Bodie Has Landed! 10/20/16

Hi Everyone!

This will be old news for Facebook folks, but for those who don’t do Facebook, here’s a quick rehash of the last few days!

I can’t believe it’s almost been a week since we left the island for home!  We spent Saturday night in Richmond KY, Sunday night with Jason in Atlanta, and Monday morning –  bright and early – we were at Bearabella Golden Retrievers in Sparksburg GA to pick up Bodie!


“We’re getting a what?”


Bodie is beautiful.  He’s also big for a 6 1/2-month-old puppy.  Although a lot of folks who see him – and who knew Bear – say how much alike they look – to me their faces are totally different.  Bodie is also a darker blonde.  His breeder says his face will change and his forehead will get broader.


I love him just as he is, and I’m loving that black “treat spot” right in the middle of the front of his tongue!


It was an easy trip home.  I rode in the back with Bodie, and Maddie soon joined us.  One of many sweet pics to come of the two of them together.

The first full day at home Bodie was in constant motion.  I can’t even imagine how confused he was.  He’s spent the first half of his first year on quiet, wooded land in the country, with a pond for swimming.  Now here he is being walked next to a busy highway, feeling all kinds of different textures under his feet (concrete, sand, grass), navigating stairs for the first time (piece of cake), meeting new people and new dogs, and seeing the ocean and big waves instead of a quiet still pond.  Amazingly, he has handled it all quite bravely!


He and Maddie have had a couple of “conversations”.  The first time he got in her face, she lit into him as only “Diva Maddie” can, and he backed off.  Then the next day he surprised her by jumping at her, wanting to play.  She grabbed him by the nose and held on!  That time he growled at her, and she let go.  Since then they seem to have called it even.


Bodie is all puppy – curious, nosy, and very smart.  He will do ANYTHING for a treat, and I taught him “sit” and “down” in two days.  He is “mostly” potty trained, although he had a couple of accidents the first day which were entirely my fault.  He’s so big I tend to forget he’s a puppy and can’t “hold it” as long as an adult dog.  I wasn’t paying attention.  Believe me, I am now paying attention, and so far no more accidents!

He sleeps in his crate at night, settling down after a few minutes of complaining.  He woke up at 4:30 the first morning, 5:30 the next, and this morning he made it to 6:00.  I hope this trend continues!  The first two mornings I took him out to potty and then put him right back in his crate, and he went back to sleep.  Every morning since we’ve been home I’ve been up before daybreak and out walking Bodie with Ted and Maddie.  Ted is overjoyed I’m committed to getting up and out, and watching the sun come up over the ocean is even more incentive to stick to it.


The devastation along A1A is unbelievable.  The worst of the damage in Sunset Inlet was siding being stripped off several house, some water intrusion through sliding glass doors, and some roof damage.  Our home had very little damage at all.  We lost our beach walkover, and so did most everyone else along the coast.  Just north of us a modular home retirement community was partially destroyed, and a little further north many homes were swept away.  If the storm had made even a 5-mile shift toward the coast as it passed us, the destruction would have been much greater. Men and equipment are hard at work moving in sand so the parts of A1A that were washed away can be rebuilt.  We are so thankful that no lives were lost.



I love this pic Jill took of our ferry leaving last Saturday morning.  She tells me the leaves have hit their peak this week.

As I finish this, Bodie is lying at my feet next to my desk. Ted says Bodie is already a "mama's boy", and that's fine by me.

As I finish writing this, Bodie is lying at my feet next to my desk. Ted says he is already a “mama’s boy”, and that’s fine by me.

Bless his heart, I know he thinks he has several names – Bodie Leave It, Bodie Stop It, and Bodie No!  But the name he is called most often is Bear-Bodie.  Ted and I both are having the hardest time getting used to “Bodie” without saying “Bear” first – kinda like when you have several children, and you run through the list of names before hitting on the one you’re talking to.

But, we’ll get it eventually.  And Bodie will just be Bodie. 

The hole in my heart is a tiny bit smaller today. 

God bless.


18 thoughts on “Bodie Has Landed! 10/20/16

  1. Oh Bodie is so beautiful! Couldn’t wait to read your blog and see his pictures 🙂 He is a big boy, oh how Simon would love to play with him! Enjoy, Goldens are the best! Mine is fast asleep on the rug 🙂

  2. Koti was 10 when Cupid came. He lets her get away with so much more than I ever expected. Last night, she was sitting there taking swings at his face with her paw. He’d show his teeth but not do anything to back it up. I’ll call outside “Koti! Blitzen!” but I’m more likely to call Cupid Panda – the last female we had who passed in 2004. Just sort of flash back.

  3. What wonderful photos of Bodie and I also love that picture Jill took that last morning you guys left. Enjoy your new fur bundle he sure looks to be a keeper. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  4. Love seeing the pics of Bodie — I never met Bear, but from the pics they look a lot alike — love hearing how he and Maddie are learning to be “sibs”. Makes me think maybe we can introduce a brother or sister to Sophie! Can’t wait to hear more.

    Glad too, that you didn’t have much damage from Matthew — we missed the worst of it here in Tampa, thank God.

    Keep the Brodie stories coming — love ’em!

  5. Bodie looks so “grown up”, I could see why you could forget he is still a puppy. He looks perfect, love the dark spot on his tongue. Good to see Maddie put him in his place right off the bat, lol. Enjoy!
    The weather is starting to turn here in NE Ohio. Even possible snow flurries early tomorrow morning. Ugh! I need to move south someday!

  6. It was surprising to see a new blog so soon after you arrived home. You must be so busy! Thanks from all of us readers, we love you blogs!

    So glad everyone is settling into a new routine and a new furry family member. Diva Maddie will keep Bodie in line! LOL!

    Hugs from Iowa!

  7. Happy to meet Bodie. He looks to be adjusting to his new family and I’m sure they are adjusting to having Bodie with them.

  8. What is it about sleeping babies and sleeping pets? Love them! It’s been 5 years and I still occasionally call our cat by her predecessor’s name. It’s a parental prerogative, I think. Also, Jill sure takes a beautiful picture! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I don’t think Bodie looks too much like Bear yet. Maybe when he gets older and his face matures more. But nonetheless, he is a beautiful boy! Love that profile and that tear drop shaped mark on his tongue. 🙂 Already loved his short story about this name change..LOL 😉

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