Saying Bye 10/14/16

It’s that time again.  The day before we leave Mackinac, and my emotions are all over the place.  I’m sad to be leaving.  I’m excited to be picking up Bodie.  I’m anxious to get home and see what our precious little neighborhood will be like post-Hurricane Matthew.   I’ve been tottering on the verge of tears all day, but I know I don’t have time for a melt down. So – I’m going to quickly toss up some of the photos I’ve taken over the last few days and ask that you be ok with that for now. 


The steady stream of horses leaving Mackinac is down to a tiny trickle.  The big barn is nearly empty now, and the majority of these gentle giants are happily munching pasture-land grass and hay on big farms in the U.P.  No more work for them until the spring.  Their only job is to get fat and sassy over the winter.


When I walked by Grand Hotel earlier today the front flower bed was already empty, and folks were busily pulling up the flowers in the bed in front of Sadie’s.  In the next few days the soil will be prepared and thousands of tulip bulbs will be planted for a spring blooming.


It seems as though Fall just can’t totally break through this year.  There are patches of beautiful foliage here and there, but only very few places where the color is rampant.  I think anyone coming up for the next two weeks will be the lucky winners of the “perfect time to see the best leaf show” award!


The hillside leading up to Fort Mackinac will be solid red in a few more days.


Downtown work is being done on the Stuart House . . . .


. . . and on Trinity Church.



Jill and I had what we thought would be our last lunch together on Thursday at Mary’s Bistro Draught House . . . but we managed to sneak another one in today with Ted at the Chuckwagon.  We have not been able to get together NEARLY enough this summer!


The case of the mysterious cameraman.  What a bunch of equipment these guys had!  We  THINK they were doing some filming for Original Murdick’s Fudge.


I’ll just call this one “Shady Fall Street”.


It’s always a sad day when they take down all the beautiful hanging baskets from the city lamp posts.


Workers are busy cutting back greenery on the hill leading up to the fort. 


I’ve discovered that Fort Hill is by far the easiest way to get home now.  One steep incline to the top, then cut across behind the Governor’s Residence and the Jewel Golf Course.  Now that I can finally do it without stopping and without huffing and puffing, it’s time to leave.  Oh well – I’ll work on it again next summer.


View from the top of Fort Hill right next to the Governor’s Summer Residence.


Signs of Fall in the woods.


One of the best places to see lots of fall color right now is Point Lookout.  Thank you, Orietta Barquero, for this up-to-date look from the top of the stairs leading down to Sugar Loaf . . .


. . . and this one from the cemeteries.


From Point Lookout today – thanks, Jill Sawatzki!



Doud’s is all decked out for Fall and Halloween.


A gorgeous shot from Orietta Barquero of Fall reflected in a clear lake up toward the middle of the island.



A beautiful sunrise shot from Patrick Conlon on his commute to the island this week.

Ted was able to meet another cousin today when she arrived this afternoon for a church conference at Grand Hotel . . .


Meet Marilyn McNitt from downstate Michigan. 

Lunch on our last day on the island at the Chuckwagon! Have a great winter, Donnie and Sharon!

Lunch on our last day on the island at the Chuckwagon! Have a great winter, Donnie and Sharon!

My head is just filled with things I want to say, but if I get started I might still be here at midnight writing, and Ted will not be happy with me.  We’re meeting friends for dinner later on, but we’ll make it an early evening and be on the taxi when it arrives at 7:15 Saturday morning.  And so begins the trip home.

What a crazy, amazing, emotional, happy, sometimes-frustrating, topsy-turvy summer we’ve had.  We’ve been so blessed to have met several of Ted’s biological cousins on his mom’s side of the family.  It’s so strange to think about this journey and realize that Ted began this year as an only child and will end the year with siblings, uncles and an aunt, and dozens of cousins.  Some of these folks will be in Florida over the winter, and we’re hoping to reconnect with them there.

Besides new cousins, it’s been a summer filled with visits with other family and friends.  From grandkids Matthew and Jordan right after we arrived, Jason, Jen and Alex just before we’re leaving, and friends from Georgia – R.D. and Kim and Glen and Debra – in between, we’ve been happily sharing Mackinac all summer.  And I’m pretty sure we have several among all those folks who will be returning to this magical spot!

This was the summer of a lot of moves.  We won’t be doing that again next year as we’ve already committed to being right here at Cedar Hill Condos for at least three months.  And by the way, if you’d be interested in renting the condo we’ve been in at any time (except when we’re here, of course), email me at and I’ll get you the contact information.  It’s only available on a monthly basis – 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.  We love it!

One of the best parts of the summer was our Bree’s Blog get-together in September at the Chippewa.  So much fun!!  Hoping we can do it again next summer – only with even more people!  Heck, maybe we’ll have to rent out a whole dining room!

Bodie.  Oh my gosh – I’m so excited.  I’m also scared and anxious.  I have to keep preparing myself that he won’t be “just like Bear”.  He will be a 6 1/2 month old teenager.  Oh my gosh . . . . what a ride this is going to be (and I don’t mean the ride home, although that might get interesting also)!  We’ll pick him up south of Atlanta on Monday morning and drive straight to Beverly Beach – truck full of luggage, Maddie in the front seat, and Bodie in the back seat.  Geez, I hope the big fuzzy guy has a sense of humor!

As always, I’ve had so much fun sharing this beautiful island with all of you this summer.  I’ll be back on line once we get home, but I’m sure I’ll have something up on Facebook on Monday about Bodie – even if it’s just a pic or two! 

Till then . . . . . .

I love you all . . . . God bless.

39 thoughts on “Saying Bye 10/14/16

  1. Safe travels, Brenda (and Ted and Maddie and Brodie)! Thank you for feeding my Island lust these last few months. I am praying we can be there next year! I look forward to your posts each week and can’t wait to hear how Brodie does with his new sister and home.

  2. Safe travels and thanks for the beautiful fall pictures on The Island. We’ve been there a few times in the fall but at the end of September. Always saw gorgeous color all across Wisconsin but not on Mackinac. Will be waiting for the “Bodie post”!! Karen Strusz

  3. God Speed with hugs for you all with spcial pats for sweet little Miss Maddie. We pray dear Bodie is up to the Hortons!!😉❤❤❤🐾🤔
    Take care!

  4. ………..another HUGE thanks and countless hugs from those of us who love the island but don’t get there nearly as often as we’d like to! You don’t know how much it means to spend a few virtual moments on the island with you, Ted and Maddie. Can’t wait to meet Bodie – Danny-dog is excited too, as he has a feeling that Bodie will also be gifted on the keyboard and will check in with canine views every now and again. Safe travels my far away friend. Thanks for another wonderful summer on Mackinac Island.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing with us your Mackinac summer adventures again this year!. I look forward to hearing all the news from Beverly Beach and the first picture of Brodie. Have a safe trip home!

  6. Thanks for sharing your summer with all of us. Bette Ann and I didn’t bother you during our week at Grand Hotel because it appeared that you had enough on your plate, with all of the moves and a complete new family visiting you and Ted. We’re anxious to see a photo of Bodie.

  7. Have a safe trip home you guys and thanks for giving us a wonderful week on the island. It was so much fun meeting everyone from our blog family and hopefully we can do it again next year. Can’t wait to meet Bodie (and hopefully in person next year!). Love y’all so much…be safe! Will be thinking of you…..

  8. It seems that you’ve been on the island such a short time. When you leave the island and drive to Atlanta you will be starting a new and exiting chapter of your life. Your teenage fuzzy boy will be such a delight. I can’t wait to see pics on Facebook. Safe travel. xxoo

  9. Bree … Thank you so much for all the wonderful adventures you shared with us this summer. For now to keep it short, we will be praying for safe travels as you head home to Florida. Along with the “pit” stops for Maddie and Bodie. xxoo

  10. Brenda, thanks for once again sharing your Mackinac summer with us! And I’m REALLY looking forward to Bodie! Prayers for a safe and easy trip back to Florida. God bless.

  11. The pictures are beautiful. The first one of the horses took my breath away! We got home today from the island.
    Now that we are “older”, we make the trip in 2 days! I was surprised there wasn’t more color too. Although today coming home there was quite a bit in Wisconsin. Sorry we didn’t get to meet but I know you were busy packing. Maybe next time. Have a safe trip home and best wishes for Bodie and his new family!

  12. Safe travels I’ll get some pics over to you of our visit. Thank you for everything this summer; it was good to be on the island with you these last 10 weeks. Safe journey home and I know we are all looking forward to hearing about Bodie’s first car ride.

  13. Deep breaths. I know it can be so emotional to leave such a dear place. But all sort of wonderful (and probably wet things) are waiting in the South. Jill waited on me at the bookstore a few weeks ago. I wanted to say that I recognized her from the blog, but it felt a little stalker-y.
    We got Koti at 5 months – the advantage is no puppy teeth and he was house broken. You’ll have to share photos.

  14. Dear Brenda and Ted,
    Have a safe trip back home (the southern one)!
    Have fun with your new pup. My daughter had to say a forever good-bye to her at least 17 yr old Llasa Apso two weeks ago, you are brave to take on a puppy when we have the easy going mature canines (our Sadie Terrier mix is 15 yrs old).
    I knew when you sold your condo that you would be back–Mackinac Magic has its way of calling you home.
    God Bless!

    Pat Steele
    Vernon, MI
    “Whom God Loves He Gives A Home On Mackinac”

  15. Safe travels south. And Thank you again for a great Mackinac Summer! Good luck with the new family member. He sure is a beautiful looking dog. Teenager! Haha! Better you than me.
    Hugs and prayers!

  16. It was great getting to talk with you this fall. Prayers for your trip home with smooth roads and no distractions! Thank you for sharing another summer on Mackinac with those of us who have more memories than time on the island. It is greatly appreciated! (and I can’t wait to hear Bodie stories!!!)

  17. Wonderful blog again, especially the picture with the Chambers house in it. I’ll just say that one was for me, although it probably wasn’t. Have a very safe uneventful (except for meeting Bodie) trip back to Florida.

    I hope we can all get together at the Chippewa next year. That was a great evening this year.

  18. I feel like thank you is not enough this time. Tears & smiles. Tears for you, the sadness of leaving the island. Such a special place it is. Smiles as I can picture myself standing in exactly the spots the pictures were taken. When you have a date for the dinner next year, please post it. I am determined to make one of these and meet my fellow blog followers!
    Excited for your Bodie & the stories to come.
    Safe travels to you & Ted.

  19. Thanks for all your wonderful photos of Mackinac Island. I have so many beautiful memories of the island, the rides around the coast, the fudge, the horses, the evening lights as the town changes from the busy tourist village to a more peaceful safe place to walk and enjoy. Although I am only 45 minutes north in Sault, Ontario the Island seems a world away. We try to visit each year and your thoughts and pictures keep it alive for us as winter sets in, to change the world around us. Safe trip and keep the information flowing as you return to Beverly Beach.
    Rod in the Sault.

    • Thanks so much, Rod! Have a wonderful winter and enjoy the snow (spoken as one who doesn’t have to get out and shovel it)!

  20. Praying for safe travel for you all! Thanks for sharing with us over the summer your and Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure!!

  21. Thanks for all the great blog posts this summer from Mackinaw Island. Have a safe trip home! Looking forward to seeing your new teenager. Also so glad the hurricane didn’t do to much damage to your home in Fla. Have a great winter!

  22. It was a good summer! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the new condo. Looking forward to Bodie stories. Do you suppose he will adjust to being a blog star?

  23. Good Morning Ma’am,…..Just wanted to thank you for all your work!….My wife and myself enjoy your Blog!….Keep up the GREAT WORK!…..Thank you, Dean & Barb.

    Have a nice winter.

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