Hurricane Matthew Report 10/8/16

Hello Friends!

Most of you already know all this if we are friends on Facebook, but for those who aren’t, this is an update from our Florida home after Hurricane Matthew paid his visit.

Our little village of Beverly Beach was spared the devastating damage that was done to our south in Daytona Beach and to our north in St. Augustine and Jacksonville.

There is no power in our neighborhood, and it could be days to weeks before it’s restored.  I truly don’t feel it will be that long where we are because we didn’t sustain nearly as much damage as other beachside communities did.  But, that remains to be seen.

One of our neighbors, Bob, chose to ride out the Hurricane in his Sunset Inlet home.  He said he would never do that again, and had never known fear like he did going through that storm.  Thankfully, he is ok and was so gracious to get out as soon as he could to take photos for the rest of us.


Our house is the blue two-story second from the far end.  I think that’s pieces of siding in the yard, but it’s not from our house.  We lost no siding at all.


We lost a palm tree in the front, but it did not impact the house.


Storm surge raised water levels in our inlet over the seawall and sidewalk, but it did not get into homes.


One neighbor lost the two-story screened enclosure over his deck and patio.


This home in our neighborhood lost quite a bit of siding.

There was some water damage to several homes due to a busted window in one house and water entering through the bottom of sliding glass doors in others.  But – all in all – we were very, very fortunate.

At first report this morning we thought it could be a week before bridges would be open, but they were opened earlier this afternoon, and neighbors are returning.  First arrivers  have been in our house and checked everything – we had no leaks.  As soon as they figure out who all has a generator, they’re going to get our stuff out of our freezer and transfer it somewhere safe. 

Julie and her family evacuated also, as did our son-in-law Matt’s family.  They are all safe, back home, and their homes have very, very minimal damage.


Highway A1A was washed away 4 miles south of our house, and one beachside restaurant was destroyed. 

A huge “THANK YOU” to our Sunset Inlet neighbors who have been in touch with us throughout the last few days through social media.  You can’t imagine how much it helped to have that close connection when we are so far away.  We love you all and can’t wait to see you in another week. 

Ted and I say a another huge “THANK YOU” for answered prayers for our family, our friends and neighbors, and all of our homes.  We were very, very fortunate.

God bless.

16 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew Report 10/8/16

  1. Thank God your house and most of your neighbor’s homes were not severely damaged. You were lucky. It could have been much worse. Prayers do work. Matthew is still making a mess in NC and the rain and flooding is going to continue for awhile. We are need to keep praying that there are no more deaths or injuries and not too much more damage as this monster continues to impact our United States of America. We are stronger together.

  2. So grateful to hear some good news from Florida! Your lead photograph was front page above the fold in our paper this morning. Yikes! Bodie’s going to have a whole bunch of fishy smells to investigate when you get him home. Keeping up the prayers for others still affected and workers repairing everything. Thanks for the update!

  3. Well, Brenda and Ted – – it looks like you have done it again . . . moved into another wonderful neighborhood. How kind and thoughtful of your new friends to take pictures and check on your home for damages. You have been much in my thoughts this week as “Matthew” churned ever closer to Florida. Thanks for giving us the better-than-we-could-have-expected news.

  4. Glad to hear your house is safe and sound. I cannot imagine how scary it would have bn to be there. We have friends in Miami Beach and we always worry when there is a hurricane. Isn’t it wonderful to have great friends? We are heading up to Mackinac Island tomorrow so will be there on Monday! I can’t wait! Staying at a different place this year so we are hoping it will be fine. Maybe I will run into you somewhere!

  5. I kept thinking about your place down in Florida all day yesterday wondering if you were in the path of the Hurricane. I am so grateful your little town was spared destruction. How kind of your neighbors to send you photos and updates of your home. Prayers to all who were impacted by the Hurricane.

  6. I’m having a hard time imagining that every building in Beverly Beach wasn’t severely damaged, especially after seeing what happened to the roadway. Nor can I imagine how relieved you & Ted are. You’re indeed fortunate and I’m so thankful and glad for you.

    Will you wait until you know the power is on before starting back?

  7. We had a coconut tree tip over almost exactly like your tree. We dug a hole at the base and stood it back up! that was 10 years ago and it is still doing fine. I hope you save your tree!

  8. So glad that all is well. your house looks great! My parents have a 2nd home in North Myrtle Beach, and we are hoping that house does as well as yours did. God Bless!

  9. Good to learn all is well for you and Ted and your home in FL. Very good news, thoughts and prayers to those less fortunate.

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