  8. Wow! The sunset picture is awesome! All the pictures are beautiful. Fall is my favorite season. Was interesting to hear about Bodie” eyes….. I wondered about that. It will be fun watching him grow up. Thanks to everyone for the pictures!

  9. Thank you Pam for your beautiful pictures! I also hope we can meet next year.
    Oh Brenda, that almost looks like Bear sleeping in the bed…I can totally see where you might see that,…until. he .wakes. up…LOL! I have a feeling Bodie is gonna be a lot of fun! 🙂

  10. What great fall pictures from the island and how lucky is Pam to have a condo and living part time there?! Bodie is just too cute. I’m looking forward to more Bodie pictures and stories. My dog likes to get the used dyer sheets out of the trash. Go figure.

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